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Kirsten Edmondson Branch
Bay Area, California,
Kirsten Edmondson Branch is a freelance writer, blogger ( and mom who writes about news, current affairs and politics that affects families.

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The devastation is unimaginable, the need is overwhelming, and the feelings of helplessness are almost suffocating. It's hard to know what to do, whom to donate to, whom to trust will do the right things, get to the right people. In the wake of such a crisis, scams abound, pr/Read full post »
Unless you engage in little or no social media, you are no doubt aware of the bra color breast cancer awareness meme circulating. In theory the cute, indeed attention grabbing antic, serves its purpose and gets people talking in great numbers very quickly about an important topic. Seemed likRead full post »
JANUARY 8, 2010 12:15PM

Being Present Means Facebook Can Wait

Ah technology, blessing or curse? For a more than slightly obsessive compulsive personality like mine, I'm thinking it can be a curse if not kept in perspective. I am reading a parenting book presently that talks about raising a spirited kid. I don't know/Read full post »
JANUARY 4, 2010 8:07PM

Refrigerator Psychoanalysis



What's on your fridge? If it's like mine, you have appointment reminders, lists for shopping and to-dos (the honey-do list is getting frighteningly little perusal's stacking up). Maybe some pictures, a few pizza place magnets from college nearly 20 years ago?Read full post »

Boy sending mail
Oh joy! 'Tis the season for the Christmas letter...

People love to revile the annual Christmas letter, but let's face it, people secretly love it, because they are nosy. I think Facebook and Twitter exist for much the same reason; you may grouse about knowing the small insignificant de/… Read full post »
Here comes the moralizing mob. Sure, there are some pretty fishy elements to the whole octuplet plus six drama currently dominating the media. I to am outraged that SOMEONE (parents, friends, doctors) didn't intervene at some point in the whole thing (and I mean back when she was inten… Read full post »
JANUARY 30, 2009 5:11PM

Fiscal Feminist Freak-Out


I recently opened my 401 K statement, and I knew it would be bad, but my stomach nearly fell through my feet. What ensued was a full-tilt "what the heck have I gotten myself into" feminist freak-out. Financial fireworks aside, those women who have "off-ramped" will completely und… Read full post »

DECEMBER 10, 2008 5:15AM

Not Just Another Mommy Rant

Pardon me, but I'm going to step up on my soapbox now:

I'm aware that I don't write the typical "mommy blog," and I'm fine with that. Fact is that I'm just not all that into adding yet another virtual chapter to the saga of losing the baby weight, sex… Read full post »

DECEMBER 7, 2008 4:34AM

No Virginia, There Isn't a Santa Claus

We hold these truths to be self evident, all children are entitled to food, clothing, shelter, education...and toys. Nothing quite says hard times, and cuts a parent to the quick, as when they struggle to put a few coveted toys under the tree for their kids during the holidays.

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Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 6, 2008 3:34AM

Our "Moon Shot" is Far From a Clear Shot

President-elect Obama is moving swiftly to name his team, and the order of his nominations and appointments could be seen as an agenda priority list. First, the economy, then national security, and next up is energy and environment, with several prominent names from science and politics in the… Read full post »

My Reuters feed was just chock full of nuts this morning, and I just had to share. Life can be so absurd, so you just have to laugh! Or cry.  Suit yourself.

  • You know it's bad when...
  1. Germany faces a shortage of Santas with a clean police record
  2. The economy is
  3. Read full post »
NOVEMBER 25, 2008 4:34AM

Motherhood Performance Anxiety

As parents (I should say moms, we're really the neurotic ones, let's face it) these days we are so obsessed with "getting it right" with our kids; the right foods, the right education, the right activities. We analyze our every move. One of my wisest and oldest friends visiting with… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 17, 2008 12:30AM

How Google Analytics Proved My Parents Love Me

When I used to manage a multi-million dollar business unit, I got used to business metrics and analysis. I wasn’t a natural, I had to work at it, but over time the patterns that could be found in these facts and figures became fascinating to me. It was reassuring and satisfying.… Read full post »



So, I voted. It was easy out here in the California burbs. No lines, in and out at 10:00 am in the morning. My husband, who probably would have liked me to change my vote for his birthday today (we don't agree on our top pick this year),… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2008 4:59PM

Moms Help Other Moms Vote

591053 I thought that this idea from was so brilliant and so simple that I just HAD to pass it along:

Before election day, put out the word to your personal network of friends and family to support one another and make sure you help each other out if it's proving tough… Read full post »

Down the homestretch, and some may be feeling some election fatigue. But, take a moment to listen to just one more woman with a plan. Her wardrobe is no where near $150,000, and she knows how to capture the female vote; greek columns won't do it, but a well appointed bathroom… Read full post »

OCTOBER 16, 2008 4:46AM

I Can't Marry You If You Don't Vote


I like spicy oppositional relationships. I religously watched the television series Moonlighting, and gleefully watched Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard passionately go at it. I like movies that feature spunky couples that don't always see eye to eye, like Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepbu… Read full post »

OCTOBER 7, 2008 2:50AM

What's Your (Political) Sign?

Something seems amiss, and I'm trying to work it out.

I often choose to take the "scenic" neighborhood routes to get around my town. But on a recent trip something just didn't seem right. I realized that hardly any house or car I passed had any political signs affixed orRead full post »

OCTOBER 3, 2008 4:53AM

What Is So Wrong With Having A Brain?

I started to fume just now. Can you see the smoke seeping out of your screen? Peter Ross Range, writing in Der Spiegel wrote the following:

"McCain clearly has the gut advantage; Obama has the brain advantage. This does not augur well for Obama. Watching the two men, I found myself drawnRead full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2008 3:42AM

Them's Fightin Words


Sure, our standing in the world is mud, but this is just the final blow:

According to Horace Engdahl, the head literrati for the Nobel Prize in Literature, "Europe still is the center of the literary world." Furthermore, he asserts that "the U.S. 'is too isolated, too insular' and doesn'/… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 2:29PM

My Thoughts Exactly: Debatable Dialogue

Whew...just made it through all the headlines and coverage about last night's debate, and the "my thoughts exactly" headline winner goes to...(drumroll)

Tom Shales, The Washington Post's Style Columnist (which I find strangely appropos and disturbing all at once):

"McCain's High Horse Meets Obama's HRead full post »

Sarah, Sarah, this is not the way to convince female voters that your entry into the race signals that the issues that really matter to many women, and a key voting demographic, will be taken seriously. I received the following update from


“Dear Friend,

Yesterday, MoRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 3:50AM

How Far We Have Not Come

A good friend sent this to me the other day, and it made me so profoundly sad that it could just have well been delivered today.


Thanks, Andrea P :-)

Today she is still fighting to get the world's attention.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2008 12:51AM

The Female Vote Is A Lot More Colorful

We hear an awful lot about the the ubiquitous and mercurial white female swing vote, but what about women of color? Will they come out to vote? What will motivate them? What will prevent them? What do they think about Sarah Palin? Why don't we hear more about them in the endless pundit… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 7:16PM

Better Parenting Through You Tube

What did desperate mothers do before You Tube?

My son has bounced off the walls and attacked every one of momma's precious book shelves. Nothing in the house is interesting enough. Everything that has been presented for his enjoyment has been summarily tossed aside in disgust by the Little Prin… Read full post »