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December 31
I live in a (dilapidated, leaky, infested) trailer with no electricity, no plumbing and no permit, parked on the 80 acres of land DH and I purchased last summer. We are trying to start a farm from the ground up, with very little money. This blog is about the trials, tribulations and joys we encounter in our everyday lives.


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DECEMBER 12, 2011 10:25AM

It's getting cold in the trailer

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  People are starting to worry about us. Our house isn't done yet. It is mid-December and we are still living in our trailer. In November we finally bought a kerosene heater so that we could warm the place up during breakfast and supper.

So far, we have been extremely lucky to have had very mild weather. Last year DH had to move out of the trailer on November 1st, when he tried to crack an egg for breakfast, only to find that it was frozen. This year the temperature has hovered around 1-10 degrees Celsius for most of November and December. In the last week or so, though, the mercury has been dropping. Let me tell you a little bit about being cold.

In the morning, I haul myself out from under the warm blankets and scrounge around in the semi-dark to find my clothes. DH has opted for long underwear that can transition from night to day but I prefer a fresh start to every day and therefore suffer through the daily dawning of freezing cold garments. After getting dressed I put on my coat, scarf, hat and winter boots, in which I make breakfast and lunch. The grease in the skillet is frozen. The water in the cat dish is frozen. Once, the water in our huge jug was frozen.

As the kerosene heater warms the trailer up, condensation starts to gather on the skylights and on the sections of the roof that are not insulated. One of these sections is over the refrigerator and I sometimes get icy drops on my head.

On weekdays, I generally go in to my new office, where I wait for clients to start coming to see me. The office is so nice and warm.

On weekends, we always work on our house, which means we are outside all day. This past weekend it was very cold and there was snow on the ground. DH was down at the house, on the roof. He looked up to see a short, fat man walking down the lane. He wondered who it was, then realized, oh, it was his wife. I was wearing my dad's (very) old snowmobile suit, over two pairs of pants and a winter jacket. Even so, I sometimes had to sit in a running car to thaw out my extremities.

Despite the cold, our evenings in the trailer can be quite nice. We fire up the heater, cook a nice meal and sometimes play a movie on my laptop. We are usually in bed by 9:30 at the latest.

We turn off the heater, put on our toques and get under the seven blankets. This is the cat's favourite time of day because he can come and try to sleep right between our heads. The cold and its many attendant hassles may have made us irritable and snappy throughout the day, but at night we sleep really close together.





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snowmobile suits are the best eh! they are the original snuggy and better fitting.