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FEBRUARY 13, 2011 3:37PM

2011 Tour de Wyandotte

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Hometown favorite loses by a head

Beats out Nurse Nancy for second place finish


2011 Tour de Wyandotte

Official Race Results (senior division):

 1st:  P.W. Herman
 2nd: Tr ig Palin
 3rd:  Nurse Nancy
 4th:  Hosni Mubarak
 5th:  Francisco Franco
 6th:  P. Sinner
 7th:  Bjorn Rushkin
 8th:  T. Redtoon
 9th:  Al Ops
10th: The Maestro
 dnf:  Joisey J


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trig open call

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I didn't know you and Tr ig were neighbors. Nice suit!
Is Wyandotte a place in America? They're sure having nice weather there. I heard The Maestro had a heat stroke near the finish line.

that road looks all too familiar. poor trig - doing that premature 'V' is what let peewee skip to the front.
Dunno, Leepin, I think Palin is about to leap, if I may, over PeeWee and the nurse. As you can clearly see, his bicycle is already lifting off the pavement. Unless he's about to do a wheelie. We may never know. The maestro's in deep 10th, is he?
I think Pee-wee and tr ig were racing to see who could get to the adult theater first.
This was so clever that I find myself not being to speak.
rated with hugs
Damn... I was training for this race, Alley OOps begged me not to participate, he had his heart set on beating the Maestro. Poor Trig didn't know what hit 'im
So PeeWee is faster than tr ig, but tr ig is faster than Hosni, but 82 yo Hosni is faster than an assortment of OS trolls and a dead man? Sounds right.
(to comment, I mean)
Everyone knows Pee Wee can pedal the hell out of that bike. But Trig is right on his ass!!
Pee Wee Herman will always be number one in my book...of course it's a very small book.
You can't beat Pee Wee at anything. Wait...

(those avatar eyes fool me every. single. time.)
@Ms. Vance: Well, aren't you fresh today!?!
Well at least he beat out Mubarak.

Mubarak may be in his 80's but I think his liver is in better shape.
Well at least he beat out Mubarak.

Mubarak may be in his 80's but I think his liver is in better shape.
My vivid imagination is going to turn this into some type of bicycle phobia. I should really take up drinking instead of reading.
Just don't go to the movies with the first place winner right?
Apparently Joan Walsh censored my fav's and removed you! I still love Joan though. Thank God some people commented on my blog to send me here. I won... right?
Now when did you get so clever? -R-
Larry, it just goes to show that "you can't keep a good pee wee down!"
Let's give them both a hand, shall we? Anyone allergic to latex?
Bwaaahaaa Peewee cheated!! Ha ha
I'm flying... like ET!!
I wish I could have been at the race. R
I wish I could have been at the race. R
I'm married and I love you.
It was Larry and Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I can see that you are just behind him in the green! R
I had to come back and look at this funny!