MARCH 12, 2010 9:04AM

New Political Web Portal POLITIC 365 Goes Live Today

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There is a brand new destination for political commentary on the intenet this morning called POLITIC 365...

...and Kris Broughton's story is on the cover today.

Black Web Media LLC has stepped up to the plate to put their money where their mouth is -- to defy the gravity that keeps so many of our dreams deferred and expand the political narrative...

...and Kris Broughton's story is on the cover today.

It has a full slate of writers to kick off what they call a "soft launch" in the business -- I'm beginning to sounding like a social media guru all of a sudden...

...and Kris Broughton's story is on the cover today.

I'd write a lot more about my new internet stomping grounds, but it has taken everything I had to keep quiet about it this long, cause I believe in promoting my work. I'll be back later, after me and my man Sean Yoes tape another segment for his AFRO/First Edition radio show on WEAA..

...and in case you forgot, KRIS BROUGHTON'S STORY IS ON THE COVER TODAY!!

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