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NOVEMBER 3, 2008 9:39AM

Palin in Blue Jeans

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Well, I have seen it all, now, also, too. Sarah Palin is campaigning in Lakewood, Ohio, connecting with the populace, wearing (get this):

 Faded Blue Jeans!

Her bright red designer jacket is actually VERY attractive as professional "business casual" wear. Casual, as in "casual Friday" -- the last day to make a positive impression??? Apparently, she is still reaching out to Joe Six Pack about Joe the Plumber.

She is lying her face off just now in the name of God, as she is thanking "the Lord that even at the 11th hour more information is being revealed to her" (oh yes, she did) to spew against Barack Obama.  Yes, red is the color of blood, and Thank God she is there in Ohio, stumping for more votes with complete fallacies...

Yet, in Blue Jeans?

Live Blogging, here:  And, again, she is thanking God for last minute revelations...with the crowd chanting:

"U.S.A., U.S.A." and "Drill Baby, Drill."

OMG -- Thank God that this traveling side show is going back to Alaska -- SOON!

Maybe I am more than a bit of an "image" snob, but I think dressing down today of all days is disrespectful to the campaign. Not that I care about their image, but what is she thinking? Cindy must be having a fit!


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How else do you show working class Ohio voters that you are just like them, after the gratuitous cost of your wardrobe has been the focus of international media attention?
Yes, I do understand. Perhaps she has turned in her designer clothing. Still, she must own a simple black skirt, or perhaps black or navy pants.

Americans are the most casual people in the world with regard to their appearance, so perhaps it IS appropriate to wear blue jeans to support the base. It just strikes me as too casual for a venue where she still needs to convey some sense of professionalism...maybe it is just too late for that...?

I suppose that is my point all up. She has thrown in the towel and is making a statement with her "dressing down". Certainly, John and Cindy McCain will take it as such...
I was just being sarcastic. That campaign is being run by yahoos and this is just another example. I'm willing to bet the jeens were a conscious effort to sway voters. Whether this was her idea or an advisor's, it goes right along with their them of underestimating the American public. I don't think she has the creativity to make a statement with denim. I doubt the McCains think she's got it either.
Also, too, I have been a wee bit critical of Sarah Palin's wardrobe. In general, I don't like that critical mentality -- for example, it has always annoyed me with all the "fuss" about Hillary's pantsuits.

In Palin's case, I guess I feel like they were trying to create a caricature of a right-wing religious woman, a Caribou Barbie, and a female selected to energize the base all in one "package".

Her clothing is NOT traditional conservative fare, but a crazy combination of casual, sometimes western detailing, from designer labels. For some reason, I am bothered by the way they have dressed/packaged her? More than a little offended as a woman that after ousting Hillary, this image is meant to pass for a professional, executive level government leader in our country.

Normally, I am a "nice" person....listening to her lying in the name of the Lord was JUST too much for me this morning...I have never seen a preacher in jeans, either, but perhaps that happens in less conservative areas of the country...
Lisa, I am so ready for this election to end and for THAT woman to go away. Everything about her is fake and insulting. I have to believe that people know better than that.
Hi Amy: I was relieved today to read a post from an Australian woman here on OS, cannot think of her AVATAR name. She wrote about how Aussies view our election process -- no surprise that they think Sarah Palin represents all that they consider as the WORST of America....they are correct, IMO...
Yeah...but those jeans cost $475 dollars over at Saks.
Hey, Glenn -- maybe, but they looked pretty ordinary -- faded blues!