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JANUARY 31, 2015 8:28PM

believing without seeing

I know where it comes from. That it is anchored deeper than flesh and bone. That it goes beyond the brain, and that thinking can actually get you farther from it—especially if you’re cynical, skeptical, and believe you’re smarter than everyone.

I know that blindly believing what wRead full post »

JANUARY 25, 2015 9:13PM

bringing the stars closer

Out to the driveway to the camper in my pajamas to drink a little wine and string together letters—one key at a time—in an attempt to unify wants and needs, desires, expectations, roles and fears and distractions, so I can strip away the layers, minimize this big existence by focusing on… Read full post »

JANUARY 24, 2015 8:31AM

good morning, sweet S.B.

She sweeps, mops, washes, cooks, wipes runny noses, dries tears, runs errands, finds backpacks, mittens, and hats. She schedules the family schedule, organizes, does the picking up and dropping off. She works, listens, and mediates, and does so much more than all that.

Life comes at her from all… Read full post »

Bitter Michigan cold, but the snow is pretty in the morning when the world is still and it’s just me and the crows and whatever follows a tired body from sleepless nights and fragmented dreams into the day. I’m amazed with what winter does to fingers, cheeks, the soles of my… Read full post »

He’s angry at work because customer orders are going late again and again.

She’s mad because the waitress brought her a fork instead of a spoon.

Every moment, the scale moves to and fro. Negativity. Positivity. Evil and good. An unbearable state of grey. And every day we move closer to… Read full post »

It doesn’t take a medium, a psychic, a private investigator, or the police to tell us she’s not coming back. When someone’s gone this long—going on three years—she does not suddenly show up at a cousin’s baby shower, her parents’ anniversary, or her son&rsquo… Read full post »

There’s always been a big fight. But you wouldn’t know it tonight with the sky so clear and black and starry. Hope up there twinkling, like a thousand eyes looking back at me.

Some people never notice it because they’re focused on their moment. Movement. The way their hands reach an… Read full post »

JANUARY 18, 2015 8:41AM

there's no cure

If the snow would only keep coming. It would stop my running. And then, finally, she’d know I was here. I’d stay just one drink—or six—ahead of her because when I drown it out it’s easier to carry on. Like none of this has ever happened before, even though I know… Read full post »

JANUARY 18, 2015 8:37AM

actions speak louder than words

When I was a kid, just seven or eight, and it was bitter cold like this—the wind killing our cheeks, icing our eyes, and easing through even the most solid surfaces of our double wide—I woke every morning to the sound of Dad crumpling and rolling newspapers to light a fire… Read full post »

I want to write about the bitter cold and how pretty the snow looks over everything. I want to write about the twenty-three brown apples hanging from the tree in our backyard and how my five-year-old daughter noticed them.

“There are more apples that won’t let go than there were last… Read full post »

My son is eight, but looking like he’s twelve. He’s grown four inches since April. He is lean and strong and already getting too old for things like piñatas at holiday parties. Last night, my wife and I watched as he lined up with the other kids—there must have been ten… Read full post »

DECEMBER 28, 2014 8:44AM

this simple moment

A big wind moves Lake Huron wave after wave. They roll and crest white and break in the bay and push ice against ice so there is constant roar. Our inland sea is angry with the way Mother Nature threatens its freedom.  


“Hear that?” I ask Oogie.… Read full post »

DECEMBER 28, 2014 8:42AM

eve coming out of her apple-induced coma

Write like it’s the old days. When you were young and strong and didn’t give a shit about yourself. Write as if it’s the last day on earth. Like you’re going into a fight against someone you know will beat you. Take all the sound and fury and force of nature… Read full post »

APRIL 17, 2013 11:08PM


It’s all in my shoulders. Balled up. Tight.

It could be the end of winter. The ache for warm weather. Fishing. Days at the beach. It could be the robins yesterday morning. Their sweet noise waking me just in time to see the first bit of warm light—finally—breaking throughRead full post »

APRIL 13, 2013 9:29AM

Our fiber. The blood. The bone.

I don’t need sleep when wine’s made its way deep. The sky is high and dark but lit with thousands of bright pin pricks that glint and twinkle and make me believe that if I keep at it—banging away at these fucking keys—things will one day come together. For the better.Read full post »

DECEMBER 20, 2012 10:18PM

happy doomsday

happy doomsday



First the snow. Three heavy hours.  We run in it. Play. Build snowmen. Snowball fight. Become four angels in the snow.


Then the heat. Within an hour the snow is gone. We are down to shorts and short sleeves. PuddlesRead full post »

DECEMBER 19, 2012 9:07PM

that little part of me that breaks

Cannot imagine. What it would be like.


Right now.


Not hearing Oogie.


Me—finally, downstairs at the writing desk. While she’s in her room. JustRead full post »

DECEMBER 14, 2012 11:43AM

CUTTING TEETH - a review by B.L. Kennedy

Poet, B.L. Kennedy wrote a review of my book, CUTTING TEETH. Kennedy has authored 25 books, including Jim Morrison Visits Disneyland, Screaming Pygmies, and Been Born Bronx. He has been published in over a dozen different anthologies. He has received awards and honors throughout his career, includingRead full post »

NOVEMBER 25, 2012 9:14AM

writer's block

writer’s block


8:06 am


Thanksgiving’s been made into soup. Winter’s come out of nowhere. Snow blower’s been dusted off. Shovel has been put into action. We are in it. No getting around it. So, instead of pissing and moaning, it’s time to make the bestRead full post »

NOVEMBER 22, 2012 8:21AM

a shine

a shine


Missing sunrises and sunsets. So, it is the season for making my own light. Creating spark. Finding flame. Doing what it takes so these days that seem so much the same are broken apart. Bit by bit. And I put a shine to the everyday moments. Read full post »

NOVEMBER 13, 2012 10:56PM


It’s more than selling books. I know this because I just had an event—a signing at a winery where I sold plenty of books—and didn’t break even. It wasn’t until the next day, when I sold a few more books to people that felt guilty for not going to the signing,Read full post »

NOVEMBER 7, 2012 10:30PM

fighting battles that matter

Too much going on. To take a break. Throw jabs. Get caught up in banter. Especially when reactions are as predictable as I believed they would be. Fear. Oh, the fear. It’s enough to make a man stay home and collect hand outs. Cling to the Bible. Or stock up onRead full post »

NOVEMBER 5, 2012 9:13PM

earth bound

earth bound


Storm windows secured. Holes plugged. Cracks caulked. Firewood split. Day after day. Cold mornings. And colder nights. And the long stretch of unforgiving gray is building up over the horizon. So that soon it will be here to stay. And we will add more to theRead full post »

OCTOBER 30, 2012 11:59PM

chapter two



            Nobody gets married thinking they’ll get divorced. And if someone had told me even a few months ago that our marriage would not make it ‘til death do us part, I could not have believed them. But now, the wife I/… Read full post »

The Debate, Baseball and Life in Alpena, Michigan


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So much going on. In our little part of the world. Two men debating. And for what? Most of us have our minds made up. Driven not necessarily byRead full post »