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APRIL 6, 2009 11:24PM

A Chance to Help Pine Ridge and Keep Lakota Elders Warm

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Lakota Trailor


I have had several questions from OS people about the elders of Pine Ridge and how they are doing since I wrote about them last.  My contacts are limited.  Mostly I save money to donate to help buy heaters.  These people have so little.  They should at least be warm.

Today I got an email from the organization I donate to.  They have a chance to get some heaters at a greatly reduced price, but need cash to make it happen.  If you can see it in your heart, please help the poorest Americans.  I hate asking for money, but Pine Ridge is a third world enclave.  People freeze to death there.  Starve from lack of food. I know times are hard, but even five dollars can make a difference.

I send money through paypal and just say it is for the heater program in the remarks.  This is the link to the donation page.  Ninety percent of the donation gets to the people which is an amazingly low overhead for a charitable organization.

If you use paypal, you will need to fill in the donation amount and update the total.  Thank you for helping.


Dear ONE Spirit sponsors, supporters and friends old and new,

This week ONE Spirit is faced with the challenge of raising $8600. We have a last opportunity to buy the remaining stock of 200 heaters for our heater distribution program at the discounted price of $43 each. (They normally sell for over $100.) These heaters have been amazingly effective and in many instances they have been the sole source of heat for families during this unbelievable winter. Pine Ridge just went through their 5th blizzard for this winter. The temperature tonight is forecast to be in the teens.

Recently we received a letter with the photos shown below. The family doesn't have much. Their "new" house has no heat and no running water. They survived the winter with the heater received through One Spirit. 


House one
House two


We also spoke just this week with a Grandmother on the reservation who has raised 10 of her grandchildren. She has no propane but does have 2 heaters from ONE Spirit. She said they have kept her family warm for the past 2 winters, and dramatically lowered the amount of propane they needed to buy.

Another grandmother is raising 4 grandchildren under the age of eleven. The trailer they live in was given to them. The ceiling leaks, the floor has holes, there is no skirting to keep pipes from freezing. They survived with one of our heaters.

While most of us are looking to the warmer days of spring and putting heating needs behind us, ONE Spirit needs to ask you to help us take advantage of this last opportunity to acquire these heaters for the program.

Please donate ANY amount that you can - 200 families will be warm next winter because of your generosity.

Please forward this email to your friends and family - to anyone who might be concerned for the Lakota people.

Thank you again and again.

Love and Peace, Jeri and Diane



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very important, great pictures, kind words, pulls me in. Thank-you for talking about a worthwhile cause on OS. I hope to read more like this. rated
Thank you for putting this out there for everyone....I hope this helps!
It will help. Many people on OS have kind hearts. Even if only one more heater is bought because someone found out about Pine Ridge here, it is worthy.
What is really sad is that I live in Nebraska. We hear about the troubles at Pine Ridge all of the time, but not once have I heard about this program to help - will definitely check it out! Thanks for spreading the word.
Wow...thanks for letting us know about this group. I'd like to give.