Kim Bentz

Kim Bentz
Fairfax, Virginia,
Middle aged and starting over, falling victim to the economic downturn and my own bad judgment. ---------------------------------------------- My mind has never been changed by force or angry voices. My thoughts, opinions and convictions have been changed by the gentle wisdom of kind friends; by thoughtful prose; by great reporting; by intelligent, not demeaning, persuasively written words; and by love. Of these, the loving chastisement, gently spoken has the most power to alter the course of my thoughts. ------------------------------------------------


FEBRUARY 11, 2012 11:08PM


Something has happened to me.  I've had an almost complete reversal of opinions held strongly in my youth.  I was a strict 7-day creationist, now...well, although I understand why many of my friends, family and fellow church-goers believe that, I no longer believe that. 

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AUGUST 29, 2010 1:18AM

Learning & Distractions

College in your forties is no joke.  Or, perhaps, it is a truly fine joke played on those of (ahem) mature years by the creator of the universe.  Just when others my same age are driving their kids to elementary school, sitting through middle-school band concerts and teaching their kids to… Read full post »

AUGUST 10, 2010 11:31PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Ten


I don't know how I made it through the day, then suddenly my grandkids were there. I hugged them as hard as I could without scaring or hurting them. I needn't have worried. They hugged me back fiercely. My precious boys.

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AUGUST 10, 2010 9:51PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Nine


I usually spent a lot of time getting ready to go anywhere, but I was so stressed out and upset that I changed no fewer than five times before going to see mom at the Campbell's the next day. The boys were ready, calling up the stairs and… Read full post »

AUGUST 8, 2010 10:07PM

I Should Not Be a Wife

I am a wife.  It is not how I define myself, as it seems such an odd thing to use to define myself.  I have been a wife for 28 years and 8 months.  I have been a wife longer than I was single, though that in itself is a huge… Read full post »

AUGUST 7, 2010 8:40PM

Gelatina Prugne e Port

Gelatina Prugne e Port 

 (A Repost of an article I wrote here with additional text for OS.)

In 2010, it may seem an odd thing to be making your own jelly when so many wonderful varieties are so widely

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AUGUST 7, 2010 8:29PM

Work and School and Writing

I am fascinated by the things I write, I will admit.  Not that I necessarily feel that I write well, but I remain fascinated with the world around me and with the words and stories that dance around in my head.  I write all the time, but am frustrated by what… Read full post »

JULY 20, 2010 11:46PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Eight


I lay awake in the darkness, listening to the ticking of a clock somewhere in another room. Though the curtains were open, barely a hint of light showed. There was no moon, and the stars seemed very dim tonight.

There are things that happen in a… Read full post »

JULY 19, 2010 7:59PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Seven

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That witch Josie did it again. She always manages to twist things around to make it seem like I'm… Read full post »

JULY 18, 2010 1:20PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Six




Dear God, I cannot do this. I thought this over and over again as Josie and I drove together to meet the pastor. I prayed silently and with no more words than these;,I/… Read full post »

JULY 17, 2010 11:34AM

I Never Knew Her: Part Five

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The pastor called, assuming that I knew about the meeting, so I played along. Hell, I didn't even know that mom wa… Read full post »

JULY 17, 2010 10:12AM

I've Been Missing...

After some time away from the work force, in this radically different job market, I've gone back to work.  I'm working a temporary job that has been extended into the 6th going on 7th week.  The thing is, it's kicking my butt.  Getting back into the swing of things, that is. … Read full post »

JUNE 6, 2010 7:17PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Four

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The plane touched down with a familiar thump and light screech; gentle, but with a sensation of restrained power. Out the window were the mountains of my home, the peaks fu… Read full post »

JUNE 5, 2010 11:25PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Three

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The first few days were a blur. From the knock on the door; a police man standing there telling me the surreal words “I regret to inform you...” when th… Read full post »

JUNE 2, 2010 3:03PM

I Never Knew Her: Part Two

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So I called Josie, telling her about the kids soccer schedule. She and mom used to come watch the games together, sitting in their lawn chairs on the side of the field, cheer… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 1, 2010 10:37PM

I Never Knew Her




I never wondered what my mother was thinking.  I should have paid more attention.

The letter arrived two days after she left here,  dad's ashes in an urn belted to the front seat of the rental car.  She had… Read full post »

MAY 26, 2010 4:27PM

A Wedding Tale: the Missing Guest

He was the reason we met, but when we got married, he wasn't allowed into the church. For more than 25 years I never knew what happened, who denied him entry and why he wasn't allowed in the building. I heard tales that… Read full post »

Lovely thing, dreams. My dreams are often so intensely real, that upon waking and sometimes for a while later I struggle with whether it is a memory or a dream. I mean, I'm fairly certain I can't actually run so fast that I no longer touch the ground...right?… Read full post »

I've been ill.  Haven't read more than one or two others of these and, quite frankly,  feeling like crap puts your head in a completely different place.  For extra-special fun, after five days on antibiotics, the doc called to tell me that the tests had come back and that the antibiotiRead full post »

MAY 5, 2010 11:46PM

Dogs and Beaches

Life is a crazy trade-off.  Or maybe it's not such a trade-off if you haven't got the trades to make.  To work, we currently have to live in Fairfax County, one of the wealthiest and most expensive places to live in Virginia.  Actually, anywhere around D.C. is expensive.  I've gri… Read full post »

APRIL 29, 2010 1:02PM

Tribute: The Sunshine of Her Smile

Jana smudge effect
I was once asked to describe my best friend by someone who had never met her.  I said she was beautiful, but when it came time to describe her physical characteristics I fumbled.  How to describe her so that someone who had never met her would recognize her?  It was… Read full post »
APRIL 27, 2010 5:35PM

And Now There Remain These Three...

Despite birth defects, pain, misery, neglect, and abuse, she walked away with a legacy of faith.  In that faith she dealt with the other, darker legacy and learned hope.  Now she faces both the darkness and the light, moving to a place Read full post »

APRIL 23, 2010 7:56PM

The Lawn is Always Larger

I've been showing my brother's rental for him.  It's a small thing, but it allowed them to move away (boo!) together, rather than her staying here and taking care of the house and showing it to prospective new tenants.  People assume, when they call, that I'm with the property management co… Read full post »

APRIL 18, 2010 1:35PM

World Travels, If Only in My Mind


I am a bit travel-obsessed.  I admit it.  Call it a flaw if you wish.  I don't know if it is a sin, and if it is if it would meet the criteria of carnal or venal.  I do know I think about travel all the time.  I read… Read full post »

APRIL 15, 2010 12:10AM

Where Have You Gone, O Gentle Moon?

Where have you gone,

great orb of light

low-slung in the sky

reflected brilliance

softer still

more gentle, more benign

your luminescence 

calls to me

soothes my scorched soul

 peace you bring

and solace sing

in lullabies at night

 tonight I went to look for you

I sought you near and… Read full post »