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SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 3:32PM

Investigate: Did fake McCain letters run in your newspaper?

Salon has a story today by Margriet Oostveen, a Dutch journalist for NRC Handelsblad, detailing her job as a volunteer for the McCain campaign: Ghost-writing fake letters of support for the candidate, following prescribed talking points. This follows a long history in public relations of "astroturfin… Read full post »

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APRIL 10, 2008 5:38PM

The cute card

(UPDATE: Off to a strong start with dazzling submissions by Louis, Kristopher, Daniel, Jerry, Michal and Ben. Page, that doesn't count!)



To test a bunch of features all at once, I'm going to pander to the cheapest trick I can think of: A cute… Read full post »

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MARCH 3, 2008 11:54AM

"The Wire" prediction pool

Salon writers and readers are more than a little obsessed with the final season of "The Wire." (Read the current wrap-up of Sunday's episode here.)


With one episode left (and HBO refusing to put the final episode on its On Demand service -- drats!) what are your predictions… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 19, 2008 12:40PM

It's slogan season: What's ours?

In last week's SF focus group, there seemed a unanimous desire for more direct call-to-action messaging on the Open cover, directing users to . . . do something. It's a great point. And whether we actually use a slogan on the site or not, I thought it might be a good… Read full post »