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APRIL 25, 2012 10:58PM

The Return of Popeye

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IDW has released a new comicbook with a familiar cover -- the design might remind you of Superman's first appearance, since it is an homage to Action Comics #1. The star, however, is a character that was created a few years before the Man of Steel.  Yes, it's Popeye, the spinach-eating sailorman who first debuted in a comic strip in 1929.

Popeye reached his greatest fame as a cartoon, most notably the Fleischer Studios classics. Animated versions have been made ever since, most recently 2004's Popeye's Voyage: The Quest for Pappy. He's now back in the funny pages where it all began.

In 1980, Robin Williams made his first movie, a live action adaptation of Popeye directed by Robert Altman. It's a bizarre flick that tries to stay faithful to the comic and cartoon -- some might say it's a bit too faithful, right down to Popeye's bloated forearms (which definitely looked weird in non-cartoon form). A new film is in the works, this time a CGI animated story written by the guys who gave us the Smurfs remake.

The new comic, written by Roger Langridge and drawn by Bruce Ozella, is a tribute to the original King Features syndicated strips by E.C. Segar. All the favorites are back -- slim love interest Olive Oyl, hamburger-munching Wimpy, brutish thug Bluto, the pirate witch Sea Hag, adopted child Swee'Pea, Alice the Goon, and of course the hero himself, Popeye.

If you're feeling nostalgic about the old sailor, give the new comic a try.

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I liked the Popeye movie a lot! Costumes - all those stripes on the men, polka-dots on the women. Music - Harry Nilsson never disappoints. Acting - Robin Williams was TRUE to the character, no ad-libs, Shelley Duvall was completely believable as Olive Oyl. Set - that rickety shanty town Sweet Haven should have earned an Oscar for Jack Stephens.

I hope the comic book revives interest, it would be nice if it looked like the old black and white cartoons.
Hello, I am a 62 year old man that grew up on Popeye and crew. I drive an open wheel race car in Michigan. Most of the cars that I race with has some kind of character theme on them. The theme that I wanted is my old buddy Popeye. So in this comment I will ask your permission and to add to that I could advertise for the video. All I would need from you is the permission and the vinyl lettering. If you have a a large vinyl Popeye, or a cardboard cutout that I would stand next to the car when the kids come down after the race. Any way that you could help would be greatly appreciated. I have the record for the most wins, 5 championships and very determined to win my sixth this year in my brand new race car. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. I will be patiently awaiting your response. Looking for cheapest auto insurance in Florida?