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August 26
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APRIL 28, 2012 3:54PM

Bits & Pieces

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what's left of me, into the wind .... 



I started out

100 percent.

But I'm losing myself.


Tonsils and adenoids --

T & A.

What are they, anyway?

Yanked from my inner child 

With chocolate ice cream chasers.


The thyroid. A chunk, and

Years later, the rest.

Who needs it? 

I live synthetically.


At 4o-something,  female parts.

I don't mind. Kept the ones

That count.


Twenty years later, a third of a lung.

Five thirds will do,

Except up the stairs. 


Last year

A foot of sigmoid .

(I'm a semi-colon!) 


And now,

A bit of breast.

Just a biopsy.



I'm not 100 percent,

Not even counting lost moles, molars,

Bone mass, appendix

And such.


I remain

 Not intact. 



Often mindless,

Kind of detached. 


But whole-hearted. 


Moving along sans

Bits and pieces. 









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i can't even tell you how much i love this and how hard it made me laugh. all those parts they took out of me too? pffft. good riddance to bad baggage. but keep the faboo attitude, lea!
I hope this is not entirely autobiographical. The foot of sigmoid--my husband lost about that much, too, in a colon resection in 2008. He's still trying to get accustomed to all the changes that precipitated.

You certainly have a half-full perspective.
Me I'm missing a few pieces too and I've got eight screws and a titanium plate that randomly set off metal detectors at airports and court houses.
It is autobiographical. I'm not what I used to be and with all the losses I still can't lose weight!
Gaining years and losing parts. I love it.
I love this! You sure haven't lost your optimism, acceptance, confidence, humor and grace. All the things and more you've used to fill in the missing parts. You're still gorgeous, Ms Semi-Colon, and trust me, you don't want to look like an exclamation point!
How you make me smile, Lea Lane! What a wonderful piece this is! ~r
I would look more like parentheses, I do believe, Ms. Sally. (I can forget about the period.)
I love it!!
Too true for too many Lea.
Me too.
Written wonderfully well.
And you are loved
for all those parts and pieces,
here and gone.
Your words keep you fresh and new,
what you share, you are you.

Enjoyed this, especially the picture!
Lea...what can I say?
Parts of us are everywhere.
Poetry indeed..today.
See you in Maine this summer.
All of what is left of you, that is :)
When I saw where this was heading I had to laugh to myself because you made it so easy to do so...Full hearted is more than enough!!!
This was seriously cool. So, you're on your way to becoming the Bionic Poet?
You're to whole deal to me...ever since we met and made a connection, and sweetened it with your brilliant son. I think you are perhaps one of the healthiest people I know, moving around the circumference of the world, graceful as magnificent condor....Love the poem
Less is more! And you are sage. I want to be sage when I grow up. R
I'm a semi-colon??? That's just excellent, I have to use this with a friend of mine. It does seem we jettison bits and pieces as we go along -- I just wished it made me a bit lighter.
Funny honey. When naked, I resemble the day after Thanksgiving turkey. That's when it tastes the best though!
You are llike those space rockets that jettison parts as they fly higher and higher. Great poem full of humor and truth. R
Good Lord woman! You really jettisoned some cargo there. All for the best and in the pursuit of good health. Aren't we fortunate that we live in a day and age where these things can be done? Barely 100 years ago things would've been very different.
So true. The key is to find things early as possible, if at all possible and you can jettison a bunch of parts and keep right on going, battle-scarred but alive.
And I so like your comments. Gerald, I'm a rocket. Wow.
And Tom, I kept the better half.
Into the wind indeed! WHEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
You look half your age which is great!
Wheeeeeee. You are amazing!
Half kidding, but wholly admirable.
But you haven't lost the best part of you. And you have a fantastic head of hair! Nothing else matters.
Beautiful picture of a beauty full woman!
But you do remain whole, truly. Wonderful writing.
And I TOTALLY appreciate your comments, all.
Whole-hearted is what counts.
Half laughing, half crying over here...
Clearly your mind is 100%.
Funny but serious. I loved this so much. Gave me a different perspective on this shell we occupy.
This made me laugh. Being partly there, myself, it helps to know that someone understands the deconstruction!
This was so well put!
Half fun, half not, all true.
We're all, when it comes down to it, an amalgam of bits and pieces, I think.
You have the best part of you still, Lea - your heart ♥. We all lose ourselves in bits and pieces as we grow old, as long as we have our minds and hearts, we're good. And your writing. . .goes without saying, is still gold.
Love.This. Love it. Esp. the wheeee at the end - I can hear my 97 year old grandmother doing that part.
Your as much fun as the Cirque du Soleigh. Keep on keeping on and remember to enter all the right places with your left foot back.
Your pretty smile is obviously running at 100% - Enjoyed your sense of humor in the face (full face!) of adversity - Be blessed - Duke
Wow, tho' late I'm glad I didn't totally miss this. So far, fingers crossed all I have lost is teeth. But if there is more of me to lose, I hope I maintain your attitude and grace. Margaret's right -- you're totally born for the windblown look!
Still getting some response to this. Yay!
Wind-surfing seafarer does write poetry across waters...