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DECEMBER 19, 2011 11:44AM


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Barbara Joanne is Hanna call you an anti-Semite, ya know!

Oh, and FIRST! (doesn't count if you don't spell it correctly, dude!)
Who the hell is Hanna and how did she get in the middle of my comment???? S/B "gonna"!
I'll take Jon Stewart for Christmas, thank you. ~r
Damn straight Hebrew boys can be so much fun.. I have mine.
I know how to spell first...
FIST was more appropriate in this case Hanna..
She can blow out my Menorah candle.
@ Matt: Tr ig would have spelled that LUST and then said that it was "more appropriate". (in other words, Freud would have had a ball inside of that boys head! ;) )
"I just want a chosen one. Hebrew boys are so much fun." Not a bad line. I wouldn't be surprised if a comedically talented Jew wrote it. I just saw a documentary about one of my favorite filmakers who just happens to be Jewish, Woody Allen. He never fails to light my fire....intellectually speaking that is.
תודה לארי

(I used Google Translate. I believe this should say "Thank you Larry" but I don' t know which characters spell Larry. It might be that little ' by the upside down L.)
Like Frank Zappa, "I want a darling little jewish princess who don't know s*** about cooking and is arrogant looking. I just want a princess to ride. Awright back to the top...everybody twist." R
Happy Holiday Larry. I hope they let you out for a little while.
Can I get the dreidel earrings on eBay?
Whoa. Jon Stewart is available as a Christmas giftie?! Okay, and if he's unavailable, I would not return Ira Glass either.
You make me smile today with this Larry.
Thank you.
Happy Holidaze to you and yours...
I don't kiss and tell but I've seen a few dreidel moves that ...
That was very inappropriate, Larry!