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FEBRUARY 14, 2011 11:11PM

coco and igor

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 This weekend I watched a very seriously interesting movie, and it was just so enjoyable.  The beginning is more promising than the movie turns out to be, but I love this era, and just saw a special on PBS about the French avante-garde, so when this movie started with the Rite of Spring, and the dark photography, moodiness, gorgeous period costumes and scenery, I was just hooked.  I don't know ballet, have never been to one in my life, am not familiar with Igor Stravinsky other than having seen Fantasia, but I'm now totally intrigued. 

 Actually watching a movie about two intense adults who take their art very seriously, but who are both definitely very grown up was refreshing in this era of bleak romances (I love you so much I'll break you out of jail) or stupid rom-coms about people who never grow up but opt to pretend to be adorable for the rest of their lives.   This movie, Coco and Igor (guess who's coming to dinner) is about the affair between Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, and their intensity sometimes borders on the comic with both of them peering intently into the camera at different times.  Anyway, the below video is from Rite of Spring, which I didn't know I loved, but now I do.

This is better, wilder.

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I am dying to see Coco and Igor.
rated with hugs
Linda, if you have Starz on cable, it's free, which it was for me, and I couldn't believe it. I'm not trying to advertise for Starz, but this is a movie I would have expected to have to go to some independent theater to see. In fact, it would have been amazing on a movie screen. It's very good.
I love anything involving dance so enjoyed the clips.

Not heard of the film but it does sound intriguing.
Oh, cool...I was just about to comment, and then I read your response to Linda...I have Starz, and am going to check out the listings...this sounds fabulous...right up my alley.
It's so cool how a movie can inspire us to look at other art, too. I heard about "Coco and Igor" but didn't get a chance to see it. Looks like I might have to catch up on my movie watching!

Also, a shameful confession: "people who never grow up but opt to pretend to be adorable for the rest of their lives" sort of struck a chord with me - I think it's what I do all too often - with a big stress on "pretend", since my actual adorability is nill.
loved the video's ... very cool.
Sorry for not replying earlier or getting to other's blogs. It's been a very busy week at work, and I will have to get back soon. So--

Linda, I love dance too. PBS just had two good documentaries on dance. One was about Jerome Robbins, dancer and choreographer, and it was just so entertaining. I saw a car commercial the other day with Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly. I guess that's okay. Glad you came by.

Kate, if you don't like the story (it's kind of long), I think the costumes, scenery and sex scenes more than make up for it. Also Mrs. Stravinsky is compelling to watch.

Alysa, I was thinking more Jennifer Aniston and her ilk, but I guess the material for rom-coms these days that it's really not her fault. You have much more substance than just being adorable. I especially liked your post about your crazy neighbor, entertaining story with a lot of insight. Yes, it is good to discover another art form. I did some reading and found out about that style of dance and how it inspired Martha Graham. Interesting.

Angelkisses, so nice to meet you. Glad you liked the videos.
I love the opera, love ballet, and avant-garde anything. On my Must See list. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, and for the review! ;)
will watch it if I can find it - rated
and hugs