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APRIL 7, 2012 3:44PM

The Great Divide

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Men/Women. The Difference & the Great Divide, we learn from an early age.

I was about 10, before I realised the Difference ~ not the Divide yet ; the Difference. The Divide came later.

It was at Peter Warman's birthday party, sitting next to Linda Bicknell, not at a table, on a couch. That Linda & some other girls were even there is testament to our innocence. I'd loved Linda since she helped me out of a sticky situation in Kindergarten, but her proximity that day was different. I remember my arm behind her on the couch, & touch, & that's all I remember. That was enough. Game on.

The Divide came about a couple of years later when after a ( slightly ) covert meeting with Louise Kerrigan after school, under a willow tree by the river, & I was walking home, she ran up behind me, gave me a bracelet ( ? ), kissed me on the cheek & ran back home. George was with me ; we both looked at the bracelet. I think, looking back, it was my first wtf ? moment. 

There was my mother, of course, & aunts ; 2 older sisters, Mrs Cameron on the uphill side ; a couple of girls on the downhill side & a Mysterious redheaded lady who lived there too ; cousin Primrose down the road, & Ann across the street ~ she was the mother of my 3 mates.

Things began to change fairly quickly. My mother became preoccupied with the lady on the downhill side, with good reason. The aunts ... they didn't change much, that I could see, but they were childless ( except for Primrose's mom ) & I was the youngest in my family ... they were kind. Distant but kind.

Ann across the street introduced another woman into the mix, who became her life-partner. Probably Ann was formative, for me. She introduced classical music, Buddhism, yoga, oil painting, Scientology ( briefly, tin-can e-meters etc ) Judaism, nudity, cottage crafts, lesbianism & philosophy to our young minds in rapid succession. Her boys & I didn't know if we were coming or going. Nor did Tony, her calm mechanically-minded, Packard-restorer husband. He gave us chemistry sets, & we passed him the wrench.

I continued to mow the lawn for Mrs Cameron, the retired Math teacher on the uphill side, but between spin-the-bottle with the girls on the downhill side, & Louise, & what was happening across the street, seismic shifts of a sexual nature were taking place. I was 13.

Sydney lies on a coastal plain. The Pacific Ocean to the East, & The Great Dividing Range rising up 20 miles to our West. Beyond the range, the Rest of Australia : country towns, sheep, wheat, cattle, desert ... Uluru in the middle ... then more desert, goldfields & iron-ore, a brief Ningaloo Reef, the Indian Ocean ... then Africa. 

The Great Divide separates us from The Great Unknown. Very few Sydneysiders venture West. Sure, on week-ends we might picnic up in the temperate rainforests of the Blue Mountains, as we call them, but by Sunday we're back home, watching cricket or mowing lawns. We didn't go 'all the way' ; only to that high vantage point where you can glimpse plains reaching out into dry distances so vast we gave it the name : Outback. You needed equipment, you needed knowledge, to go out there.

So by 13 I felt ~ I guess every 13 year-old boy feels ~ this nascent rising awareness, this dawning realisation, of the Other. Not that I knew how to get there, or even whether I was fully equipped to try, but it was there. I don't know how curious I was about my sisters, who in the early 60's were engaged ( consumed ? ) in 'dating' rituals, or my brother who by then must have been engaged several times at least. Or my parents, in their own 'dance' around the redheaded lady next door. All I knew was that there were Beatles & Rolling Stones & there was something about sex going on.

I didn't find out about sex until I was seventeen. The middle years were confusion. Eric Burdon, Donovan, Dylan, the Beach Boys, Melanie Safka & Fracio Santillan ( Flutes of the Andes ? who knew ? ) Maybe Harry Belafonte & Odetta, some Ravi Shankar, some Tchaikovsky helped me through. Then it was sex, then it was Jim Morrison & Tim Buckley & that dirty, dirty Lou Reed & co. But there was the Cat, too. Cat Stevens.

We got into a truck & went Outback. At 19 it was Riders On The Storm & monsoonal highways in the nutso North. I've said all that. What I came back to, was a series of 'serious' relationships ( though they all were ) & 2 grown up girls. Women, now. They came by on Sunday. A. read on the bed ; G. drew by the window ; I painted ; we talked & laughed. I feel easy with these people. I feel an overflowing love. Around their mother too. It hasn't always been good ~ there was a divorce years ago ~ & I still don't know what the balance is, now they've grown ; how close to get or how free to leave them alone. 

They love Anna ; I love Anna ... which is how, or why this post began. I'd love to think, at almost-sixty, that I've got this sussed. That after a lifetime with women, I'd know what to say next ... but you know, sometimes I feel like the guy watching cricket, or mowing the lawn, & there's a whole, vast landscape I have yet to explore, but I don't have the words, as if somehow ... I'm still not fully equipped ...



  ^ pic.

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Wow, this was beautiful. But, what's sussed? Good?
Least Complicated I love that song, your post reminds me of it.
I had hoped someone had it figured out.
Kim Gamble. I am with Annabella. She's as happy as I've ever seen her. I just drove to the farm in my P.U. She opened slow-mail from Australia. She is Listening to the You-Tube. This will be a quick Thank You Guys. Annabella is cutting dragons from a book:
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A list of Books:

- Tashi
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- Tashi and The Phoenix -
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The whole Family is elated. They've been cutting.
Mu son said he Loved dragon Cut-Out Cut & Paste.
Kim etc.,
We Thank You.
I get back to You.
My son wants to:
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He went to Maryland Institute
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He deeply appreciative as K .
K- is short for her name: Kooky.
Tease. . .
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in the Spider book . . .

"Mary, and The Big Brown Hairy Spider"

Annabella is on chapter 8 - the first page:
"Mary had eaten her husband a long long time ago" . .
She keeps making me pause while I type. She keeps showing me the Illustrations.
I get back later.
One Book has:
Ten Books in One.
Kim Gamble . . .
She just showed me:
Pa Pa one day.
Pa Pa in striped pants.
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I hope this is off-topic or on . . .
well said. rather accurate, any hemisphere u find yerself.
the Divide wasnt so bad for me, i have two older sisters, who
giggled & gossiped & grew up
before my little eyes.

women are emotionally logical.
we guys are practical.

gals project ahead to the future, we fellows are
mr fix its.

Buddhism, yoga, oil painting, Scientology ( briefly, tin-can e-meters etc ) Judaism, nudity, cottage crafts, lesbianism & philosophy to our young minds in rapid succession...

good schooling..indeed.
I found this interesting to read -- as I went along, I found this more shrouded in mystery than when I began. (If it helps at all, I *am* a woman and I often don't understand 'my' people either.)
So, is this a new thing?
A, don't know the way forward but we both are looking for a way?
Not unrequited, I'm guessing...
Too much baggage?
Afraid to jump in, there might be piranhas?
Afraid to jump in as you might like it so much your life is changed forever?
You're a sylkie and you don't want your skin taken, even by a loved one as it's hard to find your way home without it?
(Okay, that's my issue. Let's not confuse things even more...)
You're concerned about the rioting, mostly women but not all, on OS if you're serious with a woman in your own life?

I have also been in a strong relationship for years and am convinced none of us are very well-equipped.
Understanding that helps.
I'm guessing that smile of yours will help too. : )

Good luck out there -- it's a wild world.
"dream lover" tag added, so more clear now...
back to that smile of yours.
There's the way.
I'm guessing.
The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.
*high fives Rita* amen
Kim, you get women better than I do.
Bobby Darin Great! You...don't worry - you're fully equipped for any woman! R
There's lightness and gravitas and awakenings and realizations here.

I can hear Jim Morrison's voice on that lone highway and Cat Steven's
Peace Train (many comments were made about the hidden phallic meaning of the latter - ha) maybe fitting for a coming of age story. The Beatles, The Stones, The Animals and a Walk On The Wild Side... No wonder those seismic shifts were vibrating!

Great post.
You said this well. The divide has two sides, women know it too. Bruce Springsteen's 'Secret Garden', one of my favorites:

She'll let you in her house
If you come knockin' late at night
She'll let you in her mouth
If the words you say are right
If you pay the price
She'll let you deep inside
But there's a secret garden she hides

She'll let you in her car
To go drivin' round
She'll let you into the parts of herself
That'll bring you down
She'll let you in her heart
If you got a hammer and vise
But into her secret garden, don't think twice

You've gone a million miles
How far'd you get
To that place where you can't remember
And you can't forget

She'll lead you down a path
There'll be tenderness in the air
She'll let you come just far enough
So you know she's really there
She'll look at you and smile
And her eyes will say
She's got a secret garden
Where everything you want
Where everything you need
Will always stay
A million miles away
MM, thanks. "sussed" is to figure something out, or resolve. I think maybe it's an English term.

Hi Julie, love those girls, love that song ~ the hardest to learn was the least complicated. I love that clip too ; hadn't seen it before.

Sorry Razzle, but let me know if you hear anything :-)

Art, the package arrives ~ Hi Annabella, Dad, Kooky !
Careful with those scissors, Eugene !
Have fun, Grandpa.
Send me some celery & garlic soup I can cut out & paste on my bowl !
Grandpa doesn't cheat & get too much gold on the Tashi boardgame ~ the Baba Yaga ties him up & EATS him !

Who ... do ... we ... know ... , ... Larry ... ?
( Loving your hat )

Hi James,
Sisters in common ; ahead in some regards, forever trailing in others. Brothers in arms, sort-of ready. In the Event.
Should anything, you know, in DB's words, happen.

Not a new thing, just a Sunday thinking thing. Yes, baggage & piranhas & fear of heights. Yes to all of that.
I'm concerned about creepy behaviour on OS as I am in my own world ~ I don't see a distinction.
& smiles are good, yes :-)

Just talking here, Rita. You know, thinking aloud.
No need to hit me on the head with Hamlet, Rita.

Julie women ?
I know ( in my best Manuel-Fawlty-Towers accent ) narthink.
The age old question(s). Wonderful post and I think it works both ways. Over thinking is not your friend when it comes to relationships.
I was just saying on Friday that I totally don't understand women. The electrician I was talking to laughed and told me not to ask him because he didn't have a clue, either.

Thanks for this peek into your childhood.
I think you are playing us. No doubt the equipment is fine. You don't need to stop loving when you are mowing the lawn. Just remember to pick her flower now and then. And if you need to explore...find a way that accommodates your other needs. Wild things can't tolerate pens.
Felt the same way you did, on the other side of it. Took me until my 50s to "get it." Sort of.
Damn Kim.. all emoted here. Really- dumbstruck. It does get easier I think with age, not that I would know how it feels at your age..
Seems none of us ever really figure it out, huh? Keeps life interesting, I guess! : )

As a girl, when my family lived down Sydney-way, we would venture out to the mountains of blue on a weekend too. A beautiful place ... I love that place. Life was innocent and easy then ...

Sigh ...

A wonderful post, Kim. Thank you.

(Why did I have the sudden urge to call you "Kimbo"???
Sorry, Kim. '
The Aussie coming out in me I guess!)
I loved this piece. Just loved it. ~r
Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I have .....(insert the word) (you) (him) (it) (she).....nice retrospection. It is all a mystery after all isn't it?
Sandra Dee embodied my feelings in those days. I was just realizing the power I had as a woman. It still amazes me. great post. Thanks.
Marilyn thanks, I feel physically up to it, just a little speechless emotionally, you know ?
Probably why writing is sometimes best, allowing time to tease out the feelings ~ hoping so anyway ... Glad you liked the Bobby ~ really just an excuse to post some Sandra Dee pics ;-)

Hi Scarlett,
The lyrics of/the soundtracks of our lives, isn't it.
I don't know about Peace Train, but Longer Boats ?
Then, the girls grew up listening to Nirvana & Tool. Thank God we were spared Death Metal. ( Cobain lover now, while they're into Nick Drake & fleet foxes. )

Thanks greenheron, I love that song. I'm glad you put the lyrics here.
I know there are both sides, just we ( men ) always get called out on what Van calls Inarticulate Speech of the Heart. While you were talking relationships, we were pulling stuff apart & trying to figure out how to put it all back together before dad got home.

over thinking is not your friend when it comes to relationships ~ never a truer word, but even cuddles can last just so long, I'm told ...

If you don't understand them either, we're all in trouble. Just make stuff up, like I do ;-) When in doubt, go out & buy a tiller, or a dog !

Hi Ande,
No, I'm not playing you. Seriously, I find it difficult to go to these places, at times. ( & I'm way past done exploring in the other sense btw. )
We boys had a different dictionary, I think. Different interests ?
See ? Tongue-tied me already, you ... woman !

I cannot imagine that, of you. But I believe you.
Just that I think men are easier to read. Maybe I'm just talking about 'each other.' Mostly, it's like Well, this is it !
( For better or for worse ; definitely not always 'in sickness & in health.' )
Good grief ; now he's getting maudlin ... ;-)

O thanks tr ig,
At my age ... ( wtf ? )
I think those of us with patient, articulate partners, like asia, like Anna, are the lucky ones. A lot of relationships seem to founder out there, in the Outback. Like I said before here, writing ( corresponding, like this ) seems to help formulate things. Toolbox stuff. Pack that, it might come in handy, sort of stuff.

Eloquent sigh there, Kate.
You can call me Kimbo anytime :-)

Hi Joan,
Thankyou. You write so well about this ~ remembering in particular the piece just before your daughter came home on her last break.
Thank you.
Kimbo, you're touching nerves from a long, long time ago. How is it that these memories in particular are so CRYSTAL clear?
Hello from the other side of the Divide. I am still not equipped but am beginning to think that mystery is never meant to be finally solved. Maybe we' re supposed to leap without knowing where we'll fall.
Kim,Jim Morrison & Cat Stevens,similarities here.."I still don't know what the balance is, now they've grown ; how close to get or how free to leave them alone. .."An ignorant here in so many fields of life..Excellent video...I am listening now as I am writing to you..Favourite music..."I do not want to dream alone..and I want to have someone to call my own..."..I think that is something beautiful and true for one to say when he/she meets hers/hims dream...

Thank you for sharing Kim..I will read this again.Rated with thanks and wishes for Good Holiday..
Keep sussing if you must, but it looks like you've come pretty far and are doing pretty well. Nice post.
Never leave home without a wrench, mate. I suspect, somehow, you're on the right track. Probly further down that track than I am or ever will be.
Although I think just recognizing the divide and the difference and remembering your first feelings of awakening with such clarity and poignance is my point A of the above hypothesis, it doesn't make much of a difference here because this is just a delightful piece of writing Kim.
Enjoyed reading the first time, and am smiling again this Easter morning with coffee.
I read it again. It sounds like you had a really nice childhood. An eclectic group of neighbors and friends and parents who let you explore. Whatever led you down your path seems to have chosen the right one for you.
Oh Kim ...

Sunday thoughts ... where they wander ... where they lead ... wandering back ... wandering here ...

I’ve come to read ... and read ... and read ... again ... so many paths ... so many truths ...

I don’t think I ever heard my father speak ... of love. My mother spoke it of me ... but not of him. I grew up with the Divide ... at the kitchen table. I grew up believing ... love ... would ... could ... reach through ... anything ... part of me is still the little girl at the kitchen table ... trying to ... lift the divide ... part of me keeps hearing the words ... never good ... enough ... never ... love ... enough ...

and yet ... how can one not ... love ... when love begins ... to breathe ... perhaps lucky enough ... to feel such breath ...

Of all the words here ... in all their wisdom ... perhaps the words you seek ... are already spoken ... perhaps writing can help ... perhaps ...

In the present moment ... not from long ago ...

‘I feel an overflowing love.’

‘I love ...’

To feel such love ... to acknowledge love ... not only words ... but oh so real ... feeling ... in the moment ... here ...

Such moments ... when the dream ... comes real ...
May dreams tonight ... be smiling ... ones ...
I love how you intertwined the land of Austria with the relationships with the women in your life. Being a woman, I also love hearing what women do to men's hearts. I'd like to imagine that I am doing the same to some man/men in my own life....even if it's not my own husband. I absolutely adore my male friends in a "different" way than I adore my female friends. I've never studied Chemistry in school, but I sure have experienced it throughout my life!
"Why ya gotta go and make things so complicated?"

~ ^ ~ I had a dream lover once ~ or maybe he wasn't ~ he may have been more real than dreamlike ; more friend than lover ; and yet ~ ! ~ yet ~ !!! ~ !Y!E!T!~! ~ ~ he was all I could ever want ! ~ ! whether I dreamed/dreamt/dream'd him up ... in that real yet dreamy way dreams are or can be or once were ... when we could still ... dream ... as it were/was/weren't/was not. Isn't. It. I remember. I don't care. Let them talk. Once. Just once. We rode to the Outback. Outback Steakhouse ~ windows down ; heads thrown back howling w/wild abandon in that luxurious real/not real dream state/scape/Steak Escape way lovers do. Me driving ; him on my lap. Jauntily barking at the doubters who said it /wouldn't!~/couldn't!~/shouldn't!~/ work ; our love not *good enough* for the rest of them ... But we had a dream anyway, shouldn't we be allowed just one dream, that woman and dog could eat freely love freely openly lovingly dreamily, and have dinner together ... in public ... no doggie bag needed. For once. They said no. He couldn't follow me inside. It was a bad dream, the tears the snarling the begging the whining to no avail. ~ Then the growling. ~ The growling of my stomach. ~ Won out. I went in. He stayed behind. In my dream. In my life. In my life-is-but-a dream life. ~ No words ; because he had none. ~ But somehow ... that didn't matter ... for a short time ... He haunts me nightly. Like the after-effects of a Bloomin' Onion. With dipping sauce. Still. ~ ^ ~
The photo at top you added...not photo? Regardless, I have fallen in love! Forget people, too complicated. That land. OH!
Looks like certain areas around here a bit. I tend to fall for gorgeous geographical places (only the most lovely) in case that was't obvious already from my posts.
I want to roll around on those hills...
They must be burr-filled though, just like the velvet hills around here.
Not always easy, these lovely places.

I came back after thinking of childhood and neighbors as well. An open call maybe? As your neighbors reminded me of the interesting ones our neighborhood had. Although, the neighbor that interested my father a little too much came along when I was a baby so I don't remember all the chaos of then, only cellularly, but the neighbors in Georgia, they'd make a good story : ) and I know others must have some good neighbor stories...
What Joan H said. Just loved this. Cat Stevens also a big part of my younger life.
Thanks Kim! I cannot way to say I have something "sussed". People will think I'm brilliant! :)
Soft you now!
The fair Ophelia! — Nymph, in thy orisons
Be all my sins remember'd.
I think the right words will happen at just the moment they are meant to be said :) I really do believe that...
..................... ."
I have a song for you, Sheila ~
... Sweet Little Mystery, I wouldn't have it any other way either :-) ~ thanks.

that power ~ to be aware of it & to be kind with it, must be a wonderful thing.
My brother ( now pushing 70 ) had a Sandra Dee poster on the back of our bedroom door. She was a benign & beautiful influence in the room.

DB these memories are crystal clear because, remember ? I chose not to grow up. I inhabit childhood like some people inhabit cardigans that are too comfy to throw away.
I draw on these memories almost daily. Literally. I still have no idea what's going on, but it smells nice :-)

Kate O,
I'm not sure which way you meant that, but I couldn't agree more !

Hi Ardee.
That's probably the scariest part, & the crux of it ~ the letting go, the leap. Instead of all this rope & tackle, maybe all we need is a hand & a soft place to land.

Stathi thankyou, & best wishes to you too.
Cat's parents were Greek, no ? There was something Theodorakis going on there anyway.
I'm glad you enjoyed.

thanks. "It's hard to tell," oftentimes. 1 step forward, 2 back. At least it might look like a dance ;-)

Chicken Maaan I don't know why you say that ~ I hope it isn't so, or God help both of us !
You're right about the wrench but.

I'm glad to be sharing an Easter morning & coffee, Rita.
& however clear our earlier memories are, remember "every moment , we are ( still ) weaving ... " memories for our future.

Thanks, Phyllis.
It was a peaceful, some would say oblivious time. I guess our parents were still coming to terms with the war they'd just experienced, & had faith that whatever happened now, the storm was behind them ...
That was here. I'm conscious of To Kill a Mockingbird ( for you ) ~ same set, different movie.

Sunday thoughts, anna1liese ~
I know the kitchen table Divide well too.
Grateful now for the love our girls trail, & hopefully their children ( ? ) will grow up in another kind of light again.
Thank you. Sharing the dream :-)

I Love Life,
I'm sure the men appreciate it too, because you are a kind soul.
I love your last sentence ~ thanks, P.

It's a corgi, isn't it.
!Y!E!T!~! ~ ~ he was all I could ever want ! ~ ! whether I
is the real you, isn't it. Your name's Elizabeth, isn't it. They let you out, didn't they.

Mornin' JT.
The photo at top is of some Western foothills, afternoon light. It's beautiful out there. Teralba's on the Western slopes, further north.
& yes, there's prickles.
O life ;-)
Great idea for an Open Call. You go first, I'd love to read.

Hi Fernsy, & thanks. Ah, Cat. Too bad he went all Usef, in my ( selfish ) opinion. I still sing Miles From Nowhere etc to myself.

especially handy for British cop shows.

Interrobang, thank you.
I love the way LL's comment intervened there ...

I have faith you are right. Thankyou, & best wishes this Easter.
[r] Hm. While reading your blog someone on a reality tv show in background just announced "Chicks are corny, dudes are horny." sigh. fwiw. i thought the timing was apt.

I remember as a kid a frying pan on the head pre-adolescent infatuation that was thrillingly mutual (as opposed to so many more unrequited secret crushes). I also remember a friend of the object of my ecstasy declaring to someone in earshot of me soon after "that feeling" ambushed that "she is Bobby's girl!"

Bobby and I did not live in day to day proximity so geography ended the relationship prematurely. Enthralled as I was then during this short period, the possessive thing expressed by Bobby's friend did give me a second's pause, as if he needed to put a circle around me and that I now belonged to someone else. No doubt who the alpha being was in the relationship of course in the eyes of the friend and our junior orbit of both girls and boys. Okay, it seemed flattering to be claimed so, by this secondary messenger, but the intellectual observation co-existed with the emotional and sensory enthrallment. that, too,

To wait and be selected cuz I was the girl was not a healthy lesson, rather than mutual right to be a selector as a female. I don't know if that continues, that belief system, or that was tied up with my generation. fwiw. best, libby
After much thought --
You also make good points about OS being your own world as much as the rest of your day, good to be careful, good to be aware, that we *are* all real here : )
This stuck with me all evening and I am still pondering this as I've compartmentalized OS too much maybe, and if OS is as real as the rest of my day, more real, some days... then I must deal with how much time I spend here, preferring to spend my time with you guys.
For being here is a preference.
If only we, the big 'we' -- all of those on OS we are fond of-- were out hiking/lunching/canoeing/swimming/book perusing while bonding, maybe I could justify all this preferring better...
More 'Hmmmm's to come.
When are any of us "fully equipped", Kim? Wonderful stories of lust and love.
I was starting to believe that whole Venus and Mars, origin of the sexes stuff.
No way could I figure out what these guys wanted
or wanted from me
But now I found a man from Venus
and I am swinging on a star very near
his orbit
and he is orbiting very near mine
we may collide in a delightful way
or maybe we did already.
Lovely post
rated with love
libby, thanks.
Interesting take, that. Of course it's not a healthy lesson to be called anybody's anything ~ great you caught it when it happened though.
When I was married, we introduced each other as 'my partner,' & I still catch myself saying 'my daughter,' but let it go.
'My husband,' or 'my wife' both had a negative ring, which they needn't ~ just the way we felt.
The possessive is either mutual or not at all.
These days I say 'This is Anna/Arielle/Greer.' It does feel better, to be seen as your self, for sure.

I live & work alone, as I think you probably know. Real people are my neighbours & the folk downstairs, & family & friends a few times a week. & there's the phone.
OS is the rest, I guess, but no less real. By writing, we sometimes get closer to our truths & by reading, the truths of each other.
It's early days, in cyberspace. I find it really interesting, getting to 'know' people here, but nothing beats hiking to really get to know someone ...
in the rain.
Keep Hmmmming.

Thanks Erica.
We're works in progress, looking for clues :-)

Hi Poetess,
I think we're all very happy for you. Like what I was just saying to Just Thinking, about getting to know each other here, the highs & lows. They're real. I love that about writing.
I know I've been a bastard here lately, but only because I was weirded out by how some others here were using their writing.
Great image of that place in your mind or is it really for real. Thanks for painting such a wonderful image with words and smart thoughts.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
Well Kim, in this cybersphere world we share, sometimes words are hard to use in expressing ourselves.
At least we get to see it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly...

The great divide can be daunting at best, and wide as the moonlit early morn light shining out right now here in paradise...
Or as close as the bed shared together sleeping off the cares of yesterday...
Surely I can't be the only one wondering what equipment you're missing?
I love how this I'm reading your mind.r
Hi Algis ~ it's all real ; thanks for the sparklies !

If you're sharing a bed, Mission, we wanna know all about it ! ;-)

I'm mostly intact, Margaret.

let me know when you get to the interesting bit ... ?
@JT: Hmmmm. After much thought, I too have been thinking. I propose the following schedule:
1. Lunching (1 p. -3 p. ).
2. Bonding (over lunch, see #1).
3. Perusing books (as long as it takes).
4. Hiking/Canoeing/Rappeling/Spelunking/Kerplunking (optional; I choose to continue perusal of books).
5. Siesta
6. Dinner and discussion continuation of book perusal discussion.
7. Dessert!
8. Movie!

@Kim: When I was married we didn't introduce ourselves. He followed a respectable, subervient distance behind me and everyone knew us as Margaret and Her Boy. Sometimes for fun I'd make him dress up depending on the holiday. He looked esp. cute in his leprechaun costume, complete with fake pointy ears.
Margaret, it sounds like a day !

I'm glad he had such a good time, married to you.
My own wife led, but whether I was Santa Claus or Frankenstein's monster, the girls still called me 'dad.'
My friend from Australia, who lives here now, grew up in Frenchs Forest. She said you're neighbors!
Phyllis ~ sorry I missed this ~ best wishes to your friend, and yes, Frenchs Forest is but an arrow-shot away !
Tell her it's raining ...