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APRIL 13, 2012 12:56AM

Fashion Rules from the Mom in the Little Black Dress

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black dress  

 (photo from earlier days...)

In the milieu of the play group and PTA, there are two kinds of mothers. Moms who happen to be women who gladly trade in sexy shoes and sedans for a minivan and tennis shoes and women who happen to be moms who wouldn’t dream of wearing sweaty yoga clothes unless doing downward facing dog. I am a Sephora and stiletto-wearing member of the latter group.

So, I did a little victory dance inside when my 15-year old daughter texted me a photo of a (really cute) little black dress for my style approval. I shared with her some of my personal fashion rules…while saving number five for a later time!

1. A girl can never have too many little black dresses! My closet is filled with decades of LBDs. You never know when you’ll be invited by a cute guy to dinner or a premiere! Channel Audrey Hepburn.

2. If you love something, set it free…If you aren’t sure, go get a venti dry cappucino. (If you’re over 21, have a glass of champagne or a strong cocktail!) If the object of your affection is still there, break out the cash/credit/debit card.

3. In cases of high heels or little black dress lust, ignore previous advice! Sometimes you’ve got to go with your instinct. Just like in dating…

4. Leave the “meh” on the dressing room floor! OK, place the discards back on the hangers. Your mom didn’t raise an inconsiderate slob! But, seriously, you have enough sleeveless rayon tees. If it doesn’t make your heart sing, find something that does!

5. Always wear (pretty) underwear! My 11-year old daughter questioned why I needed pretty lingerie while on a recent foray to Victoria’s Secret. After all, she changed for gym class. Nobody would see mine…I resisted sharing with her that the only thing better than treating your inner goddess is shopping for a few “things” with a guy you’re crazy about…

But, that last rule can wait till they’re old enough to order that glass of champagne!

Happy Shopping!

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