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MAY 3, 2012 9:15AM

Weird Cat Thing for Today

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            The first daylilies we got for the front yard were a white variety called “Sunday Gloves” that I ordered from the Jung Seed Co a few years back and we later went to Debbie's sister-in-law’s daylily farm and bought two more of a white variety called “Sunday Bonnet” which is a sport of Sunday Gloves The Sunday Gloves have gotten to be pretty good sized clumps and for whatever reason Buttons has targeted the one on the right, or the left if your looking at the yard from the street. He will come zooming out from as far back as he can go, and running fast as he can toward the Sunday Gloves he will, at the last minute, turn around and sit on it, squashing about half the plant flat with his big orange butt! I am either going to have to get some kind of little fence or I won’t have any daylilies from that plant this year! Silly cat!

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Indeed, a weird species.
Just make sure he doesn't eat the lilies-- all varieties are highly poisonous to cats.