Laura MaGuire

Laura MaGuire
December 21
This blog is about my life. It is through the eyes of a woman who was married to a man who went to "Desert Storm" and how it changed him and how it affected her. And all the feelings that went along with it. Some of it won't be pretty, but to date I don't think any case study is available like this.


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 My Guardian Angel Haniel



The first Angels I met were when I was a child.  Both my parents were abusive, which most likely led to my introduction to my guardian angel when I was a young child.  I never knew who she was when I was young.  In fact I think I… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 1, 2012 2:27AM

Our Beginning in Ft. Riley Kansas


It was a dark rainy, wet evening when I started out.  By the time I got to Manhattan, Kansas there was a thunderstorm announcing my arrival like I had never seen before.  Lightening struck the ground like Thor up above was sending down lightening and it was the lastRead full post »