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December 13
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APRIL 13, 2012 2:51PM

Friday the 13th - The Start of a Beautiful Weekend

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Don't let the ominous image fool you, or the fact that today is Friday the 13th -- here in New York it's a beautiful start to what is sure to be a wonderful weekend.

Two of my biggest passions -- baseball and acting -- are loaded with superstitions, so it seems appropriate that today is the home opener of the New York Yankees baseball season, and on Sunday my wife and I and a couple of our good friends are going to see Godspell on Broadway for one of the final performances of Hunter Parrish in the lead role. We also have a wedding to attend on Saturday, so it's bound to be a fun, fun, fun couple of days after the stressful work-related avalanche of the past few weeks.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, especially any of you who might be suffering from triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13 -- don't ask me to spell the specific phobia for Friday the 13th).  I'll be back with a new blog post on Sunday night.

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Sounds like a great weekend!

Family reunion at ours on Sunday.