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JUNE 13, 2012 3:45PM

Open Letter; Sorry Governor

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That's sorry, as in "He's a sorry excuse for a governor"! 




The Justice Department has filed suit against Florida Governor Rick Scott's attempt to purge voters from the rolls.

Florida filed a lawsuit demanding the right to check the names of registered voters against an immigration database maintained by the US Department of Homeland Security, and is suing the Department of Justice. 


Rick Scott, my governor,

You have vowed to ignore the Department of Justice in their effort to rein in your purging of Florida's voter rolls. You intend to continue in violation of the law. You're not sorry, but in the other sense, how sorry can you get?

I did not vote for you. I had you figured out as a greedy one-percenter when I first saw your visage on TV, before I had heard about your dubious, unsavory, almost felonous past as a corporate honcho. Some people just look suspicious, the way their eyes cast downward, an affect of cunning and dishonesty. 

You are a Tea Party favorite, an extreme right-winger, and I didn't think you could become governor. But you squeaked in, and I now have unending distrust in the Florida electorate for electing you and Congressman Alan West. And I'm worried about the national electorate as well; we shall see after this election, see if people vote against their own interests again, if they believe the lies, if they remain un-informed, half-informed, mis-informed ).

You had already energized a whole bunch of us who became disgusted when you refused Federal billions for a high-speed railway from Orlando to Tampa. And then you made it harder for poor people to get their benefits.

Now you're blatently trying to keep people from voting. Mainly people of color and Hispanics. You tried to purge 182,000 registered voters from the Florida rolls: according to The Miami Herald"  13% of the Florida electorate is Hispanic, but Hispanic voters account for 60% of the attempted purge. 

You say the reason you took these measures  is that you're concerned about "non-citizens." Like the 91-year-old World War II veteran you purged and who spoke up about it; a better citizen than you, I have no doubt. 

Yes, through calling you out the number of purged has been reduced to about 2,600, but about a thousand of these voters have yet to respond and may not vote. 

The Department of Justice is now on your tail. You disdained The Voting Rights Act of 1965, you ignore citizens groups and social media. Yes, you can dishonestly urge us in speeches to get out there and vote, but you do not fool us. We know your intent and we know the impact of that intent on our democracy.

At least average citizens can now call you out on the web. You energize many of us to thwart you and the many other governors who are trying to reduce voting rolls in their states.

Governor Scott, I intend to work my tail off this year to try and get voters to the Florida polls in any way I can. Many residents of my state are fed up with you, and we're now watching your every move, and telling the world.

You are an embarrassment. 

Whether or not you live in Florida, please act! Join in demanding that Florida officials stop this voting purge. Please take a moment  and click on this link: 




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No that's not bald Ann Coulter; but he sounds like her.
An embarrassment maybe, but you got to admit he is a cutie! Looks like an Aussie punk rocker.
Where I live, right-wingers are using what Rick Scott is doing as an example to fight "voter fraud." Here, many believe that all illegal immigrants are voting in unison for the Democrats. I'm pretty sure that most illigal immigrants won't risk to be caught by voting illegally.
He was an idiot when he ran HCA.
Citizens of Florida who have progressive and humanist ideas must suffer even more than the rest of us. It must have been a terrible blow to get Jeb out the door and this one in.
He may be the most venal in a terribly bad crop.

I heard that seven people out of three million were found fraudulent in the past. I don't care if it's 8 or 12. What he and the 33 other governors trying to suppress voting is doing is so obvious and egregious and I am so frustrated.
Thanks for this post. The state where I grew up--I am sad for. Thank God for the Justice Department action, whatever the outcome.
Hi Lea - Did you see Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" yesterday? He compares Rick Scott to the "Twin Peaks" backwards talking guy. I'm not all that familiar with "Twin Peaks," but there does seem to be a physical resemblance and "backward talking" is an accurate description for his policies. Thanks for sharing this post.
He looks stupid and evil, I followed your link and hope it helps to put him back in hell where he belongs.
Petition signed. Thank you for keeping us well informed.
He looks like an aging Max Headroom, but not as pretty.
Gad! What a creep!
I thought this guy looked a lot like Ann Coulter without the wig.

People here on Salon do not know the gravity of becoming someone's favorite as I found you in the fav feed on Dave Cullen's page.
I found him in the feed of Zanelle's page.

Today has been a very informative day for me!

This man is reprehensible. In today's America, how can this happen? This is how a dictatorship is born. Why is Florida so obliging to these @#$%^&*republicans?

I know, I know, it is offensive for me to say, but he just LOOKS evil.

I never vote for someone without lips.

At first I thought it was a parody post and that you put up a picture of Lurch, or that DoctorDoctor guy from the Pepsi commercials.

Usually someone maintains this sort of look because they will gleen money in Hollywood when directors script a specific typecast.

He's real???

And they let him do this?

Where is Obama in all this?

Haven't we learned from Bush? A malechauvenist, racist, homophobe with a penchant for cocaine slithered right on through to the Whitehouse when no one was paying attention.

This guy.....oh forget it.

I am just going to sign the petition and keep my eyes and ears open.

Being from Texas, I know how you feel.
The fact that you are willing to weigh in on a topic like this is a very good sign. This is the most encouraging thing I have seen about Florida since I became aware of Florida's role in the dismantling of civil liberties.
Rated in solidarity, but does a Canadian voice count?
We are fighting a similar battle of election fraud here with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, btw. I hope you get the weasel out.
Good God, Skeletor is the governor of Florida? Sheesh.

At any rate, Lea, keep up the good work. I hope you and others like you are successful in keep creeps like this in their place ... the unemployment line.
If only he'd put his bald thinking cap to work solving real problems -- Florida's abysmal foster care system, schools, roads...Nah. I don't what to know how he'd f those up trying to fix them.
Florida has a lot going for it, but the politics stink. Go get
'em Lea. I'm off to click on the link.
As Elizabeth mentioned, don't miss Jon Stewart's piece on this last night: http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/tue-june-12-2012-colin-powell. Reprehensible policies. Glad you're raising the issues, Lea.
Fine letter lea. He really is a shameless, disgusting piece of work. It's hard to believe that so many Floridians wanted this type of government. I hope they're paying attention.
Ah, Lea. I'd tell you to move to my state...but I live in bleepin' Georgia!

Some people are literally unable to feel shame but he is a sorry excuse for a human being and an American. In any case I'd still like to see the return of tarring and feathering (unwashed chicken feathers) if nothing else will be done to penalize this class of anti-American law breaker.

To those that haven't signed, I did it a few days ago and it was really fast and easy.

Thank you for posting this. Rated.
I followed the URL provided by Deborah Sosin, and watched the Daily Show at its website (now bookmarked). It's fantastically funny, and very well written. His Brit correspondent is a real hoot and a half.
Yeesh, he and Ann Coulter must never be allowed to mate! (ON the other hand, maybe she'd eat him post coitus and solve Florida's problem.

I've already signed the petition and a few others besides. It's pretty damn horrifying!
I haven't forgotten Goodman, Schwerner and Cheney nor have I forgotten what happened on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Our nation has sacrificed too much so that we can have some semblance of voting rights.

Governor Scott, did you really think we would give up that easily?
Thanks for the support, and thanks to those of you who clicked on the link. Btw, He was tried for a felony, but not charged.
Will look up the Jon Stewart piece ASAP.
I think the "Aussie punk rocker" jmac was thinking of is Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil, now Federal Minister for Education, Early Childhood & Youth.
You guys really got the short straw when it comes to politicians.
Did I mention our PM is a woman ?
Signed already. I am an Internet Activist and I figure, if I say, "You have a voice. Use it." Then I should, right? So I do.

I didn't know Rick Scott was that butt ugly. Holy cow, he should be replaced just for that reason. You're right though, he has a "look" about him that isn't entirely physical -- there's a distinctly unpleasant "vibe" I get from him. And that would be true even if I had no idea who he actually was. The same sort of feeling I get from those guys who ended up starting a bar fight.

Angry, scornful, contemptuous -- and he displays all this as an elected representative with his direct flouting and dismissal of the DOJ's Cease and Desist order.

If it were me or you? Jail. Equal treatment; I am all for it.
Voter tampering and fraud (the dead vote) is a Phila tradition, but this bozo takes the cake. What is it about Florida that attracts and supports lying, thieving, cheating asshats? Hanging chads, anyone?

I feel your pain. We've had Rick Santorum.
Lea, I wish there were more of you in this country. r
I feel for you Lea. What a governor. Great letter and I signed the link!!!

Our governor, Andrew Cuomo, is a BFF of Wall Street one percenter faux-progressive, still riding on his daddy's rep. You have out and out creepiness, New Yorkers have creeeeepppy hypocrisy from our mayor and governor, who talk out of one side of their mouths and make their crony deals out of the other. Knives in the back with our guys, in the front with your guy. Either way, they don't give a serious sh*t about the middle, working classes and the homeless. best, libby
One of the better aspects of sites like OS is that we have a platform to voice our concerns. Please go to the link and further the action.
He looks like a crash test dummy. The big problem is that most people don't bother to vote anymore. I work at the polls here in my town and in the last primary out of 750+ registered voters, only 100 voted. Granted it was a primary, but their were local races. R
The right is going full bore take no prisoners fringe, completely off the charts to take the country. They're remapping politics. And I wonder if anyone can stop them. They've got the money and the tactics. Check out Black Box Voting.

They used somewhat similar tactics when Bush ran against Gore - taking people off the roles, disqualifying voters, even changing the ballots. Who could forget hanging chads?

Now the right is ramping it up. And if it comes to it, the Supreme Court will back them. again.
OS being OS and 7.5 without internet.. sorry to be late.
Honestly Lea.. is it the water ?
Is it?
There has to be a reason.
OS being OS and 7.5 without internet.. sorry to be late.
Honestly Lea.. is it the water ?
Is it?
There has to be a reason.
Nice, nice, nice... About 40 responses and more than 95% consists of nothing but calling names, saying ugly things, accuse Rick Scott in everything, providing mostly wrong or unexplained information, etc. Are you people enjoying this? "You're ugly!" "No, you're ugly!" "You're stupid!" "No, you're stupid!" "Mom, he called me ugly and stupid!" Really, guys...

Lea Lane, why do you think that Department of Justice has the right do not provide a Governor of the state the documentation he/she required and needed? Not some "secret" information that might harm our nation (although, these "secret" documents are readily available to media, as we found out recently, right?). Do you really believe that Department of Justice has this kind of rights? Is this information a private property of Eric Holder, or Barak Obama? Who do you think these people are? Do you seriously believe that it's wrong for a Governor of the state to clean up voters rolls? Did you hear that recently 53,000 DEAD people were discovered on the voter rolls in FL?

I also like your method of voting. Obama looks good - he is obviously a good person. But fist visage on Rick Scott - and right away you "figured out how greedy one-percenter he was"? That's really deep.

Let me tell you something: I probably am the only one among you who is an immigrant. Legal immigrant. I came here quite a long time ago, lived in quite a few cities and states, voted (sometimes) and recently moved to Florida. If I'd get a letter asking me to provide my citizenship papers - I'd do it right away. Would I feel bad? Would I got depressed? Would I think that I've been discriminated? NO! I don't have anything to hide (everything is in open with me), I know how government works (bad), I wouldn't think that I am the only one who received this letter (even if I was the only one, I wouldn't know that, right?), so no bad feelings. Just like what our President said: "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are people who have something to hide." Right? Why that 91-year-old veteran was upset, is above me? I don't believe she/he was purged for no reason - she/he probably received a letter asking to prove..... you know what. She/he probably didn't answer, so she/he was purged. What's wrong about that? Maybe, just maybe, if someone is incapable to provide some documents, or to answer some letters, or respond in timely matter to some requests, maybe this person is incapable to make up his/her decision? With all due respect, everything is possible when you are 91!

I am not fed up with the governor. But I am fed up with people like you. People who write and say things that they really don't believe in; people who make up their decisions based on the way people look; people who do not understand what's going on right now in this great country of ours.

And the last (but not least) now: I suggest you and your friends stop using the phrase: ... "people voting against their interest." I don't think that you are smarter than one and a half million Wisconsians who voted exactly for their interests. Not yours! Theirs!
I could care less that he looks evil. I care that he is a heartless, greedy man who is cutting programs for the poor and curbing rights of the working class people.
I'm not getting into a shouting match with you as neither of us is going to change our minds.
And I much admire one awkward-looking Republican: Abraham Lincoln. Scott is not a Lincoln. He isn't even a Ford. He's an embarrassment.

"I could care less that he looks evil. I care that he is a heartless, greedy man who is cutting programs for the poor and curbing rights of the working class people"

Just a few thoughts. You may not care what he looks like, but a few of your fellow OS posters here seem to care. Even your first comment is about his looks. I guess you have to look pretty for the vote of some.

You go on about cutting programs. Your piece is about voter rolls not programs or rights. Why are you changing the subject?

The last time I checked dead people couldn't make it to the polls. So what is the objection to removing their names? Others are not allowed to vote. Are you convicted of certain crimes, here illegally, registered at the last place you lived still? You can't vote so why should you object to having those names removed?

If the number of people on the rolls is small then maybe the use of the money may not be the best use of it, but there is nothing wrong with making sure that they are correct is there?

Would you rather have correct and accurate registration, or would you like to dip you finger in purple ink to make sure that you can only vote once?
I feel very sad that I have lived long enough to see the United States return to the persecution of the middle class and facism. I don't know how people can be so apathetic. Our rights have been subverted.
The whole premise is false. There is no voter fraud. The hypocrisy is part of the problem. He does not fool most of us, as his popularity is minimal after dismissing funds for high speed rail, etc. His looks are incidental, but do seem to reflect his cruel nature.
The whole premise is false. There is no voter fraud. The hypocrisy is part of the problem. He does not fool most of us, as his popularity is minimal after dismissing funds for high speed rail, etc. His looks are incidental, but do seem to reflect his cruel nature.
Garbage politics never seems to surprise me anymore, but it can get the blood boiling.
Lea, do you have any data that proves that there is no voter fraud? As I stated already, there are thousands and thousands dead people on the voter rolls in FL. Besides, people move, people die, people do sometimes some "funny" things - why not make sure that the rolls have correct information? It should be done regularly.

You are angry with governor for dismissing funds for high speed rail. Do you honestly believe that this project is the most important and needed for Florida? More than improve our highways that we all use each and every day? More important that other infrastructures that need improvements?

Feds wanted to give FL $2.5 billion of our money. Taxpayers money! I'm not an economist in any way, but we did a lot of projects in our house. We always budget our projects, but I do not remember even one time when the final cost was right on budget. Even if I inclose 10-15% for this discrepancy, it still comes higher. It's always higher. To build this high speed rail is very expansive and if it will cost us, the Floridians, more than $2.5 billion, how we're going to pay for it? Higher taxes? I read somewhere that it might cost additional $3 billion! To spend this kind of money for 70 miles rail, to me sounds very unreasonable.

Another statistic: Do you know that 3.2 million people ride the Acela train in the Northeast corridor, but 7.2 million ride somewhat slower but MUCH CHEAPER trains. And I hope you understand that the cost to ride the high speed train is going to be much, much more than the Acela train. Is it financially smart to spend so much money without any guarantee that sometimes in near future the money spent would be returned?

Wren Dancer, who's persecuting the middle class? I belong to the middle class and I don't feel being persecuted. For the last three years the life is a little bit more difficult, but it's still bearable. And there is a hope that something will change and, although, I don't believe that things will get back the way they were, but, at least, we all will see a more common sense in what will go on. What fascism are you talking about? We have to stop using these words. It's very immature. Would you please name these rights that have been subverted. I am curious to learn about them.
I added my little voice on the link. Good luck getting him out of office!
Now I have heard everything.
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Thanks, back. I hope you don't have many politicians like this one in Turkey, but I'm pessimistic enough to think that you do.