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January 09
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L.E. Alba (aka Lary9) was born into a venerable Louisiana political family during the Truman administration. Educated in engineering and liberal arts, this father of three opinionated offspring, has had a lifelong love affair with all things American especially political independence. He routinely apologizes for his progressive zeal by claiming to be besotted with Liberty. After serving in the USAF during the undeclared Vietnam war, he promptly joined the Woodstock Generation, lived in a commune in Haight-Ashbury and, despite the seductive Sirens of the West Coast, returned to the East and began to cultivate a stubborn but artistic Yankee sensibility. More often than not, this landed him squarely in radical left-wing territory on most issues. Lately he has been thinking about retiring from politics but his Louisiana roots are deep and proving to be retirement-resistant. [Twitter: @Lary9]


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APRIL 26, 2012 12:49AM

A Rose By Any Other Name?

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When did Republicans co-opt the word "success", as applied to a person's life, and make it synonymous with the word "wealth"? Moreover, I've always resented the right-wing's constant, petulant monkeying with the English language---after all, that's liberal turf. We already gave them cultural guardianship of the stock market and all that money stuff. We get art, rock 'n roll, beautiful women and social change---they get banks, suits with ties, fundamentalist Christianity and frowning. 
Recently they've formed a nuancing cabal to change our party name to the "Democrat" Party instead of the time-honored Democratic Party. I guess they don't like the sound of "democratic" which is rightly an sounds too populist. Karl Rove is the Chief of Conservative Semantics...a dark little elf, banging away at new modifiers for liberals in his workshop. The word "Liberal" is a perfect example. It has been effectively redefined by conservatives in a manner that would've made Josef Goebbels proud.
I really, really, really resent the misappropriation of "success" as a euphemism for accumulated wealth and net worth. It never used to mean that exclusively. What am I left with now to judge my own life? I guess all these years of laboring in the vineyards was worth stint serving my country in the USAF doesn't count either...and raising my children to health and loveliness ain't so much, I guess...not to mention my hard earned intellectual well-roundedness (that didn't happen overnight nor by fiat) and my steadfastly practiced habits of thought and my agile imagination---where do all these achievements fit in these days on the Republican "success line"? By this current narrow definition, the practice of self-determining the purpose and direction of one's life journey is no longer optional---the GOP has selected our goals for us if we want to be a success! No wonder they don't seem to value teachers all that much.

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Great points, Lary9. The Republicans have been so much better for years in being able to out-label and define issues. I still do not understand how Liberal became a dirty word. The Democrats need to fight back on these lies and mis-labels much more vigorously. The GOP's equating success with wealth is an abomination and shows what is so very wrong with that party.