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Denver, Colorado,
March 03
a reader, artist, and hobbyist photographer living in a one-bedroom apartment in Denver with two cats and a cartoonist. life is interesting. (all photos posted in this blog are the property of kmbearden unless otherwise identified. all copyrights belong to her, and her alone. and all photos, unless otherwise specified, were taken with kmbearden's trusty canon digital rebel eos, which she loves almost as much as she loves her cats. which is a lot.)


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MAY 16, 2011 6:56PM


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San Francisco 2011 248 Cheesman Park, Denver, Colorado - April 2011

we so rarely get fog in Denver...when we do, i like to walk through the park on the way to work. the call of the crows is muffled and muted, and even my footsteps on the frosted grass sound far away.


San Francisco 2011 245 Cheesman Park, Denver, Colorado - April 2011 San Francisco 2011 243 Cheesman Park, Denver, Colorado - April 2011

God is the friend of silence.  Trees, flowers, grass grow in 

silence.  See the stars, moon, and sun, how they movein silence.

~Mother Teresa.


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Thank you, are really suiting my mood right now...xoxoxo
Love the middle one. Like sitting on the edge of the earth.
You WALK to work? Lucky girl.

Beautiful moody pics.
Fog brings so much atmosphere to a photo, everything; lovely shadows.