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July 13
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APRIL 2, 2011 9:06PM

Favourite words

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"Somehow" is one of my favourite words, to say, write, to think about. There's mystery and potential in it, for me. A certain, "No matter what." 

Love to hear some of yours. 




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I love ditto - did Ghost that to us, do you think ?

Julie - and splendiferous ; thanks for reminding me !
You're only allowed to have one, Julie - ok, you can have spumoni too, if I can have some.
no "u" in favorite
in these parts, boyo.

somehow is a transitional word,
between maybe
and done.

somehow we need to span the world and eat words from others,
else they maybe will never understand.
or somehow we must somehow make a name for ourselves,
even as a big fish in a carniverous fish ponf...

then when one comment resonates just right we are done.

it's a process. we are never done. thank god
Razzle no-one says someway do they ?
I mean, it sounds good ; just not sure how to use it. Please, tell an Aussie what to do with it. I'll take care of it, promise.

somehow - you are still with us and have not left us us dry of Kim Gambles
rated with hugs
Yes Larry is 2 words, but I'm sure management will find a place for you.

I like "maybe," Bonnie, and I'm surprised more children aren't called Maybee. It rolls off the tongue.

James I don't think you volunteered a word of your own, so I offer you some of Bill Stafford's :

"For it is important that awake people be awake,
or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep;
the signals we give--yes or no, or maybe--
should be clear: the darkness around us is deep."

or these, from a poet-in-residence :

"somehow is a transitional word,
between maybe
and done.'

thank goodness the staff are alert.

Kit !
"serendipity" conjures a beautiful memory for me - an origami swan, folded from paisley-printed paper.
I love that image ; love that word.
I like frangipani (to read, I don't know how to say it right) and spumoni. I also like mellifluous, though I blush to say it.
Mr. Kim...The title of your post is "Favourite WORDS"
NOT favourite WORD.

By the way, what happened to your "recorded messages" post that you took down right before this one?

I can see that you are a man of few words.....
Somehow ... this is fraught with possibilities. Hmmm


What have you begun ...
Lots of l's there... fond of billy Collins, are we ? "tremor" is cool.

"Abides !" Scanner ! Exclamation - I love it !
It works beautifully without, too. I think "alongside ..."

It's a wet hug for you !

Padraig you're going to win this, and the like of it will never be there again.

"mellifluous" is such a rare and beautiful word - onomatopoeic even, "somehow."
Down here we say franj-e-PAN-ee.

Luminous & numinous, Antoinette - lovely and redolent.
Don't know where you're going with Nutella - it sounds good ; maybe it is good, dagnabit ;-)

So I made a little miscalculation in the title ... sheesh.
Recorded message was a short pathetic "poetic" rant I made because I rang her number just to hear her voice on the machine.
I didn't leave it up, because it was tragic.
I'm trying to get over being tragic IF YOU HADN'T NOTICED :-)
Serendipity ... perhaps my favourite word but as it's already listed ... some others I like ...

Your word is "see," I see - ;-)

what !! ??
You can't say that here, on my post !

Whatever it is, I can't get my tongue around it.

I love "quintessential."
and "lark."

"And how," Susan ? Well, it invites speculation - it certainly has that about it.

Of those 5, catch-22, I'm going with "dew."
I love "wink," but "crepuscular" reminds me too much of Drew-Silla. That isn't a bad thing, just a little you know ...
pantoufle. (It's french, please forgive me, but I've always just loved that one word above all others, just for the sound of it.)
i can too say it! i said it right up there ^^^^^

like this: glos-uh-ley-lee-uh
I was prepared to make a one-word comment and then I read the comments. Oh well. I had to go look up "mellifluous" and I delighted in learning it describes the kind of words that tickle the tongue. There are so many words that I love, occupational hazard I suppose. But the one I choose refers to my favorite occupation of my Tara:

DB, pantoufle makes my mouth water ...

lorianne ok you can say it, but it's the sort of thing we'd need to know a lot more about each other before we it, is all.

I love giggle too, pastvoices, thank you.
I love "epiphany," Eric.
Who doesn't want one ?

Margaret stop it.


mouthfeel (as in food, not what you think)
Kerfuffle, orgasmic, endemic
stargazer lily


All those "y's" Kate - I love soliloquy, especially.

femme - "unctuous!" o wow - I think oily, slippery ... delighted you went for mouthfeel, not that I've ever heard of it - maybe it's a culinary term ? Hope so.
Maybe you just made it up ;-)

Margaret ok. Ebola.

mypsyche, thank you for "lyrical." It makes me think of gardens.

Two "ics" & an "uffle," Ian. You are right across the spectrum here.
Love them all - feel I should go for kerfuffle. There's so much of it about, but rarely expressed so well.

tea tom, & "yes" again !
reflection, dawn, dusk, train sound, dawn light, dusk, courage, dreams...
Verryyy interestingggg.....
guarent-damn-teed to know that...
Best I can do Kim.
I like what Robert Frost wrote etc., here to ..
Frost wrote`
"In three words I can sum everything up about life:
it goes on."

I know it's Sauna Sunday but I heard two words yesterday.
"shitty pants"

Oops. fecal.
fickle. Joy.
Carl Sandberg `
"Let a joy keep you.
Reach out your hands
and take it when Joy runs
I keep thinking of ~ Farewell.
Diddy Mou means ~ To scam.
It's a tough question ! burps?

I left out my favorite swear word since this doesn't seem to be the place...
I used to hate the word "whatever" until I read these lines in a poem by Matthew Zapruder: "Whatever's the opposite of the need/to control everything." Now I like "whatever," though I still dislike the tone and gestures that sometimes accompany it when it's said. Two words I abhor: "molecular gastronomy," which is all the rage among hip chefs but sounds pretty unappetizing to me!
Antidisestlishmentarianismistically. I never get to use it except for occasions such as this, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity. I pronounce silently - or loudly, if I'm alone in the house - when I'm trying to remember how to spell it, and I love the way it rolls off the tongue, spraying droplets of saliva on my screen as it rolls.

Another one that serves pretty much the same purpose is - you may join in, children, as you all know this one: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (Lordy, I spelled it right, according to Google)
Dont you guys see it? Most(many oft) bestest words contain O (I wont be crazy alone) you know Nano Plato etcetera.
And, great minds dont think. We dream.
Stop cutting corners. Stay bozy. I have a few moments before turning on the television, I dream I wrote a poem:


So where we at?
Ought the L : 7ove 7ove
crepuscular-only really useful for sentences about bats and owls
penultimate-only really useful for sentences about bookbinding
bittersweet- useful for nearly everything
I really should break my very bad habit of commenting before I read the comments. I see I have a crepuscular buddy in catch 22. We should go out for coffee at dusk!
i should have explained: because it can mean so many different things, but mostly because of the sound of it. say it five times.
"I'm home."

oh, and "fresh bread"
aurora borealis

(tried to leave this comment four times, btw)
persimmon -


This is one word in Turkish - but it translates into an interrogative sentence in English. I like it for its lingustic novelty.
I don't know why by I always like the word "ambiguous"
(learned in school, longest word at the time, always fascinated me)
(my Mom used the word frequently)
Good lord - 3 am again !
Thank you for battling the current post-this-comment contra-flow, dedicated word-lovers.
I've been having fun ( in my head ) with Padraig's "blatteroon." Can't wait to try it out in conversation.

six stars & a dot do not a word make, unless they're on IQ's post - but take care clicking on that - then, maybe your stars disguise the one word that must never, ever be uttered. By anyone.

JP, "Volare" is up and out there. Blue skies & clouds. & love. Thank you.

Hi rita,
Who's a new grandma :-) ? Peachfuzz indeed, and Art's "burps."

Even the way you put them down, it turned to poetry. A poem called "Dusk."

Hi Mission - I still do that, & other corny Laugh-In things - they crack me up, much to the confusion of anyone much younger.
I love the knack ( I love "knack" ) of inserting *@#?% into longer words - there should be a lot more of it, I think.

You're a library ; a font of all the odd things, and so good for a quote. Thank you. I'll quote you on "burps," fair dinkum I will.

I love "arabesque," Joan. See your Julia & raise you an Arielle & a Greersy ;-)
ps. Joan, we already know your favourite swear word : "drat," right ?

Jerry you made me laugh out loud with "molecular gastronomy" ! What a revolting thing to say - especially in a kitchen !
And for restoring my appreciation of "whatever," which Greersy practically destroyed for me in her teen years, I thank you.

Droplets-of-saliva-on-my-screen Matt ( lovely image, by the way ;-),
"antidisestlishmentarianismistically" is exactly the kind of word I'm not surprised you love. I'm glad you got to spray it here. I can't thank you enough - incidentally, Matt : the author of the Mary Poppins word - did you know she was an Aussie ? Nor did I, until the other day. Congrats on the spelling there.

You're over my head again JP.
Volaring around the room & out the window.
But the incidence of "o" hadn't escaped me - that's why I put Wooloomooloo up there. It's the name of a harbourside suburb in Sydney - an Eora word, meaning "lots of young black ( now extinct ) kangaroos," ie. lots to eat. Emphasis on the last syllable.

Hi Linnnn,
"fandango" is beautiful.
I like "plethora," but only if I can emphasise the first syllable. I love what it means. An abundance of fandangoes.

greenheron you're a funny one. Bittersweet without the bitter - I love it. Not so much "crepuscular," though I'd get used to it if I had to. Or saw it in a poem. It makes me think of "infection." I know that's so wrong, but I can't help it.
I'd go a-gloaming, I think.

Odd you should say that word, femme.
Of all the words anyone has ever spoken to me, that one hurt the most. It's an incredibly powerful, such a final word.
I'll try it 5 times over and see if it gets softer, more forgiving ...
... nope. Enough is enough.

Thank goodness for a bit of "persiflage," dianaani. Thank you :-)
My favorite words to say because I like the sound are: whisper and luscious.
My favorite word to say because I can make it fit almost any occasion is: dumbass. Pretty classy, huh? :)
Have been thinking awhile
of somehow
and hope
and of
all the ways they
open doors
give us light
help us breathe
and more.
Notwithstanding the seminal influence of this posting, I nonetheless am flabbergasted to say that my favorite is "With all due respect...", which translated means "Listen to me you dumb fuck...."
Kim, 'someway' is the word that always follows 'somehow' in my mind. "If there is a will, there is a way...someway" "I shall accomplish this somehow...someway." It's an affirmation of sorts for me. Someway, I will do this and that's that.
A close second is "fabulous!" :)
Pilgrim wasn't it you that put out an Open Call for least favourite words ? I seem to remember coming up with "turgid" at the time ... then trig stole it and made it his own ;-)
"I'm home," and "fresh bread" say much about you and Mrs P in one. You are a very lucky man.

Thanks for persisting, Scarlett - I'm so glad you did.
Such an ethereal collection, yours - words full of light and fleetingness - again, such poetry in each.
I suspect many of the words on this page will re-appear in our writing in the not-too-distant future.

Those are lovely soft plosions you've chosen - I particularly like "persimmon," which I pronounce with the emphasis on the first syllable but no-else I know does. I love it for the image and the fragrance, especially runny-ripe.
The Turkish word - I'll take a guess : " You came all the way to Czechoslovakia from Australia and now you tell me you left your luggage in the hallway, is it ? " :-)

Thank you, Christina. I like "ambiguous" too. It's a strong sound, and has the mystery about it. My dad used to say amby-GEW-us to annoy me. He also used to say "fillum."

Graceinaz you did better than Matt spelling that first one :-)
I love kismet - now that I know what it means, I'll try to find a place to use it.
You may have missed an "r" in synchronicity there.
"mindfulness" is solid.
There's something Buddhist going on here.

Merci, Monsieur Chariot, "revivify" - perfect ; just what I needed !

Abby, "stroppy" is great - I thought it was Aussie slang !
( I wonder if it's short for obstreperous ? )
We had a comedian here - Crocodile Dundee's mate - called Strop.
They locked him up.
If you've ever been to Byron Bay, he owns the pub there.

An enigmatic collection, I like it.
They speak to me of train travel somehow.
I think when I look at them again, they'll be speaking of something
entirely different ...

like "mindfulness," only softer, like surf on shingles. Lovely, thankyou.
So many of these words we use without realising how beautiful they are, isn't it.

There you are, Julie :-) !
"hope" - sunny, funny, sad and gorgeous soul, of course ! Hope - & we'll never ever run out of it. Never ever.

Midwest Muse, those are some sensuous words - again, "whisper" is one I'd use without noticing, but put it beside "luscious" and it becomes something else altogether ...
I'm glad I didn't listen to Larry & restrict these choices to one word each ( What was he thinking ? Old dumbass ...;-)

all those "h" words - how about (( hugs )) & honour, happy & hey ?
Crepuscular. Or it was, before all the vampires.
Betcha can't guess what my favourite word is... ;)
ASH ... "notwithstanding, "seminal, "flabbergasted." Do go on !
You did, and ha, so right about that. Thank you.

Thanks for coming back about that, Razzle. I get it now. I like it.
"fabulous" too ( though I can't help thinking of Joanna Lumley when I say it ;-) - I like the double meaning, same as "fantastic."

How good to see you, wakingupslowly.
"mercy," you. Mercy me, my grandmother used to say.
Here, for you :
diaphanous...esp when paired with peignoir
loveinmexico you're the third person here to say "crepuscular," and like you I wish the vampires would just GO AWAY - for me it's become crypt, infected, probably a muscular infection, etc.
So like I said to greenheron ( ? ) I'm goin' a-gloaming. No bats.
I also blame Drew-Silla a bit.

Surly you're so easy : "Dave," followed by "Fred," "twat," and "ass."
As in, "Dave ! Fred ! Both o' you twats get yer asses in here I made y'all some more o' that Frankfurter Crown & Jello shit y'all like!"

Persistent Muse,
Thankyou. The thread was taking a turn there ... Along you come in your diaphanous peignoir, and saved the day - beautiful, both.


earlier but it got lost is cyber space. That's OK. There's a reason for everything. After a long trail ride on the PTC I discovered the reason losing my old favorite word.

New favorite word:


Least favorite word: "winning"
Several people have mentioned serendipity, which is one of mine. Serendipity is defined as ♪♫~•*°*•~.¸ֶ¸,♥,¸ֶ¸.~•*°*•~♪♫♪♫~•*°*•~.¸ֶ¸,♥,¸ֶ¸.~•*°*•~♪♫
Cake. Also, prestidigitator.
Oh! The hopeful agnostic in me loves "grace" and "redemption."
(sorry, can't stay away ;)
and like Snippy- grace, mercy, loving-kindness, cherish, joy, holy, spirit, peace...all of those get me. Religion is not for me, but the concepts surrounding it have a definite pull, as do the words.
When I think of hope I think of Pandora, and it being the last one out of the box, but you could probably include hope with those too.
Ja Aj,
I'll take a "bubblebath" and "concerto."
With you on "winnings," seeing so much is "lost" in the process.
Good grief ; this is making sense - thank you.

Hi Snippy,
Can't say "serendipity" too many times. Nor "grace" or "redemption." Without them we'd be minus two of the best songs ever sung. Whatever they mean, they inspire.

I love "cake," Misrule ; prefer "juggler," but Pitjantjatjara, the people of the Central Desert, is/are without parallel.

All those "churchy" words get to me too, Julie. I think they're all pretty safe & secular myself, along with "hope." Hope so.
"heuchera" with a "j" is a bit out-there, but hey, it's Julie ;-)

I urge anyone reading to click on Interrobang's link.
I had no idea.
The place across the road from where I grew up had a load of iron in the ground - compasses spun & lightning loved it - but this place in Venezuela is seriously worth a trip to see.
I couldn't help noticing no-one's nominated "serpiginous."
Probably Drew's saving that til the little ones are asleep.
Juggler is excellent. I also like tumbler. I have a niece who physically recoils from the word "tumbler", so of course, we say it to her. A lot.
II's Catatumbo. Very nice.
Anyone who challenges if this is a writer's site or not should take a look at this post 93comments about favorite words. Hmm.
A Bubblebath AND A Concerto

makes good sense to take a bubblebath AND a concerto while lost in the process of winning grief
p.s. "favourite" is spelled just as it should be (like colour) :D That's how it is in my part of the world.

Yes, I. Because it means I which means you, too.

Love you for this one, Kim! Thank you!
Misrule thanks.
Why say prestidigitator when you can say juggler.

It's a "social content" site, Rita ;-)

Thanks, Ja Aj.

Hi Puddle Duck,
Let no Emmerling tell us how to spell !
I love "eloquence" too, thank you.

Thanks for "I," mhold - the simple elegant word. Love it. Use it too often, at times ;-)

I wanted this to be the 100th comment.
Good try on your translation Kim - close enough - oldu.
Thank you Fusun !
A perfect 100 - I love it !
oldu ? evet ?
Apparent, Kim. Apparent. In all of its senses but primarily in the sense of "manifest to the senses or mind as real or true on the basis of evidence that may or may not be factually true." Because in the end that is all we have, the apparent.

Rated with love
this is a very relevant post
i too like the word somehow
is it a compound word?
i like to take a compound word
and split it, making the second half
into a verb

this doesn't work with somehow
but that doesn't matter
yours is still a fine post

E's a very perfect letter, birthing as it does: epiphany! ethereal! ephemeral! ennui -- which sounds like something you want to have on you at all times.
Insouciant is a little something I'd want to slip into of an evening. It would be see-through and I would be slimmer. I would shimmer and be all iridescent, another perfectly gorgeous word. it would all end with ineffable...because that's all it takes.
Thanks Brassawe. "Apparent" like "appear" reminds us how tenuous our grip on the whole thing really is. Funny, I prefer it to "actual."

Hi Yap Not,
I had to look up "flippage" - delighted to see it describes one of my ( childhood ) favourite past-times. I hope it's pronounced flip-AHJ...

Thanks, Romantic Poetess - I love "perhaps" - the open-enedness, even the implied promise of it.

, ume, thank you.
I'm sure "somehow" is a compound word ; inventing new ways to use them is a fascinating idea.

the perfect comment to round this off. Thank you :-)