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San Francisco, California, USA
January 13
K.T. Drasky regularly writes about online culture on her blog KazzaDrask Media. In a print and online career that started back in 1984, she claims to have written "millions of words". She has probably published half. An accomplished digital photographer, her photos have appeared in 7x7 Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and Google Schmap.

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FEBRUARY 18, 2011 2:12PM

It’s Convoluted: Facebook Adds New Relationship Statuses

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Facebook's logo seen by 500 million people worldwide...and growing
It took Facebook awhile, but this week the behemoth of social networking sites tiptoed into the legal minefield of restrictions, bans and government-imposed definitions that gay and lesbian couples have been assigned to describe our relationships and added “Civil Unions” and “Domestic Partnerships” to the mix of Single, Married, Divorced and It’s Complicated.

Facebook, with a population of 500 million (making it the world’s third largest country, so to speak) says that these additions are in response to demands from slightly smaller countries like the U.S., France, the U.K. and Canada. Apparently it will not be a choice offered in so-called “less tolerant” places like Saudi Arabia. No reports yet on if some of our favorite U.S. states that talk about seceding and printing their own money will be leaving the Facebook Nation over another small step for the “gay agenda”, but for the most part the announcement that one can now clearly proclaim a more accurate relationship status has been treated as a non-event on both sides of the fence.

From the moment I signed up for Facebook about three years ago, the only thing more challenging than how to describe my relationship has been whether or not to reveal my age. While I managed to maneuver my birth year to “1913” making me an amazing looking 98-year-old, I went back and forth with the relationship options because none of them seemed to fit. Legally, in the eyes of the federal government I am “Single”. But it’s really hard to get your head around that concept when you have been “In a Relationship” (another Facebook option) for such a long time it seems silly to describe what you have together as something so vague.

Essentially I suppose I’m “Engaged”, although there’s no special ring, much less a date set at this point. And then there has always been “It’s Complicated” – the only option I even briefly considered as a way to describe my 2004 marriage at San Francisco City Hall – “the Winter of Love” – when more than 4,000 same-sex couples were legally married by city officials, led by our mayor at the time, Gavin Newsom (now the Lt. Governor of California). My marriage, along with all the others performed over that 6-week period was “annulled” by the state, which led to the lawsuits, state Supreme Court hearings, Proposition 8 and all the rest of the muck that has mired gay and lesbian Californians in such a tangled web that if Facebook offered an option “It’s Convoluted”, I might bite.

Of course, Facebook offers “Married” – and I’ve often thought of clicking that box. It’s how I think of myself. Nothing else fits. And, if we had managed to re-organize ourselves in that small window in 2008 when same-sex marriage was briefly legal in California, I would simply check that box (as my gay and lesbian friends here and in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont whose marriages are recognized at the state level so proudly do). But having faced the gut punch of having our marriage license revoked once, we decided to sit on our domestic partnership and hope that Proposition 8 would be defeated (the legal wrangling over this marriage ban continues in the California Supreme Court today).

Facebook’s additions of Civil Union and Domestic Partnership as relationship options are a good thing for those who truly choose to define themselves this way. In the U.K., a civil union is equal to that of civil marriage for gays and lesbians. In France, the choice to not buy into the concept of a religious marriage is open to all couples – gay or straight. But in the U.S., these terms carry the sting of second-class citizenship. The federal government hides behind the mean-spirited 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and refuses to recognize our relationships – no matter what they’re called. Rather than announce my second-class citizenship, I prefer to wait until the day when I can renounce it – for all the Facebook Nation to see.

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a long, lone way from the well of loneliness
I'm there too. Separate is not equal--good points throughout your post.
From Maryland (the gumwad state) where we are on the verge of passing legislation pretty much permitting marriage between any two humans, I just wanted to say: This is brilliant! Rated
Things are changing in this country, I am happy to say. It is so simple, we just need to respect and love each other. Great post.-R-
Mutter, mutter, mutter....What do THEY care, anyway?

My own marriage would have been illegal in California from 1850 to 1948. I do not grant these people the right to Defend my Marriage!

My own solution to the issue, is to get the Civil Government out of the "marriage" business entirely, and the only thing recognized by the Civil Government would be a Civil Union. Any religious "marriage" would have no legal standing whatsoever, under the doctrine of separation of Church and State.

Of course, any religiously-married couple would have the right to register a Civil Union.

And Everybody -- except the government -- would have the right to define the word "marriage" as they see fit. No need to ask for permission.

Hey, the more conservative Mormons could even practice polygamy if they want, but they'd operate under the same Civil Union rules as the rest of us -- one to a customer. Anything beyond that, and they have to sort it out on their own.

Maybe one guy has three wives, he gets a Civil Union with one of them, and two of the wives have a civil union ... hmm, yeah, that fits.

You think maybe they took the wrong strategy with Prop 8? Eh?

You'd think the Mormon Church would have learned from history and wanted the government OUT of the business of deciding who can marry. Though I suppose it would be a fair turnabout for the intolerance they suffered, were it not for the passing of 150 years...

But beyond tolerance -- I celebrate committed, loving relationships. Best of luck and years of happiness to you both!
You're giving Facebook too much power. Who cares what their categories are? It's not a legal document. You don't even have to click any box. Your real friends know who you are, do you really care what pseudo friends think?

I haven't listed music or movies, so Facebook still thinks my profile isn't 'complete'. Neither music nor movies defines who I am.
It is pretty awesome that FB did this- although I wish they included it in the non-tolerant countries as well, as a kind of "F**k you" to them, but I'll take what I can get. While I'd rather have full equality, every little bit of positive support helps- Facebook included.
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I'm pretty much thinking "single" is always going to work for me. Great post, good progress...
A simple question: Did you check it out on your FaceBook account before posting this article?

I suspect not... When I read an AP News item about it I went and checked immediately to see if I could make my own profile more accurate... Sure enough, down at the bottom of the list were two new options... "In a civil partnership" and...wait for it... "In a civil partnership" !!!

That's neither "civil union" nor "domestic partnership"...but two identical options for some mixed-up conflation of two different statuses. I just checked it again as I was writing this to make sure and it still offers neither "civil union" nor "domestic partnership"... What's up? Is the msm merely reading FaceBooks publicity releases and not checking things for themselves? Or is it a mistake that is only on my FaceBook server? I don't know, but it was disappointing to find the goof-up after such a ta-do is made of it in the news.
I just looked..mine has both choices
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I choose not to post relationship status. Everyone who matters to me knows I live with my "Lady Lucia." My personal life is not the business of strangers. Still, I guess the new FB categories are progress, of a sort. Actually, I think "partnered" would be a useful category for some. That's how I usually describe myself in the real world.
We live in Massachusetts and have chosen not to marry...but I think Facebook should come up with yet another term that defines a committed GAY relationship.
I too, decided to leave my relationship status blank. It's frankly none of anyone's concern, though if for some reason they were concerned, I'm sure they could always ask...

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I wish the options were sipmly - Loved. Then we all could have that, wether we were in a relationshp or not.

I like "Single", "Not Single" too. :)