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FEBRUARY 5, 2012 1:46AM

My Workout Routine

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On days that I have the opening shift, my workout is different. But since I mostly work the closing shifts, we'll go with that one.

I usually wake up around 9 or 10 nowadays if I don't have a morning class. After that I get dressed and take Howl out for a walk. He's about 11 months old now, around 65 lbs and long as the day. Really handsome, too - and in puppy classes on Wednesday nights.

Walks for him usually last 10 mins, just long enough for him to do his business. He's more of an inside dog, but since we got the nose lead for him, we take him out more often because he's more fun to walk. 

At 3 pm, I go into work. And that's when the workout begins:

3 pm - Cardio

This entails running up and down the stairs from the restaurant level to the basement, checking the reach-ins and walk-in fridges for product supply and bringing up things like armfuls of tortillas, a box of mushrooms for chopping, and sometimes pans of chicken to be heated up for the Line.

3:30 to 5 pm -  Strength and muscle building

This entails chopping vegetables, stocking and restocking the line, et cetera.  This focuses mostly on upper body and arms, but there are sometimes squats too. Dicing tomatoes, scooping sour cream, gathering eggs - all are excellent for your biceps and triceps. Lifting heavy boxes helps your thighs and core.

5 pm to 9 pm - P90X type stuff

Muscle confusion is the best way to gain muscle and lose weight. When I'm on the line I'm usually cooking and filing orders. This is bending and squatting to pick up hot plates from the oven. Then stretching to fill with food and pop up in the Salamander(an industrial-style cheese melter) for broiling. Then there's a lot of prep work which are great arm and back muscle workouts. There are always mad dashes up and down the stairs here and there. My thighs have gotten super toned.

When 8 hits, the real workout begins. First I do a mad dash to clean the grill - which isn't so much a workout but a weird chemical facial with steam. Then the exporting of food, rapid-cooling product, and cleaning-cleaning-cleaning. First it starts with wrapping up products, then cleaning the steam table and emptying out the water with the big bucket. It drains and I get to haul it across the restaurant into the big mop sink. 

I sweep with the deck brush then scrub with hot, soapy water to really clean the grout. I do that every night, as the restaurant building itself is semi-old, and every day it's closer and closer to the first day the tile floor was laid down, which was back in the early 90s from what I understand.

So by the time my shift is done - which is around 6 or 7 hours - I've done a full body workout. I have no idea how much weight I've lost. Truthfully I didn't even notice my body was changing until A. said something. I swear, though, with the progress I have made you'll be able to bounce a quarter off my abs by the end of March.

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