Sacramento, California,
February 20
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MAY 7, 2012 9:01PM


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the human spirit and body can only take so much before it feels broken beaten defeated resigned tired of doing everything alone working living maintaining a life that still feels incomplete with a heart longing to be put back together but she won’t do it time for others but seemingly no time for me when i need it most because engaging requires feeling and feeling is too painful but i keep trying and pushing and hoping for a change wanting one special person to turn to when I’m in need and finding my arms wrapping around air needing an ear to cry into when I’m frustrated and angry and resentful of the denial my parents live in wanting lips to touch my forehead and tell me we’ll get through it all but there is nothing and my pathetic pleas go unanswered and my words seem to disappear into the air either unheard or ignored because the truth is too scary and loving is too scary and being vulnerable is too scary but living alone is a far worse fate when there is another heart out there beating in time to your own and at the end of the day the body is tired and the spirit is spent and there isn’t a single fucking thing to show for it

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Lemonpulp, I am so sorry. I wish you some peace.
You've summed it up nicely. I hope you can get some rest tonight.
Hugs and tears. Can't give more. Sorry, but I just can't.
yeah, I know that place well. Give Kami a hug and know that this too shall pass.
ouch peace andjoy coming your way