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May 27
Beth Cone Kramer is a self-confessed shoe addict with a predilection for heels. She possesses an almost encyclopedic memory of every pair of shoes she has ever owned. She currently lives in L.A.


JUNE 15, 2011 2:55AM

Louboutins for $74.95?

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barbies louboutin 

The title of my first foray into the blogosphere is “Shoenogomy.”  When I started this blog, I wrote about my life experiences told through shoes.  If there were a 12-step program for heels, I’d be in the front row center.  I’m somewhat in recovery. My only recent purchase was a seventies inspired platform sandal with a great brown leather and rope bottom which I needed for the new wide leg silhouette. 

So, today, I am returning to my roots.  I’ll leave Michelle Bachman, Palin, and Romney to the side.  I won’t even touch Patty Baena’s confession to Maria. Oh, to be a fly on that wall…Or Anthony Weiner’s stint at rehab…

This morning, my in-box included a forwarded e-mail from my aunt about Christian Louboutins…nine pairs for $74.99.  We have all received those pesky e-mails about faux Chanel purses from a vendor selling counterfeit goods from an apartment in China.  But, this was different…

Before you get your Hanky  Pankys or Agent Provacateur Cindy briefs (I want, I want!) in a twist, these are teeny, tiny plastic shoes for the Patron Saint of All Girls, Barbie, an exclusive at FAO Schwartz, that ultra luxe toy emporium which sold electric Ferraris and Hamptons playhouses to the toddler progeny of hedge fund managers – before the crash. 

I sometimes blame (or credit, depending on the perspective) my shoe obsession on all those teeny tiny plastic stilettos which, in the seventies, were sold in multipacks, encased in cardboard and plastic. Nevertheless, my first reaction was, “$74.95 for little plastic tidbits which will ultimately end up in the Dyson or the dog’s stomach?” 

But,  that was before I saw the authentic red shoe bags and little brown boxes with the swirly Louboutin signature. I got to thinking.  If we drop anywhere from $595 to $2,295 for a pair of red soles, perhaps there’s some sort of ratio for our 11 inch plastic friend.  And, at approximately $8.88 per pair, this is a steal!

Especially compared to the most luscious pair I just saw at  The Lavalliere Bow Pump, camel, grosgrain trim, 4 ½ inch heel…$795.  Maybe the Barbie set isn’t such a bad deal, after all!

(At the risk of self-promoting, take a peek at one of my earliest shoe blogs, Shoe Lust!)



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