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Florida, USA
August 26
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JANUARY 11, 2012 8:15AM

360-degree Views: Storms & Reflections

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Since 2001 I've lived on the 22nd floor of a condo in downtown Miami, my home in the sky. I came here from New York with my husband, who had just retired. Three months later he unexpectedly died. So I lived alone here, with my cat Sweetie, for almost 10 years until my recent remarriage.

And the views soothed my soul.  From my windows and balcony I can see just about 360 degrees: Miami Beach, Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic beyond, Coral Gables, downtown Miami, and west to the Everglades.

When I seek calm I go to my balcony and gaze out the bay side. I see boats, sky, water, and ships cruising out to the Atlantic beyond.

When I crave stimulation I seek out the view of the city side. Besides the downtown skyscrapers and streetscape, I watch planes taking off and landing, metrorails whizzing by, and the southernmost end of the great interstate, 1-95, which begins in Canada, and which I have driven end to end.

The views from my window have been so important, because they show me the world beyond my own.


get-attachment-1 The red side of the condo (the rest is white), designed by the firm Architectonica, in 1981. See the reflections of the swimming pool in some windows?



get-attachment-2 The condo pool below. Note the swimmers in the shimmers. 




get-attachment-4 The offices and condos of downtown Miami, looking north, from my window. 



get-attachment-2 I watched this skyscraper rise a couple of years ago; here, a summer storm behind  it.



get-attachment Storm clouds,  northeast, toward the port of Miami. Complicated skies.




get-attachment-1 A storm arrives from the west over Brickell Avenue -- Coral Gables is to the far south. 



get-attachment-1 A rainbow after storms, over Biscayne Bay and Key Biscayne. 



get-attachment-3gentle sunrise, east over Biscayne Bay and Virginia Key.



get-attachmentVibrant sunset over Miami, stretching west to the Everglades.


get-attachment-3 Reflections of the sunset; reflections of my life on the 22nd floor.

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I share the condo now with my new husband, and still find the views healing and stimulating.
These are beautiful views Lea.
Thank you for sharing them!
Lea ~ what a beautiful set of views in various directions you have there! When you are in the center of an active metropolitan area with great weather it is a tough act to follow! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo essay with an engaging story!
More spectacular views! I am enjoying this open call particularly. Your perch there on the 22nd floor yields big dividends, Lea.

I love that shot looking west to the Everglades especially.
I love the west, city side too. So much going on. So much to think about. All those people, all those lights, so many stories.
The sunsets are gorgeous. Rated.
Ooh - what gorgeous views, indeed! I think some of the same things inspire us, view-wise. Here, you have the perfect combination of city and nature! I'm glad these beautiful images were a real-life comfort to you in difficult times, and thank you for sharing them with us!
WOW! You've got a view. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Lea,
I am enjoying your pictures immensly as I love to watch the water, I feel it is soothing and remarkable. I live not far from the water where I am in New York, but it is freezing here in New York. I still love to go and just peer out...please visit my post as last night I was dreaming of water and wrote about it. Great pictures as well, hope your healing and your new husband have great views for years to come.
Amazing panoramic view...expansive. The perfect place for you!
Wow! Gorgeous views!
Lea: I love buildings and take a lot of photos of them because they can become so many things because of their angles. Some wonderful photos here.
These images are stunning Lea! I see the multiple views as a microcosm of your collective visual experience. This is a joy that you were willing and able to stay after your loss years ago. Your magnificent view reflects your generosity of mind.....best wishes...
What a glorious perch from which to share all your wise and wonderful views.
Thanks for the photographic encouragement,all. Really appreciate it.
And Holly, yes, we must have some SoBe fun!
The warmth emitted from the varying hues is soothing. Those omenous billowy clouds festooning the skies always seem to give me barometric headaches. Love what's looming on the horizon.
These are superb images, worthy of a travel magazine ;-)
Wow...now I have someone to visit if I am ever down there. Thanks for showing off your POV. They are marvelous....
What an incredibly diverse set of views! I've only passed through Miama four or five times on my way to launch off on cruises, but I remember the sunsets... I love "complicated skies." Says so much...
I really appreciate the view...I must remember the red side, so sexy! Views are very healing and I'm glad you have these.
Clearly no vertigo problems. Lucky you.
Stunning scenes of visual beauty. You deserve it.
Beautiful views. I find myself a bit envious :)
There's so much to keep one busy from your window, Lea, and some of the colors are simply surreal. I never lived in a highrise, and often wondered how it would be to have a bird's eye view. Thank you for giving me one and throwing in a rainbow.
I can see why the views speak to your soul. Lovely shots and thank you for sharing them!
Gorgeous pictures, Lea. Miami sure looks different than last time I was there (about 1965!!)
Oh, Lea! These photographs are magnificent. I love southern Florida. ~r
I can smell the warm Miami air! Thank you for these beautiful views as I sit at my computer in my down jacket because I can't get warm on this New York day--even indisde my house.
Read this this morning, but had to leave before commenting or rating. The photo of sunset over Miami is ... disturbing, but in an interesting way. Almost apocalyptic, to my untrained eye. Congrats on the EP.
So utterly beautiful. I can see why this is a comfortable home. Thanks for sharing.
Helluva sunset. Helluva sunrise. How's the view during hurricane season? Being a Midwestern boy, I love watching massive, prairie storms roll in.
The view during hurricane season is scary. You just hope for the best. And sometimes you have to leave.
I've never seen Miami look so...pretty. I've never been there so all the pictures I've seen seem to clip it into whatever stereotypical image they wan to portray.
Wow, Lea! These photos/views are spectacular! I have a whole new respect for Miami...and that sunset is killer!
Ooh la la is all I can say. I'm ashamed to admit that I have yet to visit Miami. Latin culture and music lover that I am, surely I would love it...must get there soon.
A yummy post. Love those Florida skies. (You've tempted me to post a little something on the winter skies in MI... where it may possibly be snowing tomorrow. Will see.
Spectacular photos!! Thank you so much. What a love nest!! I'm so happy for you.
That is one of the most vibrant sunset shots I've ever seen. I'm glad life feels good and right for you.
Simply stunning. I can see why it got an EP.
Beautiful views, but I'd get a nose bleed if I lived that high up and I don't like elevators. The view from my front porch is the general store's dumpster, but I never run out of eggs. R
magnificent Miami photos
Wow. We have some fantastic skies here, but this is something else! Great shots.
What lovely views. Brilliant skies. I'm terrified of wind so during storms or windy days I'd be a blithering idiot.
Wow! That is some fab pad. I thought the view outside my windows was great. I must say I prefer the "old" Miami to the new tho.
Aren't you glad you bought when you did?!

I counted myself very fortunate and sometimes giddy to have known some of the Miami skyline architects quite well during my years there. The sight of the familiar skyline rising up to greet me from my perch on I-95 as I drove 'home' from somewhere North always lifted my heart. Now I guess I would not know it at all. One of my Arquitectonica friends even designed a deck for me back in ye olden days - I made her sign the plans in handwriting for posterity~ Thanks Liz! (such amazing views, hang on to them as they can't be recreated anywhere in the world, right?)
Gorgeous. I'd expect nothing less. Late to the party and almost missed it, but this post mysteriously appeared as a tab when I opened my iPad browser just now. Clearly karma intervened. So glad it did. xoxo
I guess karma's not always a bitch, Sally. Glad you came by.
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I thought the view outside my windows was great. I must say I prefer the "old" Miami to the new the. Thanks!!!! Foot
Great pictures as well, hope your healing and your new husband have great views for years to come.EXGF
From my windows and balcony I can see just about 360 degrees: Miami Beach, Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic beyond, Coral Gables, downtown Miami, and west to the Everglades.Relationship Photos by Posh