MARCH 15, 2012 7:10PM

A racist anti-Obama bumper sticker is making the rounds

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If you love the Confederate Flag and the n-word, then have I found the online store for you. It’s called Stumpy’s Stickers (, and it sells doozies like this:

Get it? “Renege” means to “go back on a promise” like the one you made to vote against Obama, but it applies to stopping “repeat offenders,” which is either you the voter or Obama the candidate, so it’s telling you to not don’t un-vote to repeat re-electing the president.

Anyway, it also calls Obama the n-word, which you’ll find hilarious if you’re a racist.

They sell patches to sew onto your clothing, too, like the one here:

Which raises a few questions: Why is this on a patch? Do you want to wear clothing with the words “Hitler” and “Jane Fonda” on it? Is there a trendy new clothing line I’m unaware of? Do people even still wear patches?

When I think of people wearing patches and the name Hitler, I go right to Nazis. I wouldn’t have thought anyone would want to welcome that association, until I saw this sticker:

Yes, those are Klansmen. I don’t know what else to say about a sticker glorifying Klansmen in 2012, other than “why is it $2.28?” Why not round it? And how would that fit on your car’s bumper sticker? Maybe it’s just for the kids’ notebooks at school. Like a picture of Lindsay Lohan, but with crosses burning instead of crotches.

Another fun sticker to put on your car, truck, or… well, truck, is this one:

This tips the hand just a bit. See, the whole point isn’t to accomplish anything other than to infuriate liberals. And moderates, independents, most conservatives, and anyone else not currently drinking moonshine out of a bottle marked “XXX.”

Everyone becoming shocked and horrified at the blatant racism is pretty much what Stumpy is aiming for. And we’ll do it, because it is shocking and it is horrifying, but beyond that we shouldn’t give it much thought. The racists were even louder in 2008, and look where that got them.

If this is fun for someone, so be it. It’s not like Stumpy is making much money off of these. I mean, a whole roll of 500 confederate flag stickers is only $17.50. And I kid you not, it advertises as a “great gift for the little Rebel in your life.”

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Always see this stuff at flea markets. I guess there will always be those who clan-up. I want to say: Can we talk? But I am sure that it would be met with disdain. Freedom of Speech....this is a not so fine example.
I've got no problem with bumper stickers, T-shirts, badges and other things that let the person make clear just how big an asshole he is. In fact, I think it's rather nice of them to self-identify right out in public like that - stupid, but nice of them. Saves the trouble of listening to them to know how they think(?).....

*"If ignorance is bliss, racists are the most blissful people on earth"*

I think the existence of these patches and bumper stickers are probably a good thing. No longer can the completely oblivious among us continue to tout some imaginary softening of racial tension in this country. Those of us who are the targets of racists know they never went anywhere they may lay dormant but like every good infestation they do resurface. And they will continue to resurface every 25-30 years until America is willing to admit there is a problem. I've been waiting nearly 60 years for that admission followed by the work to fix it. Sadly I've concluded it isn't going to happen in my lifetime.
The day before Obama's inauguration a coworker made a poster of Obama using his famous hope design as his template. He changed the word hope to Satan, and the button On the lapel was a picture if Jesus crossed out. When I had my back turned he snuck up and hung it up on my cubicle wall. Right after he left, my boss came up with a client and I turned around shocked to see the poster, and trying to explain it to the client. It didn't bother either one of them. They didn't understand why I was flabbergasted. I heard later the only comment from the client we had a relaxed dress code. No mention of a relaxed code of ethics for behavior in the workplace. The guy who did it got no heat even though just the day before we had a "meeting" about not doing personal projects on company time. I got heat for being "overly-sensitive", it was just good-natured fun after all. I eventually got "laid off due to lack of work" and believe it or not me and that guy are fb buddies. I kind of liked him for letting me know upfront what a douche he was. It's the ones who think they're not racist that are the most annoying.
It hadn't occurred to me that I was providing free advertising to this site.

Now I can't unthink that. :-/