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MARCH 2, 2011 3:21PM


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Does anyone know?

It was there this morning.


(is Emily gone?)

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A bump into the Activity Feed.
Not to worry, Leepin. Some of the best posts in awhile are on it - especially that one at the very top. ;-| Might as well give even more people a chance to read 'em.
Larry, I haven't been on the site much today and then I was and saw your post which made me aware of this change on the cover. With luck the four hour feed will be back by the morning!!
Time to dust off the XtraNormal mockery...I just know Emily doesn't want to have to do the Patton apology speech.
Thanks Matt and Desi for responding. I agree with you Matt.

The last time this happened was when Judy Berman left and Thomas came back to OS as the interim editor.
I never go to the front page, so I didn't even miss it. I wonder where it went!
A lot of us think you should apply,, Kerry, no,no, I mean Leepin! sheesh.
I think changing up the feed cycle is a great idea. The 4 hr feed exclusively tends to result in a lot of good stuff not being seen by those of us who can only pop in and out at random times. I like the variety of 4-hr, one-day, and three-day cycles switched up frequently. Thank you Emily for the variety.
Darn. I have loved having the immediacy of constantly-current info on what people are reading and rating. Sometimes the four-hour feed is the only section of the front page that I look at. This will probably inspire some OSers to waggle their fingers and say, in their most schoolmarmish voices, "All it takes is two clicks to get to that information." If pages only loaded reliably fast, that would be no problem, but they don't always. OS sometimes moves at glacier pace. Don't know if it's because of all the spammers, or if it's my wireless network connection, or both.
Scanner, did you see any 4 hour feeds for sale at the flea market?
I thought it was my bad eyes and then said WTH .... ?????
Snippy, OS has been painfully slow the last few days.
grif, damn it, stop kissing butt so much!! ~;D

What is this Front Cover anyways??


**Wanders off**
Linda, I thought it was Tuesday all over again.
Emily must be gone. This explains my EP's.
Tink, think of the cover as the bonnet.
- nice catch, Larry. I hope that we don't have to revisit the four-hour-feed debate all over again.
I miss Emily. ~r
Tink wanders off to eat his fourth Feed for the day.
No worry. We can survive with three Feeds per day.
Leepin' Larry.
You can run a Fourth Feed Double Chin Diner Feed.
Ya Friend on the porch can may chief cooker Feeder.
We'll TIP if he serves 4- pieces of apple pie a la mode.
We demand 4- muffins. Folks no wander to nut house.
Four Square Double Chin and Belly Feed @ Leeepin' L.
Kerry L. might play the bagpipes at Table @ 4- Feeds?
3- Muscadet bottles of French dry white wine. No whore.
Ya leave for as few hours and the feed freaks out. Do I have to stay here ALL the time?
Trig it doesn't matter... an EP is an EP, both were well deserved.
Could someone ''splain to us newcomers what the 4 Hour feed is? I'm still trying to get a handle here, but I know that if one posts at Midnight from the Left Coast the Earth rotates backwards and Superman saves Lois Lane again. Yet my full service piece about the ten people who could replace Charlie Sheen--carefully researched with a a dartboard and a beaker of Bourbon at hand--ended up in the slush pile. Not saying it didn't deserve such, but I want to know whether I should drink the good stuff next time. Also, Leepin', and I mean this with the utmost respect, what's the deal with your hair?
They took away the 4 hour feed as punishment for our poor response to the "greens" open call. Let this be a lesson to us all.
I know and if you rate after you comment it takes forever, so I noticed that a lot people who comment positively on blogs aren't rating. I figured out a shortcut:
If you rate before you comment, then viola!! You can go to another site with no hold up!
Rated of course!!
Catherine, to put it politely, it was a heated "debate".
Nana, we can make up for it this week. The open call is "nuts".
Larry, as they say on the Xfiles:
"The Truth is Out there"
Somewhere, anywhere....
Could you hear my Canadian accent when I said the word "OUT"???
Maybe that will bring the 4 hour feed back.
This really confuses me though about the lack of announcements.
I announce everything hahahaha
The mail notification system is down, too. Apocalypse? Now?
Could always break this out again...
I like bonnets, I usually use them to cover my butt, cause well, it gets cold in the winter time.

What were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, I think Emily is still around, she just wants to make it look like old Ed I Tors are back in charge to scare us!! She likes doing that for some reason!! PFFFFT!!!
@ all -- The four hour feed is not permanently gone. (And I too am still alive, kicking and responsible for Trig's EP.) We're just experimenting a bit with featuring different feeds (4 hour, 12 hour, 1 day, etc).
Tink; My Criminal Minds is on now.. is it not on your channel now?
Garcia was shot!!
When I hear the word 'experimenting' I do not get good visions.
Much like that Brando imposter with his little friend on South Park hahaha
Feeding every four hours is supposed to be healthier than three squares a day.
It's Emily! Everybody act like you were doing something productive.
The four hour feed is still here.
It's how long it takes OS to load.
I think that's Zhomas logged on as Emily. Wily bastard!
Emily is still alive! Steve Jobs is still alive! No one knows if Tink is still alive but someone is using his account.
Catherine: I just told him Criminal Minds is on A & E hahah
Yea! I agree with one eye revealed `

Nice Carolyn Forsythe. She foresaw.
Emily's read sounded sane kind.
We be okay
Larry, who did you say was NUTS?-R-
Bernadine, you do have to stay here ALL the time. It's in the OS TOS.
Art, 3 feeds are plenty.
Joanie, I hope you don't think I'm trying to bump you off the cover.
John, you don't like my hair?
Thanks Susie for your comment and rate. Are you still up to your behind in snow?
Well, I don't care because I haven't posted anything. Wait, did I say that out loud?
Linda, how about making a video about the 4 hour feed???
I hope Dave Rickert reads this.
It's so beautiful, yet so sad.
The song is a perfect choice, Larry.
Matt, "The mail notification system" ?

My dog let's me know when the mailman arrives.
Emily, thank you for responding so quickly.

Is it really you or is this a "Weekend at Bernie's" plot?

Well, at least you made grif happy.
"We're just experimenting"

I use to say that back in the day too!! Teeheehee!!!

Remember Emily, if they ask you to 'Get in the Barrel' DON'T DO IT!!!!


Linda, mine comes on at 10am, so I seen that episode earlier!! :)
Margaret, that's why I keep a fridge in my bedroom.
Thanks for the heads up Nana. I went out and mowed the lawn.
XJ, it has been slow lately. Would you like to upgrade to a platinum membership?
Harry, don't you have his personal cell phone number?
Catherine, Steve Jobs is working now at Salon? Cool...Maybe he could buy this place.
Christine, the question is -- who isn't NUTS?
Chuck, are you blue?
Leepin Larry,
As usual you're right on top of current events. But will this get to the top of the feed in a day? Only time will tell ... :)
Cranky, you have to post something today in order to be in the "old 4 hour feed" spot, tomorrow. (does that make sense?)
I like your hair, Larry. If I was casting someone to play you, you'd get the gig.

Is this the cool kids' clubhouse? --Cork
Once, a long bit back, the feeds were cycled. I wouldn't mind if it was like that again. Maybe, four hour shifts. The great 4 hour feed revolt of O ten was because of what seemed to be a permanent three day activity feed, which we mostly all agreed, sucked.

Good on Emily (supposing it is the real Emily) for coming here and shedding some light on the subject. That alone is a break from the usual "management" policy of just letting us guess. Also for temporarily removing my avatar from the black list!
Thank you Mr. Gamble for taking a moment out of you busy day to read and comment.

BTW, Joanie wants you to send her a hat.
I'd like to know why I'm on the blacklist still? I haven't piddled on any of the Salon.Com rose bushes in days!! DAYS!!!!

Do you know how hard that is??



Oh well.....
Cool kids? We have cool people on Open?

Since when??

Tink, what happens when you take the green pill with the yellow pill?
Tink is right.

What do we want?


When do we want it?

Thanks Scarlett... Does the list change at midnight?
It's possible that spot will be all ads tomorrow.
Hey hey, LBJ, how many babies did you kill today!?!
If I had a camera man that did not work all day I would do some more videos.. Mostly complaining ones.. hahah
I do have a question Larry..
I am watching the original True Grit now with Kim Darby..
How did they let her get away with that pixie cut and was she bopping Glen Campbell during that movie?
@Linda: Even though Clem Gumball really needed some woman to muss up that hairdo of his, that smarmy pants Kim Darby can't hold a candle to the young girl-woman in the new movie. This whipper snapper Hailee whoever she-is has true grit.
Yes, Kim. I do fancy a hat. A kind of sheep herder Outback sort of thing. I'm giving it to Larry for Australia Day, next January.
The four hour feed is on a 23 and half hour break.
...our school system gets screwed up like this all the time...I blame searches for squid porn.
Linda, we need to get you a tripod for your birthday.
Scarlet: I had never seen it before and yeah I saw the new one.. Kim was a dead weight..

Larry: If I had the equipment I would do floor shows hahah
Joanie, you should have never mentioned my name. Now he will never send one to you. Unless you meant your cousin Larry.
Only fleas Larry, only fleas~~
APM, I'm not familiar with "squid porn".
Maybe Tink can post a primer.
@Scarlet. It's Hailee Steinfeld. Like Seinfeld, only not. She's 15 years old, lives in Thousand Oaks, CA., and her father is Jewish; her maternal grandfather is of half Filipino and half African American descent, and her maternal grandmother is Caucasian. She keeps Obama's birth certificate in her clutch.

Her Uncle is fitness trainer Jake Steinfeld who can snap any of us like a twig.
OE, Emily said the four hour feed is not permanently gone. She just never said when it would be back. 2015?
Didn't we riot like a Libyan over this a few months ago and get our four hour feed reinstated?

It was surely just a little glitch...
Corkey, I remember you now. You're the guy with the Rutgers sweatshirt on backwards. Are you writing for the Enquirer now?
Zuma, I think that "spirited debate" happened last Spring.
Time goes by quickly! Is a glitch the same thing as an experiment?
Linda, is a floor show actually done on the floor? That would make a great medic alert commercial.
"Riot like a Libyan" is my new catch phrase. Thanks, zuma!
Harry, just change the lyrics from "Walk like an Egyptian"
to "Riot like a Libyan"
_iq_, I had the same reaction as you this afternoon.
I thought I left a tab open on my browser from yesterday's cover.
Deja vu all over again.
I predict this will be on the cover tomorrow.
Coming on Summer Larry could use a hat. Maybe a sombrero or a beret though. Or a pith helmet, what ho !
Joan already has a fetching straw arrangement she wears in the garden, I seem to remember.
The Australian "sheep herder" Akubra is made out of bunny rabbit fur and takes a couple of years to go all soft and dreamy again.
Why not go the full Rita and get a Panama, Larry ?
No-one would comment on your hair then.
Was that 4 hours ?
Kim, Is there a difference between rabbit (hair) fur and bunny rabbit fur?
I can do a great imitation of theat " Ive fallen and I can't get up" especially after a few umbrella drinks.
Padraig, nice to see you here and on the cover.
Ha! good on you Padraig! Yes.. go full on Rita, Panama by way of Christie's Larry. tilt it down a bit.
hey you somehow drew Emily out to your post, like finding out the reason for the crop circles or something. very cool.
I'm so confused. Everything is surreal on OS. No, wait.... It is reality that seems surreal. OS just seems disjointed and sluggish... I fell asleep waiting for a comment to post on Tuesday. What day is it? Am I supposed to be somewhere? Nothing is moving. Am I dead?
Open Call: Nuts
I prefer mine roasted and mashed into a paste with cocoa, I get it by the jar and eat it with a spoon, and it is mine, all mine.
Boy I am so glad someone is keeping close tabs on this place. Your everywhere Larry and making some astute comments as well. Cheers!
I ain't complaining, but I actually have a more current post up that isn't in the feed, and prolly won't make it there with the switcheroo sampling Emily's playing with. it was meant to be a sequence, so I'll just hold off on publishing the next part until traffic starts moving again.
Nutella.. if it's hazelnuts.
My kid talked me into buying a jar of it once.
I think we still have most of it.
No need for refrigeration
like peanut butter
yet different
of the musk forest
Wait. Did someone say Nutella?

Suzi, no you're not dead and it's Tuewensday. Wake up!
this 4hour feed thing is bullshit I rely on the feed to get fed and be read cause I don't pimp my posts
_iq_ awsome avatar pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Personally, I think Emily is a HORRIBLE editor. When she was gone at the first of the year and that new guy was here, it was a world of difference for the better. The SKC is one issue I have. Sometimes the cover looks like The National Enquirer and I have to wonder if they have high school kids as stand-in's for editors or something.
@ From the Midwest - oh, no no no. You missed the reign of Judy, I think , or you wouldn't say that.
I know. This is why we can't have anything nice. xox
Now who would think that you would stay up there on the right side for so long after having written only 3 lines. Personally, I think my picture of my dog, Phoebe, should be on the cover by now. At least she makes smiles.
This sucks, no four hour top rated....please tell someone. : )
Can we blame this on the Westboro Church?
I hope you know, Larry, that what I said is nothing against you. I love your comments. :)
A whole day has past and this thread is still alive! Larry, you are da' bomb, man. I'm over here preparing my picket signs for the next Feed Riot, now that I'm a Libyan. (Thanks, Zuma!!!!)

Flower child.. I can do housework jobs in between loading posts to read it is that slow to load.If you like do something in life for like 30 minutes all the posts on the side have disappeared and you have no way to find them except scrolling through all of them.
Larry. Dear dear larry. Thank you for providing this above ground truck stop to chitty chatty bitchitty bitch about the stagnant four hour feed. I'm tempted to go get my black square.

Yep that was be in the reversed "Rutgers" neg. Naaah, I don't write for the Enquirer, I write for the people of a little country I like to call America. That's not actually my Ferrari in the current picture. But it is my ugly shirt.
Tut,Tut,Tut .
Such a bunch of militant OS'urghs.
I love it - please continue.

"Press send please FRed(tm) and then we're orf to vanity classes".
I wish I could ask that about the snow. R
Thank you, Kind Sir, for inviting me into your own Salon; I'm very new at this, and I realize that the little ole wisps of Hey, Y'all that I throw out there are definitely not everybody's jar of 'shine.

I appreciate your adding me to your own list, and I have but two questions about your header photo:

How did you sneak up on Cousin Clete's house without the dogs raisin' a ruckus?


How'd you get him to put on pants?

You should repost this.
The 4 hour feed needed a rest, it'll be back sometime soon....Teeheehee!!

Either that or this is another experiment by the Open.Team. I keep wondering about these 'experiments' and what they're discovering?