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MAY 2, 2012 11:48PM


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Is there a NEW Open Salon Editor?


New Editor


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Nana, I haven't been on much in the last few days.

I just noticed the open call.

Tink must be dancing in the street.
It's like a gigantic vortex has opened up, or a pelican suddenly appeared in the bathroom.
Would it make any difference if there was a new one?
Emily *was* pregnant....
maybe she's ready for some peace and quiet before that baby arrives.
a pelican suddenly appearing in the bathroom would be EPIC!
Hmmm, not enough information to know. Um, not enough interest to find out. Maybe we'll get some awesome stories.

What's an awesome story?
a pelican in a bathroom would be an awesome story
Is there a new Open Salon editor? Not so's you could notice.

By the way, I've never seen a pelican in the bathroom, but I saw a Palin in the can.
The one in my bathroom is a penguin, a really BIG penguin.
Very large birds in bathrooms Open Call !!
Larry, what's up with your eyes? They look different. Kind of beady. And penetrating. Like those eyes in paintings that follow you. I'm holding my computer up down sideways and still they follow me.

Even when I turn it off, I still see them.

They're everywhere.

No birds in my bano - just checked.
call the cops. larry's eyes have been 'shopped. bastards!

no, nana, i don't see condor. more like albatross.
i just picked myself up off the floor, laughing. kim, who *is* that in your avatar?
Oh, great! Teach me to turn on OS in the middle of the night!

Now I'm going to have dreams of Kim & Larry having sex with a penguin in Candace's bathroom!

Thanks for that, everybody. Damn your beady, moving little eyes!
A "new" editor - that would suggest that we've actually had a previous one. In my, let me count, 2 1/2 years at OS I've seen very little that qualifies as competent editing. And I agree - your eyeballs ARE beady. I admire that in a man.
Amy, I wonder if we could get Kim to sketch that?
I don't know why not, Jules...

Kim is about as sketchy as they come.
(not to mention his avian-plumbing fixture fetish)
Not just Larry's eyes. I think there's been a bit of tanning going on.
Penguin sex is wrong.
There is nothing wrong with penguin sex, as long as its consensual and the penguin is over 18 years of age.

Stop being penguiphobic, Kim. They were born that way. It's not like it's a life style choice, FFS!
consensual sex between penguins is perfectly acceptable...
oh, if larry doesn't mind...
A new E d I tor? hmmm. Geez how to welcome him/her with outrageous stories, oh my I can see the OS minions lining up for that one. They have no idea what that will unleash.
Don't they always give the new Ed It Or a page to announce the news and always include a note of how much better things are going to be real soon like??

I am having a hard time keeping a straight face. It's early, I have not had enough coffee yet, and of all things I keep worrying about a pelican having sex with pictures included in someone's bathroom.

It would get an EP, and the blurb/title would be misspelled, of course.
Now I understand Mr. Gamble's toilet post! I seem to be following Mission around and laughing at her comments. So...Ed I Tor is dead? Long Live Ed I Tor!

Larry, when adding eyelights to the iris, these will appear more credible if placed just slightly off center, to the left or right of the pupil.
This will not help my abandonment issues.
I think Larry should wear that Outback hat again...
What's happened to the Lauerman boilerplate announcement?
Thats news to me , although I did see something somewhere. Why doesn't someone just ask Emily?.........................................................................................OK want me to ask? Well maybe I will and Maybe i WILL.
Maybe they fired Emily for putting somebody on the cover without permission.
Or maybe she told them to shove it when they growled at her for putting somebody on the cover without permission. Or maybe she just woke up one morning and said, "Hmmm, this does suck a tad doesn't it. I'm calling in well."
As long as they don't redesign OS to look like I can handle it...
penguins in bathrooms are frightful. Good to see you, Larry.
Totally baffled. There was no post attached introducing the editor and no detail about what connotes an "awesome" story. Maybe I'll write about my colonoscopy--having it this afternoon.
Maybe the new guy knows how to get rid of that pile up of doohickey buttons on the top of each post. Maybe that's why there's a new guy.
Holy crap. I though you were kidding. It really does say that . Wow!

Awesome stories galore will come tumbling in NOW.
@Erica ~ Good luck with your colonoscopy. Mine was not fun, but the results were a relief. (Thank you, Larry. By the by, the beady eyes are disturbing.)
Thanks, Matt. I appreciate it. I will post on the event if the spirit (or bowels?) move me.
I bet somebody hacked the Gibson.OS and put that Open Call there. ~nodding~

I bet it was a certain cat in Indiana who has been snubbed, SNUBBED I TELL YOU, by said Ed I Tors!! PFFFFFFT!!!!

And no, I DO NOT have Emily tied up down in my basement, I would have to have a basement for that!

She's in my garage!!

~wanders off whistling~
I will go with one Chicken Maan comment for the win
Seen one Ed I Tor, seen 'em all. Larry, ditch the crazy contacts, okay?

They wrote an announcement about the new editor but when they tried to post it: oops, lots of errors occurred.
@ Balt:

the editor's value is tremendous but you need an electron microscope to appreciate that value fully
Huh? I've been writers' blocked for months; this much confusion can't be helpful! Plus, now they want me to aspire to awesomeness? It's just too much...
Leepin Larry, you awesome, awesome dude....I googled this subject and you are the third hit... I'm non-plussed and pretty damn pleased, myself.
how'd you do that, fancy photoshopper?
New editor.... also apparently a new arrangement of media icons at the top of everyone's post...
you mean there's an editor around here?

And if there's a new one, I hope it's Tink.
Larry .. Step OUT of the Tanning Booth!
Who says, "awesome" in a literary context? Larry?
It went back to the Stand Your Ground Open Call. With a link.
Just my luck. I really thought I could have broken through, this time ...
I once had an awesome pair of closeted gay, incestuous senegal parrots. my husband would have flushed them down the toilet, had he had the chance. they were born in my kitchen, so I was their advocate and prevented his murderous impulses on their behalf.

individually, the female hated him and adored me. she would periodically viciously attack her brother, who wanted to have sex with her. he loved my husband and was jealous of everyone. every so often would tear into my hand like a serial killer.

larry, please stop undressing us all with your eyes.
"Awesome" is soooooo last week.

I will settle for nothing less than "Mostest Awsomest forever".
Erika - the new editor didn't want something THAT awesome and took down the call. The rest of us would be interested, tho.

P.S. - someone whose blog got disappeared has posted on FB that she's grateful to that nice Emily for restoring it. So she's not gone? Yet? Adds to the mystery...
But where's the awesome open call now? Have I completely missed our brief glimmer of awesomeness? Or do we have been awesomely hacked, which would indeed be extremely awesome?

I am awefully confused.
Something is going on, that's for sure. There have been very few editor's picks made in the last few days, and there are a few things that have been on the cover for almost a week. Remember when the front page used to change completely every 24 hours?
just the titles changed.

the names were eerily the same.
monkey's right, as per.
toucans I say... two toucans

in mi baño. I say...
Now I don't have to AVERT MY EYES anymore. Nice shades.
They took away the open call before I could write one!
I thought your story about potatoes was awesome, Phyllis.
Aw, thanks, Kim. I need to do an update. They're growing.
I think my writing could use an editor. :)
I second that your potatoe story was awesome, Phyllis.
our awesome opportunity for something or other has been dashed to bits!

oh dear larry...are you blind now?
I suppose if you are, then you can't read this. but for love of your friends, you sacrificed.. the gift of the magi by ohenry.

~ tears ~
What David McClain said...
Late to the party again...Dig the shades, dude.
I would like to see a new one.
Is it too late to submit a story about my rubber duckies?