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OCTOBER 10, 2011 7:02PM

Joke My Wife Just Told Me

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"We don't serve faster-than-light nutrinos in here," says the bartender. A nutrino walks into a bar.

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I laughed before I even opened this. Really!
well, the bartender stopped the neutrino cold, but I'm sure he'll have a l'esprit de l'escalier moment later on.

geeky funny
Yeah, Matt, my wife's pretty quick
Very, very funny in a geeky kind a way.
rated with love
I was going to tell Matt this yesterday!
Ditto what poetess said.
I love it and I love your wife for sharing it.
There is an amazing Zen koan-likeness to this joke. Time travel here we come-and then we can start our journey-after we get there.
Hmmmm. Has a familiar ring to it. Well, except for the neutrino part. :D

Physicist personals: Quanta seeks particle to make waves.
Have no idea why I am laughing!
Ok, I got that one yesterday, but now I don't get it.
"We don't serve your kind in here," says the bartender. A tachyon walks into a bar.
I'm with Token. Or was -- until I got called to the friggin' phone for several hours. By now I'm ... maybe with GeeBee?


Any way, as to the good and clever laugh, "thanks I needed that" (just now!) ;-)

If I could insert a You're Welcome before your comment, I'd do it.
Ha! Good! Finally, someone is looking at the humorous side of this damn neutrino particle everyone else is so so serious about. We have a tendency to reify our particles, do we not? Seems like just yesterday everyone was talking about those f—kig tachyons. I still have one in a mason jar from those days. I wonder how much I could get for it on ebay? It’s just taking up (a very very tiny) space in my freezer.
Wow! You mean you know how to talk in prose?
Do you mean "Deify"?
And I want to know where you buy those tiny mason jars.
Thank you for sharing.Rated with really thanks for your time and trouble to exρlain to me the Trayvon Martin tragedy.It made feel that I belong here..and your time for my knowledge..being strangers and all a character I want to build for myself too.Best regards.And again thank you.
You're quite welcome, but why are you replying to me on a post from last October?
Sorry for that,but to be honest,although a historian myself,your work here in your blog and your articles are so serious and in deρth work subjects which still my English understanding does not helρ me to understand and comment on, being a Greek.
I am just writing a thank you message but I wanted others to know what you did for me..while others did not know.That you found the time in a thorough message to exρlain to me in details,what I did not know.

I liked the joke too that is the why.Thank you again..Best regards.