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MARCH 23, 2010 5:31PM


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Another Video of the same event:

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Well, would you look at that.
Well, he's right. _r
I think I've seen Obama give Biden that look before. It was when Biden was swearing in some staff member(s), and he made a joke about Justice Roberts and the flub that happened at Obama's inauguration. As I recall, Jon Stewart referred to it as Obama's "shut the f*ck up, Joe" look.
You gotta love Joe, in between being irritated at him.
`She Blogs - It surprised me too, when I first saw it.

`Joan H - Yes it is. I hope the Senate doesn't blow it.

Jeanette - Yes!, I remember seeing that too. I can only imagine what goes on in meetings.

`Nanatehay and Jonathan - Biden is definitely consistently unpredictable with his gaffes. He sure means well.
perhaps this will mean another trip to a foreign country for the Vice President.
Catherine - that could be dangerous, he might say the wrong thing and start world war three.

Funerals are safe.
Cripes, good thing no one has a microphone too close to me most days!
He also silently-mouthed "here's your dare right here!" before publicly embracing the Prez and referring to an earlier, private conversation where Obama dared Joe-Bo to say something to get himself blogged by Leepin' Larry.
I'm sure he wasn't the only one. My guess is that the phrase "Well Fuck Me!" hit an all-time high that day.
I love the guy; he's right and he's entitled.
At least he wasn't telling a senator from across the aisle to go fuck himself on the floor of the Senate, like that OTHER Vice-President.
Biden and Obama are my favorite team !
We all slip once in a while....but maybe not on national TV.
Whatever those two do is OK with me.

Note to Leepin Larry: Your posts never show up on my list of favorites...and I do want to read them. What can we do about this?
Funnier the a bunker buster and less lethal.
Ha! One of my favorite Biden gaffes yet.
he is right. and you know -- it's good for my business.
Did you see how Biden pushed the sick black orphan out of the way at the health care bill signing? The poor kid was confused and biden just stepped in front of him, until Obama gave him a glare.
Biden meant it. A Frontline investigation claimed he'd urged Obama to put healthcare on the back burner and attack the recession instead.
LOL!!!!! :D
Well, it really has been a big f*&%*ing deal, hasn't it?
I thought it was a hoot!