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JULY 11, 2011 12:38PM

An Infinite Amount of Imagination!

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I grew up in the sixties.  Back then, before it became cool to engender the adoration of fans by wearing wild hair, screaming like a banshee, and smashing expensive guitars on a stage, American heroes sometimes wore space suits.

On the evening of 20 July 1969 we were visiting some old family friends in Indiana.  Randy and I were sitting on the back steps looking at the stars.  We could hear our families through the screen door, surrounding the console television, listening to Walter Conkrite’s live report of the moon landing.

Randy and I leaned back on our palms and stared up at the sky for awhile.  We didn’t say much.  We just listened and gazed, and wondered.  And imagined.

I never had the desire that some of my peers had to join those extraordinary people in space.  Not consciously anyway.  But in my fantasy life, in my world of make believe that is unconstrained by fear of heights and mechanical malfunctions thousands of miles from the nearest service station, I imagined.

I have been imagining for over fifty years.

There are dreams that I had as a young person that served as road maps, driving me through a course of life that has sometimes left me stranded, often helped me find my way, always provided direction to my odyssey.  Those dreams have served me very well, paving the road that has been my life with gold bricks that ultimately led me home.

Imaginings are a different brand of dreams.  They are not rooted in actual desire, they have no pragmatic design.  They stand alone as noble investments of time to amuse us during long drives and late at night when the world goes very quiet.  There are no paths, there is no logic.  There are only us and the esoteric particle fragments of our unreality, without which grounded life seems only half lived.  Such imaginings might spawn dreams, which might lead to reality.  But they are also complete in and of themselves.

Journey to the moon?  An extraordinary achievement by any standard. That night nearly 42 years ago Walter Conkrite, in a boyish fluster common whenever he spoke of space travel, smiled over at Wally Schirra and said, “Man has landed there and man has taken his first steps there.  I wonder just what there is to add to that?”

Not much, Walter.  Just an infinite amount of imagination!
rocket e_001 
rocket e_001 Kit Ciaco traveling on her Wingsong Rocket!

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Kit you have been manifesting your dreams and imaginings in Second Life for quite awhile now. I wish more OS people would come visit us there. It is free and so fun. The sky is the limit!!! Or is it?
Imagination doesn't get near enough credit for all of the mental health blessings it can offer in this crazy world...
Happy Monday, Kit : )
Nice post.
"Imaginings are a different brand of dreams. They are not rooted in actual desire, they have no pragmatic design. They stand alone as noble investments of time to amuse us during long drives and late at night when the world goes very quiet."

I love the way you you wrote this. I understand it completely.
zanelle - Yes, I've often wondered what a meeting of a bunch of OSers on SL would look like! I'm just not brave enough to imagine it with too much detail! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

JT - Yes, you are so right - I think there's a correlation between sound mental health and a strong, positive imagination. Happy Monday BACK!

Christine - Thanks! Your comment is very encouraging!
Remembering Einstein's :Imagination is more important than knowledge
and Lauren Bacall's : Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly. You soar whether earthbound or in flights of fancy! Best to you, Kit!
Imagination goes beyond the stars!!! Woooo!! Rocket power!! :D

Stupid thing I wrote my comment and it kicked me out...I think I said I love your imagination and if I ever find free time I would love to visit you at Second Life!
PM - Funny! I actually wear a tshirt in second life with Einstein's picture and that quote on it! SO TRUE!

Tink - YessireeBOB - Have Virtual Rocket, Will TRAVEL!

LL2 - Come on in - the water's GREAT!
Imagination (made in China) well not yet but....
It's right up/out there with Dreams as my most fascinating and Tax Free pass times.
Thanks for the thoughts.
Creek - You're WELCOME!
If there is anyone here with enough imagination to sit outside of the rocket and make it, intact, to another destination in the galaxy, it would be you, Kit! I can absolutely smell and breathe the cool air on that Indiana night........lovely:)