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JUNE 1, 2011 9:57PM

Open Salon Has Officially Changed Its Acronym

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To: pos

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I get it. I get it! Please Open Salon right. I'm so cleva!
I am so not cleva. ~r
Neither am I . I thought it had something to do with saving souls hahhaa
Dumber than the average bear
rated with hugs
Pathetic Open Salon. Sounds about right!
I hope it's not Post-Open Salon, though they seem to be trying their damndest.
Too true. My own, impromptu acronyms over the last couple days are unprintable.
Cleva, Leeping Larry.
Close, JD. It's kinda subjective I guess.
If it weren't the only place I get read. I would leave. What gives?
As long as we're still here. They can't drive us away even with their seeming technical incompetance. Maybe it's a great social experiment?
oh larry, you are inspiring.
P erform O r S top!
oh, JD got it!
Not I, not in a million years.
(I thought it was perpetually obnoxious server)
Poor Old Salon?
I get a prize! A year's supply of OS on line availability time......which adds up to....uhm......7 minutes!
Hopefully, somehow, it'll go from POS to POSSIBLE.

There is an amazing body of work here...
::snort:: jd's seven minutes cracks me up. but not as much as laaaaarrrrrrrrryyyy!! 'positively outstanding,' no, it doesn't. not now and not evah. xoxo

i'm feeling amazingly grateful that i can stay on the site long enough to post a comment. how awful have things gotten that that's a **good** thing, eh? pfffft.
Could be

Previously Open Salon
Partially Open Salon
Please Open Salon!
Pathetic Open Salon
Parsimonious Open Salon
Pray, Open Salon!
Probably Open Salon
Pile of Spam
Patience, Our Slowness

Perpetually Off Somewhere
...and we can do so much here in 7 you uhm....removing the belly button lint with tweasers from ourselves as the hurry up and wait spin thingy spins and stuf........

WAIT! CRAP!!! I just used up all my 7 minute priz...................bleep...
Piece of sh... Oh wait! I'm too late ... all the good ones have been taken!
@ Christine : Oh sure! Pick the Scanman over me! What has he got that I don't....I mean BESIDES talent, for God's sake???
Whew! I thought for a second we were going to have to pay for the luxury of blogging here and it stood for Point of Sale.
Probably Ok Sometimes.
hahhaha :D Larry, that is awesome
I wish we knew someone on the inside to redo the front page for a day
"Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"
I know!! I know!! POINT OF SALES!!


:D Those can be pieces of shit!! Ask any bartender who has to run with a Micros screen!! Teehee!! :D
Oh! Of course! (I am so much sharper in the morning...)
I get it. And you're right. We need to do something collectively.
A long list of comments from folks I will miss, at a party that seems to be over. Twas fun.
......and while you're at it Larry can you come and retrieve Neil Young who is haunting the UK currently. Nice hat though, shame he should have retired a while back.

Can POS be spelt dyslexically as PPP ? Piss Poor Protoplasm?
If nothing else, it is still open. Sort of.
OS--short for OSsified.
Down by the riiiiiiiiiii-ver, I shot my 'puuuuuuuuuu-ter...
And I thought I was so sharp guessing it right away. I guess over- confidence doesn't pay.
"You are so beautiful, to me."
That's what I've called it a thousand times.
If they don't improve their bandwidth its going to be CS.
pre-cognitive operatic purge.
I did not get it until I saw the first responce. Nice one...
Succinctness is much to be admired. You're the master.
I hope you appreciate all the time and effort that KIM Gamble (who may be you, but certainly isn't Padraig or V.Wolf) and the rest of us caring (ar)soles are going to to on Kims blog in aid of the

"Repair Larry Campaign".

It wouldn't happen in the 'real world' Geez - we'd just shoot you and sell the bones for pet food.

"Press FRed(tm) please send"
I didn't even have my normal amount of coffee this morning and I got it!! It is running better than a couple of weeks agoooooooo!
:-) Your new acronym is very accurate.
Piece Of Cake except it's not cake...right? Now I need to think up something as cute as " rated with hugs" to call my very own too...
Late to the party but guessing you don' t mean Party On, Salon. Actually, whatever you meant, you've inspired some great responses. My thoughts are less sunny when it comes to technicalndifficulties here
(and there's an example; the damn comment posted before I had a chance to fix it...)
PIECE to you Larry, this fourth of July!!!!

(Laughing out loud---thanks to your comments (Ad Nauseum Museum) brings such peace. Thank you!)
I thought it meant post only servers but bluestocking babe maybe guess it right.Happy 4th of July to you on this memorable day.
Oh, Neil Young says it all. Good to see you again. R