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DECEMBER 30, 2010 5:58PM

MILF Times Eight

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MILF Times Eight?

Octomom Nadya Suleman is being wooed by captain of porn and Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steve Hirsch.

  I am guessing Nadya at one time believed she could parlay the multiple gig into a “Kate Plus Eight” meets “The Duggars.”  If we can live in a world where Kate and her brood travel to Wasilla to meet with Sarah “I Can See Russia from my Front Porch” Palin, anything is possible.

Nadya’s dad put a down payment on a home for Nadya and her posse of 14. 

 When the reality people didn’t come a-ringing and a balloon payment of $450 K was due, the family faced eviction. 

 Enter Hirsch who’s willing to pony up the money as a goodwill gesture.  Um.  I am guessing there may be another motive .Hirsch has apparently been repeatedly offering the multiple mom up to $1 million to appear in porn videos.  Nadya keeps declining. 

 The Octomom’s mortgage holder is considering an offer by the prolific porn king to foot the bill.  Maybe Hirsch considers this an investment

It’s a crazy, crazy world!


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I thought MILF was Mom I'd Like to F*** not Mom who is just F***ed up.
When would she find the time?
Maybe she is a good "multi-tasker!"
hey... you give me an idea.... how about nadya and palin in the same video!!! now *that* would pay a few bucks for. or would download for free off the internet.
big fat R for a being a very facetious female who isnt afraid to use the word MILF in a post... the title even!! yowza =)
see also my post "fame, a double edged sword" with stuff on britney spears etc
so anyway are you saying octomom isnt on the tv anymore? really? I wonder how she lost her show. did she do something stupid, or did the public lose interest? or both? now that would be amusing to try to deconstruct why.