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APRIL 15, 2011 8:55PM

B' Bye Bonnie...It's Been Real.........

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And thanks  for all the crazy PM's you sent the last 2 years.

picture from:  youtube

dancing gif :

music: by headxshoot, youtube


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This is you Fiction Friday entry, I hope.
OMG! This is freakin' hilarious!!!! I love the dancing dude......
C'mon Leepin'.. give us some of your priceless comments!!!
and it's been fun.
but i don't know about real fun.
don't go, larry.
Is the blonde and the ba bye to another B that has left the place?
What's Joan going to do without you?
Sorry for the confusion... I'm not leaving.
OK, I'm slow. Just figured it out. Missed the "Bonnie" my first read. I shall laff myself to sleep tonite. Thanks, Leepin.
It was in the title. I'm mortified.
Well, that's good news, Larry !

I didn't see it in th title at first either, Matt.
Hey, _I_ spotted the "Bonnie" in the title right off ... been wondering when someone would mention it...
Couldn't photoshop Nana's face on the dancing Dude?
The best of OS ...

I love how Matt, Fusun & Seer commented before they read the title.
That's some pull, Lawrence.

Anyway ( disregarding Joan ) : 15 th ! Yay !
*Leaping Lizards, Leaping Larry!

I'm loving the dancer, that's for sure.
@Kim~ talk about pull... Larry brought Cranky back from his sabbatical!
Scanner is hot but now as hot as you!! Well it's a toss up!
I have been waiting for someone to do it for days..
Rated with mega hugs.
Im all hot and bothered now with all that dancing:)
Yes, the Dude is Rockin' out, as usual! A cause for celebration at the scanner household. Everybody, FREE BEER AT SCANNER'S~~~
@ Susie ~ don't hold your breath. The guy's completely bereft, in the comments department.
@Joanie - I just came by because I heard the bar was open.
Joanie - I did my best to post this before 9pm..just for you

Matt - This is my non-fiction Friday post

Susie - I had to fly to S.C. and film Scanner dancing.

Diana - Okay, I won't go

Seer - I'm Back

Rita - Yes, yes it is

Fusun - Joanie will be fine

Matt - Don't be mortified... btw, are you announcing the winner tonight?

Fusun - Good news that I'm staying or good news she is gone... or both?

Linnn- I didn't know Scanner was such a good dancer.

Myriad - How's my timing?

Mr. Cranky - I am honored you took time from your sabbatical to read and comment. Thank you Sir!

Myriad - I did use a song with Nanananana's name in it. (This is a low-budget production.)

Kim - Thank you Mr 15. I didn't intend to make this post confusing.
Oh for heaven's sake - I'm smug because I saw the perfectly plain Bonnie in the title, but missed the very slightly subtle nanana of the song! Going to crawl off into the thornbush now....eek, there's another cat there already. Okay, under the porch then...
You devil, you! LOL!


In a sense, yes. My art has been commended as being strongly vaginal which bothers some men. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. Vagina.
Kim - You spoke too soon!!
my Bonnie lies over the ocean...You crack me up, Larry!...r
I hate math...not first!
@ Susie ~ he just did that to spite me. That's how it is.!!! BAR IS OPEN!!!
Nikki - There is something about a guy dancing while wearing a tool belt. (or woman)

Linda - You're "all hot and bothered"? I hope you used your vodka deodorant today.

Scanner - I made this post with you in mind.

Fred - Exactly!

Myriad - it's can come out from under the porch

Lezlie - I've been called worse things. How are you feeling?

MAWB - Nothing could be finer
APM - Don't panic, I have glue.

Kim - Would you feel better if I deleted all my comments?

Sheila - Yes, the Bar is Open.
...I'm on delay...laughing much harder now...:}
Larry: I am living large today.. NO deodorant :)
Oh, I hadn't noticed. I keep telling myself not to live in the bubble and then I forget. But then I was content watched the dancing guy for 3 minutes thinking he's lucky he doesn't sweat. Things even out. Thank you for the post.
Martin Mull said it best "It's so hard to say au revoir, so I'll just say hors d'ouevres."
I have no idea what's going on, I just want to hang out at Larry's place with all the cool kids.

@ Cranky--when I saw your avi, I smiled real big.
I came by for the music....
APM - Harder is better...

Linda - Is Steve sleeping in the car tonight?

LHB - Don't feel bad, I live in a bubble too...and I like it.
You're welcome.
Awesome man. Super funny.
Also - There are free pigs in a blanket for tonight's occasion.

BB - Welcome! It's pretty quiet on OS for a Friday night.

Gary - I think the men like the music more than the dancing.
FLAME WAR, Larry. You asked for it.
Water pistols at 10 paces.

It's people like you I forget what I was going to say ... anyway, you ASKED for something - rye, wholemeal - I just don't care anymore !
And that ... that ... THING in Libya - that's what I what ? was it there's a Judge in California - see ? - this is exactly what I've been trying to say all along but no, no-one listened WELL NOW you know what its like because she left.
I didn't see a attribution on the pictures or video....
You put me right into a He Har Friday night party mood for one - all I needed was the image of this well-padded hip swinging dude dangerously armed with power drill gun and all the necessary tools for a screw job. Hey Hey, Hello!
This is hilarious! R
No Larry, he just hauled in groceries so he might need the vodka hahah
Sorry to see ya go Larry? Wait, who said that? Several? Wow!

The first pic captures the essence of the Bonnie spirit. I've resisted the temptation to do this post Larry, but I'm glad you did! I wonder why she deleted her account though.

OR, did management do it? I hope so. Best I can tell, and I can tell, she is a miserable hideous person. Hope she's reading and reads this. Fuck off Bonnie.
As an editor (but not for OS) I pick you.
Took ya this long to notice? Damm y'all are S-L-O-W!
Leepin ~ You got the power.
The cool thing too, is that she can't come back as an alter; she who called everyone that used a pseudonym screen name, most of us that is, chickenshits or frauds for not using our real names.
Is there a lawsuit from Bonnie to OS in this somewhere? Love you Leepin Larry! Happy Friday. When you are retired it doesn't count.
I thought about doing a post titled "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" but decided to take the high road instead. Thanks for takin' the low road, and I just need to say OS won't be the same without her.
seriously-scary BR Facebook pic

not unlike the blog's author's photo

you two related? are your breasts asymmetrical too?


My breasts are perfectly symmetrical, but I do have a third nipple.
Sexy...and did you catch those digits?! Woa!
I came by because I heard scanner was workin' the pole! Woohoo! xox
Whaaaaat? huh? Fer reals??? Na na, na na naaa naa heyy hey hey goodbye!
I had to come back and listen to the song again. This is one of the saddest days OS has ever seen.
I knew something was amiss. My post yesterday was unreasonably popular.
Words cannot express my feelings at this hour. Not even four-letter ones, nor hyphenated, or compound. No combination of terms of human or beast; of act or omission; of declaration or inference; of joy or elation.

However, I'll try.

The tears on the keyboard
bespeak my pain
Though silent they remain
At the loss of a stain

I'll add a refrain

Out, damned spot!
Thou reeks of squat!
The squirt of your unction
And thy vile function

Flee, cur of mutant chromosome!
Find thyself another home
Show the house thy ample tail
Swiftly now; do not fail
With the speed of a cougar
Not the pace of a snail
Though thou dost leave a similar trail
As usual I'm late to the party. Is Bonnie really gone. Rated you Larry even though you don't comment on my posts anymore. -R-
I'm sorry for your loss. You may not believe me now but don't be bitter; you'll love again.
trig and Nana, oooh you two are such grand actors, I already know that youse guys and Bonnie are in the works of making a movie.


The Closet IV

God, how could I not see it?

Ah, the last word, I hope. Bonnie, if that is your real name , You came, you aggravated the hell out of everyone on this site for over a year, and you left, not on your own terms I hear. Suing OS? You can't get blood out of some turnip heads. From day one, when you came her with the attitude that all men are pigs and that your shit didn't stink, you have been a thorn in the sides of most of the people here. As Spock would say "Live gone and process"!
Well. I was typing a few minutes ago, and then I was forced to ReLaunch.
Is this really true? Bonnie's on the pompous editor's banned list with weary lawyers?

She cancan move into a plush trailer. Damn. The term 'lawyer' was banned from being mentioned. If a person had a grievance then the Grievance was Not to be softened in tone. Swearing was sometimes in order.

In the 16th century a man or woman `bout town acceptable. To soft-peddle was cowardly.
To be too fake-nice?
The euphemism was`
"no be cheating the devil"
To even mention the word`
"lawyer" was to evoke evil.
I hope this goes. Relaunch?
I turned the gadget off`gin.
We should call editor Bobo.
The name of Leepin Larry is going to be mud on TMZ now!
Is it wrong that I find a guy in with long hair wearing a tool belt dancing like he just doesn't give a flying f*** to be quite hot?
Been worrying about my faculties all night. I saw "Bonnie" in the title and still didn't put the twos together. Must've been a subconscious denial thing. Otherwise it's unacceptable dumbness, and that is unacceptable.
Late as usual. Came for the music, stayed for the comments.
You guys laugh all you want but there is something serious going on here....

Leaping Larry is making a serious effort to overtake Tink and become the most twisted and funniest blogger on this site. What am I talking about, they are probably the same person...damn!

Well as to the subject of this piece, I hope she is gone, but the pessimest in me is afraid of a reappearance. Great blog, Larry.
Is it okay to mention that, when the post first went up, the name 'bonnie' was absent? that it was added in later? okay, thanks.

I guess I am neither as astute as Mrs. Raptor, nor as sharp as LL or Linda Seccaspina, but I hadn't noticed her absence. Now that this post is up, I went looking. None of the private messages, none of the comments made either way, nada, nor zip exist. It is as if she were a fig newton of my imagination (stole that from 'american dad' on comedy central). It is a strange feeling. Even placebostudman is still here, but not bonnie.

I am sure that scanner, nana, and quite a few others can breathe collective sighs of relief. I know that if I used a pseudonym to protect my identity from cyber-stalkers, I would be glad to know I wouldn't be outed on such a public forum as OpenSalon. I must not be the only one who thinks so, thanks to those who put a stop to that behavior.

If the party is still going on, can I get a dance with scanner now?
"Is it okay to mention that, when the post first went up, the name 'bonnie' was absent? that it was added in later? okay, thanks."

Thank you, Dianaani. I could have sworn to that too, but doubted myself. Now Matt and I can feel even better not doubting our sanity.
This is truly precious. When she terrorized people most of you sat in silence. Actually, all of you here except trig, nana etc.

What is funny the standard ones of " I did not read the whole thing and commented and I want to slither" crowd is doing their standard gutless act. Yes, it said Bonnie from the beginning. It had her bloody picture. Yes, you joined in with the "bad kids" because your friend Larry posted and you don't read posts of your friends, you just rate and love them .
"Bonnie" wasn't in the title at first. Ahhhh, a conspiracy to drive the less astute among us mad!!!
Bonnie wasn't kicked out for filing a law suit, legitimate or otherwise. I'm curious as to where that rumor comes from. She either left on her own or, far more likely, her account was deleted by TPTB because she repeatedly posted peoples' personal information in blog posts and in comments. It's a matter of record that the editors told her to stop doing so and that they were monitoring her blog for further violations. It's also a matter of record that I and others were repeatedly flagging posts of hers which in which our real names (used without our permission) were presented in a libelous manner. If Bonnie found herself in trouble with OS management, it was trouble very much of her own making, and I will personally fuck in the nose anyone who defends that vicious, demented harridan.
I want a video of Fett dancing.
...let me step in to defend Bonnie, here....
or not :)
I have to admit that this kind of sending off makes me feel kinda queasy :/ especially when everyone joins in in a big sea of waving middle fingers, but whatever
does this mean I can take this GPS thing off my ankle now?
Fett, in your own words:


If saying that we should be outraged at her departure isn't defending her, I'm not sure what is. Nor did I claim to know why Bonnie is gone; I merely stated what seems most likely given the events preceding her disappearance. Certainly, the reasons I give are more likely than some hypothetical lawsuit which so far I've seen no evidence for. Regarding those of us who have presented middle fingers to Bonnie's unlamented self on the occasion of her leaving, that makes me far less queasy than watching people praise her and pat her on the back even as she violated OSer's privacy and defamed their character.
Noah, you can't take the GPS bracelet off 'til you pay a commission to Bonnie. Sorry but business is business.
auto-start AND looped? *shakes head* larry larry really are evil.

perhaps she left because her readership (finally) went WAY down after all the shouting about her use of real names finally penetrated the skulls of mainstream OS.

perhaps a lonely and delusional prince charming came along in her real life and swept her off to a remote island with no internet service to live bitterly ever after.

perhaps SHE is being sued and she needed to clean up all evidence of wrong-doing.
perhaps she landed a high profile job and had to clean up all evidence of madness?
perhaps she was kidnapped by aliens (in which case i'm certain we can expect her return)

who cares?!?!

the point here is: LARRY (the king of comment) POSTED SOMETHING!!!
I can't stay away from you guys no matter what. Hello Larry dear........^^^waving^^^
I can't stay away from you guys no matter what. Hello Larry dear........^^^waving^^^
I liked Bonnie, Julie, but she did cross a line.
Something sacrosanct, or as sacrosanct as such things can be in the www - finding a blogger's name & associating it with criminal behaviour-by-made-up-association is punishable. She should have known : slander is against the law, for good reason.
I think she got off lightly.
She was nice to me, but then I don't know enough about US legislation to ever have challenged her.
I liked her pieces about her dad, and references to sailing.
I didn't like where she went with the snooping & outing of avatars here.

ps Fett, why doesn't anyone listen to you, do you think ?
It is strange to be so joyful over someone leaving. The whole situation makes me very sad. But I will admit that I feel safer now that she's gone.

Ironic, isn't it?
No seriously, wtf is Bonnie?
Just saw this. Sorry to be late to the party. I actually had a job interview on Friday. Save a dance for me, LL.
I will never be able to hear the words "reading comprehension problem" without having fond (not) memories.....

But truly - I heard once that we all please others - some by our coming, some by our leaving. I can only say that Bonnie pleased me.... ALOT!
na na na, na na na hey hey GOODBYE!
who is this person and why cheer her exit?
is that scanner doin the dance?