FEBRUARY 7, 2011 4:36PM

State of Salon: A peek beneath our sheets

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After reviewing Salon's most recent  Google Analytics traffic data with our editorial staff, I thought it made sense to share with Salon readers, too, particularly those on Open Salon, where our readers are also writers, and very much a crucial part of the whole Salon ecosystem. I'm also using this as a kick-off post, and I'll occasionally post about Salon here and answer questions as time permit. I miss blogging on Open -- it's a good excuse to start again.

One quick point: For almost any Web publication, the measure of success is the MUV (monthly unique visitors). Page views, or "clicks," matter too, of course. But MUVs is what largely matters most to potential advertisers, naturally, and it also let's us chart our progress in a logical way.

January was a good month for us. Here's a look:


We hit 5.4 million unique visitors in January, a 20.4 percent increase over January 2010. (And, candidly, we're doing that after a significant cut in our editorial budget, after necessary, recessionary belt-tightening.)

This follows strong, steady growth over the past year:


We notched a steady 26.5 percent growth in total monthly uniques in 2010 over 2009. And if I were to pinpoint a single reason for our sustained growth it's been a doubling-down on our core areas of coverage: Politics, pop culture and lifestyle. You can see some of that reflected in our top five biggest stories on Salon for the month of January:

1). Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs (218,005 page views)
2). The modesty of the porn generation (144,168)
3). To all the girls who envy my life (118,047)
4). The sexual cost of female success (94,888)
5). Sarah Palin will never be president (77,040)

Ironically, for a decent traffic month, those are slightly low totals for our top five. We did, however, have about a dozen or so other stories (including a handful from our great new TV writer, Matt Zoller Seitz) finishing closely behind.

We're zeroing-in on our core areas  for the future, as we plan to spin off some of more of our identifiable brands (like War Room, in politics) in bigger, more exciting ways. And we'll be creating a few new ones, too. I'll post on that as we get closer to building them out.

None of this, though, should surprise regular Salon readers. The single most common reader mail we've received through the years probably follows a basic structure of: I love that you publish X, but I hate that you publish Y! It's sometimes political readers who despise our cultural coverage, or entertainment readers who hate our political coverage, or some similar variation. The truth is, Salon as a brand is broader than many dedicated readers, who come for their specific addiction, fully realize. Creating sites devoted purely to our key brand areas, we think, will make readers who come to Salon for that one thing, much happier.

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do you know and can "we" - the Prols search by country demographic on OS?
it would be good to know the number of bloggers in each country and identify there posts.
Excellent and thank you for sharing. I'm all for transparency. Do you analyze OS stats as well or is everything analyzed together?
Yes, and thank you for the information, Kerry. Between Salon and AlterNet, I'm able to keep pretty well up on a lot of issues. Oh -- and Fark, of course, which is where I stumbled across both in the first place.

Please do write more often.
Thanks, Jowita. Actually, the Open traffic is a lot more transparent than Salon's -- the navigation at the top of the homepage, and your own blog page, should give you pretty great, detailed traffic data. I wish we had that on Salon!

Rw005g: It's interesting if we pull it off, but we should be able to. The separate niches are different, but the core audience for all of them -- highly educated, heavily engaged -- cuts across the coverage areas.
i wonder about the breakdown of male vs. female MUV's, if that can be determined. i'll stop trying to reach u by pm.
Thanks for sharing with OS, Kerry. I'm looking forward to seeing what the spin-offs look like. Also, it would be great if bloggers had access to analytics of their own corner of the web...
Hey Ben, I'll find out right now what we say our gender breakdown of the audience is.

Want to guess?
I am working on a post that should be a specific Rx.
It is titled "Modest Mormon Housewives Envy Sarah Palin Sexually"!
I think it's a hit!
Thank you very much for sharing this information.
Hee hee -- "musty ole Internet brand." I can smell the moth balls.

Thanks for keeping us informed! I appreciate being in the loop.
THanks for sharing. I hope you start blogging again on a regular basis too.
Quick answer to Ben Sen: Gender breakdown of readers for Salon (includuing Open) is 52/48, according to Comscore.
And 52/48 is pretty good -- there's still, at many news sites, a pronounced gender divide.
Hi Kerry, thanks for sharing. But the focus on productivity makes me uncomfortable. The value OS has a qualitative feature that is missed in any quantitative analysis, because it has to do with the quality of the individuals posting and the cogency, honesty and integrity of their posts--overall. Of course, there are exceptions...Patrick
You Lie!

(Just kidding...that was my Joe Wilson impersonation)

Thanks Kerry, for the update.

i especially appreciate hearing that the brand will continue to include many and varied topics which, of course, is one of the things to like about our writerly side over here. thanks for keeping us in the know, kerry.
Top five stories are about sex and Sarah Palin? Who'd have thought people would be interested in that!
Aw, geez.
I was lured here by that woman with the bedroom eyes and all I got was this lousy blogshirt.
OS has usurped 90% of my pc time other than a couple of sports sites.
Boans, I also like Fark.
I've had it with alterflake, er, alternet.
It's the same old same old with the same old posters like sister lauren.lol
We need to get Deven blogging on a regular basis again, then the numbers will be through the roof.

Thanks for the update Kerry, as you know OS is a home for me and I wish I could post more frequently, as it is I try for quality over quantity and sometimes succeed =) It'll be three years for me very soon...my hair is grayer.

Please keep posting.
Valuable, eye opening update on the status quo. Thanks for your time and support, Kerry.
To answer Creekend_UK's question about country demographics, there's an excellent article posted two years ago on OS that will allow you to do just that.

See Artsfish/Cherie's post on Statcounter:


Additionally, if you do a search for "OS User Manual" you'll pull up all sorts of interesting stuff on how to do things on Open Salon.
Fred: You may be on to something. . .

Stellaa: That's an intriguing idea. Will pass on.

Bbd: The world is better with more Deven. No question.
This was a great peek into the underlying stats, much appreciated.

I like the idea of different sections, though I suspect people will still complain...it seems only human.

Welcome back to blogging!
Thank you for sharing this information with OS, Kerry. xox
Interesting--and good--news.
I'm not sure what special elixir people were drinking over the new years holiday but personally, I've noticed the quality of writing on OS has been on fire (nothing to do with flames) the last month. As a slow reader and contemplative type of person it has been work to keep up and appreciate all that is going on.

Oh... and regarding those top five~Tiiinnnnkkkkkkk!

Thanks Kerry
I'm happy that you're happy. Please don't sell us to AOL!
i'd have guessed a higher percentage of women given the participation. i'm not that familiar with other sites but the influence seems pronounced and could well be a "secret" of the sites success given its format.
Sounds really good, Kerry. It's comforting to hear from you, kind of like hearing from the pilot during light turbulence.
This is good news for we, the addicted. Lot's of anxiety attacks. I even practiced flopping around and twitching on the kitchen floor till my wife came in with her suitcase packed. Whew!
"Oh... and regarding those top five~Tiiinnnnkkkkkkk!"

Oh inverted, you have been peeking into my newest blog ideas!!

~ Mormon Housewives' Porn Blogs --- Why I cant stop reading them with Sarah Palin. AKA The Cost of Sexual Freedom by Tink and how to stop Bristol Palin from publishing her memoirs!


(PSSSSST, never ever mention Tink in a Kerry post, it gives him nightmares and his ulcers get ulcers. Not sure why, but I have that effect on the man!! Probably because of my one blog --- KERRY LAUERMAN HAS JOAN WALSH TIED UP IN A CLOSET --- THE REAL REASON BY THE DISAPPEARENCE/RETREAT! aka THERE'S NO BOOK ---- ONLY HEADLINES!!!!!


Sounds like Salon has an upswing, which is good, but hopefully this isn't like those economic reports to keep the Lowlings from running away because the real story is Salon is in trouble ala going to be bought out by Joan Rivers who hates Tink even worse than Kerry(I only bit ya that one time!! Get over it!!)

Loves and kisses,

Your friend,


**Wanders off back into the thorn bushes**

**Wanders back in** Oh yeah, Pay your Spam-Cops on here, especially the one, think their name is Sid or Catherine or Bob, who knows, stupid secret organization but they kick ass and hardly ever sleep!! Sid or Catherine or Bob needs sleep!!!

Thank you....

**Wanders back out**
Thanks for touching base.
Kerry, Nice pictures but Salon stock has dropped from 10cents a share to 1 cent a share...the picture is not quite as "rosy" as you presented here.
The last time I checked, Stock price was .11
"I love that you publish X, but I hate that you publish Y! "

Isn't that like that everywhere?
That will never change.
Rated with hugs and thanks for posting!! :)
Inverted: Agreed! Amazing posts on Open lately . . .

Ardee: Guess that's up to Arianna now!

Lea: I only wish I could pass out warm nuts (which is, ironically, how I refer to a pair of brothers on Open!)

Tink: I've got nothing but love, pal. Nothing but love.

MrsRaptor: That's not exactly "accurate." The stock closed at 11 cents. But in any event, I'm posting here mostly about the editorial side of Salon. If you have interest in the business side, we're a public company, and all the nitty-gritty is available through Edgar, the SEC's site.
How hard is it to widen the core areas of coerage? Does casting a wider net in terms of coverage become counterproductive?
Nice to see you come by Kerry. You had a lot of people worryed. Not me though, I knew you had our back. I just copied my stuff for posterity!
By the way, I might be easily confused with someone who loves that you cover politics but hates that you publish other things. I'd like to clarify that my personal gripe isn't that you publish other things but that you don't sort it out into sections, at least on OS, so that visibility in a politics means overcoming non-political things, and vice versa. I don't hate the other content, I hate having to compete with things that are in another category. If there were sections here, like in any magazine, and like any hypertext system will easily afford, I think you'd suddenly have a much more clear ability to build identifiable subbrands by making the sections appear more consistent in content. I think it would be a win for writers and a win for readers. Anyway, thanks for the update. It's interesting data.
Kerry, that's not what you said when I bit you!! ~boohoohoo~ :D

And no, I haven't bit the current Ed I Tor, Emily might like it, and well, I got enough stuff on my plate without that!! ;D

((loves)) to you as well.....

Now release Joan Walsh from the closet so she can start to REALLY write her book.

**Wanders off again**
Seriously, thanks Kerry for the update. I never was a Salon reader. I knew about it before seeing an ad on IFC back almost 2 and a half years ago for Open.Salon but just never got into it, I was too busy with Yahoo! Groups (I owns a few of them, yeah, porn, but it's good porn, not that stuff you find in Duluth!!!!) and then that AD with a cartoon version of Joan doing a dance and the promise of making money with my writing made me go,


And well, I'm still waiting for the 'pay to blog' to roll in but I got enough readers/fans/friends that I have never regretted a day of being here.

11 cents a share??

Hey, better than my company where the shares are written on toilet paper.

Oh, so are Salon?

I'm sorry. Could be worse, EWWWWWW, AOL????

I am so proud.
First to respond - comment (go on then scroll up and check) and then to be ******* ignored by the Boss of OS********
It's the beard innit ? You dont approve so you thought I miss the subtlety of replying to everyone who is beardLess.
I'm mortified and will miss afternoon tea at the Ritz (still in London) and sit alone and smoke a cheap machine made cigar to ponder my furture.
Sad about the top stories. Sophisticated readers. ;-)
Very interesting stuff.............. I like interesting, thanks

JD: It's a good hypothetical. I think, with limited resources, you can only go in so many directions. That said, I can't think of many areas Salon *can't* go in. You just need the right people in place to do it right.

Ken: I think you're right, and after a cms migration we've been doing (slowly), I'd love to be able to provide better, more specialized views of Open, even if it's a more dynamic version of the Topics page: http://open.salon.com/topics/open+call

Creekend: Aw, sorry about that. Truth is: I don't know! But yes, I'd follow the other Open members' advice -- if they've found out a way to do it, worth a try.

Tink: I'm seeing Joan tonight, actually -- I'll bug her about the book!
I appreciate the platform and hope Salon does well in any and every way. I don't suffer from blog site enmeshment, and don't feel I'm owed a vote in how OS operates.
My only complaint is you missed an important story when I wrote on the Founder's 1798 federal, single payer health insurance plan, in the summer of 09, and during the debate over "public option." Salon has enough oomph to have given the history a wide public airing. Imagine how the debate might have changed if the Tea Party's "founding principles" rhetoric had been debunked by history.

Anyway, finally (I think perhaps due to what I wrote, as it did get some attention outside of OS), Rick Ungar wrote about this 2 weeks ago on Forbes, the WaPo ran two columns after that. I was linked in one of them and grabbed a few more K page views.
Bottom line-- The next time I pull an obscure 1798 law outta my wazoo during a critical national debate, pay attention!
You could have scooped Forbes and WaPo by 18+ months, and stolen all those UV's PVs.
And...my moment in the sun would have been sunnier.
...just echoing the chamber here...

(you have TWO eyes, who knew?) Rated for Very attractive (yes, I know how to slather the butter).
I wonder how you feel about the letters section on Salon. In October, you published my story about my date dying of a brain aneurysm. My understanding is that it was one of the top stories of the month, and yet, the letters were unbearable to read. It wasn't that people critiqued my writing style--that would have been okay. It's that I was called a liar, a whore, an attention-seeker--all sorts of ad feminem stuff that, frankly, caught me off guard.
I will occasionally read the letters section when I see a post that I've enjoyed, and I find that there are certain people on the site who live to, excuse my French, shit all over the work of your writers.
Is the price of being on the Internet really that you have to expect to have crap hurled at you?
And does it help your statistics to even have a letters section?
I'm curious, because when I've been published in a hard-copy journal, I get no feedback. But my last experience on "Big" Salon was not pleasant, even if there were a large number of commenters who were sympathetic.
I know that some of your writers can't open their mouths without the trolls coming out. How do you all handle it?
Thanks, Kerry.
How long do you have to be here before you are acknowledged as anything more than a pain in the ass?
Who's ass do you have to kiss in order to get on the front page, etc?

Mumbles on the way back to my room.
Maybe you should combine stories to increase readership more. Like "SARAH PALIN DENIES WATCHING MORMON PORN" The former governor insisted she only watched Christian porn in a candid interview Monday, saying "You really can't see much with those white sheets. What is this Iran? If there's one thing a politician knows it's pressing the flesh and Mormon porn is just lame."

The governor then winked and flashed the audience of balding, middle aged men followed by a thumbs up sign and the words, "America is a Christian Pornographer. That's what God intended."
Salon is a consistent destination, while others assume the mantle for brief periods only. Please, for the love of God, don't return calls from AOL. And as for this subset of the master server, again, sorry for using all those ad and script blockers. (Things have really improved here.)
WoW - you can really learn a lot by reading the comments here on OS.
I've another few million to make/earn or would spend more time trying to compose worthy material, but please don't let this rather unique group of people and platform get ruined by merger as 'some' will be too sensitive to stay and get replaced by chavs.
Kerry, sweet!! Tell her I say hello and miss her too, not a lot, just enough that I can say I miss her!! Teeheehee!!

I hope the book has pictures. I loves books with lots of pictures!!!
Thanks for the update. Appreciated.
Thanks, Kerry.

I've found OS to be an absolute breath of fresh air for myself as a writer (God knows you folks have been incredibly kind to me) and as a reader of "just folks" who have renewed my faith that the internet isn't completely riddled with lunatics. Some of the writers here are incredibly though provoking.

Although my particular poison is politics, where else can I get a good recipe for potstickers? OS is serendipitous in the extreme. Lovely place to hang out.
And I feel like a number
Feel like a number
Feel like a stranger
A stranger in this land
I feel like a number
I'm not a number
I'm not a number
Dammit I'm a man
I said I'm a Mann

~ Bob Seger


Glad to see you, Kerry!
Quick responses:

Back to my previous response: KENT! I wrote Ken, because I type too damn fast. Many apologies.

Paul: We miss some good ones sometimes -- no question. That will always be the case. But we'll try our best in the future not to miss any of your great posts.

Lorraine: Quick answer: I'm not at all happy with our letters section.

We rolled out something (Salon Letters) we thought we could improve over time, but our tech team has been flummoxed in trying to curb the trolls, and really improve the way it works. Moderation -- which I would love to do properly -- is extremely time-consuming for a site our size; it's simply not a viable resource option. Like a lot of sites, we felt it was urgent to give our readers that level of engagement without knowing exactly how it would all work. We've been struggling to solve the problems it unleashed ever since.

People say that we should ban by IP -- that, sadly, is much harder than it sounds. Adding to the cruel irony to that is that we actually *do* get substantial page views to our Letters threads, so it's not easy to just drop them.

However: With the site architecture migration we're undergoing, we will be altering the basic way comments work on Salon in a way that we believe will have a strong impact on its overall quality. Cross your fingers. We'll let you know when we get closer to unveiling it, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

In the meantime -- when you do go in there, if you see something offensive, flag it! And again, my apologies for the comments on your (absolutely fantastic) essay. Personal essays, as many an Open poster knows, usually draw the most virulent (and personal) responses. It's not remotely fair, and we hope to curb it soon.
I missed this.I am happy I saw Kerry Letterman on the active Left Feed.
I confess.
It's confusing.
Money bewilders,
and I'll google
Lady Ga Ga.
I'll ask a therapist.
Sean Hannity, Pew?
Pew Charitable Trust.
The Nielsen Ranting.
The Fox-Media bigot.
Narrow-minded folk.
Ann Coulter's lovers.
Dead Saddam Hussein
The NAACP Julian Bond.
I no read Ann's "Treason"`
Ask Keith Olberman's wife?
Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck?
I'll go listen in my PU- truck.
We want a balanced budget.
We affix label to goofy folk.
We no need to ridicule folk.
We yearn for sensitivity too.
Be irrational?
Be simplistic?
Be polarized?
Please inform?
Why Relaunch?
Why it happen?

I Relaunch. Why?
I wish us all luck.

We traitors idiot?
We conservative?
We vilify people?
We sensitive too.
"we thought we could improve over time, but our tech team has been flummoxed in trying to curb the trolls, and really improve the way it works"

If they ever find a way to do that, better remind them of the stipulation, "Anything created by you, the Tech, during your work time with Salon.Com, becomes the sole property and all rights to monetary compensation of Salon.com"

Cause babeeeee, that'd be the multi-BILLION dollar product of the century.


"However: With the site architecture migration we're undergoing, we will be altering the basic way comments work on Salon in a way that we believe will have a strong impact on its overall quality. Cross your fingers. We'll let you know when we get closer to unveiling it, but I'm cautiously optimistic. "

Ooooo!! I think I have an idea of this new site re-design. If a person uses the terms "POOP SUCKER" or other terms, a signal is sent out to The Terminators who show up at the offending person(s) door step and they are shot dead all the while a live web broadcast is being shown!!!


I think banning IP addresses is so 20th century, KILLING by Cyborgs, 23rd and a half century!!!



*wanders off*

:) Thanks, Kerry.
Ya a lawyer? Bangkok cook?
Oh, So -
In the layman/women terms,
no speaks as if damn stoned
Ya bought "Yanks"` T-shirt.
Ya want a Heifer's pen yard.

Ya want Ya PU cab filled up.
Ya want a Yale PUs stickers
OS (not all) Yell` Ya stoned.
Ya want nuns in PU's sedans.
Ya know the Thai Bartender.
Ya think sex is best for O.S.?

Ya saying that Adam and Eve Seltzer`
Ay, want some rye Wild Turkey whiskey?
Ya tell a whole truth? Cross belly button?
Ya write in blue crayon Ya like sex much?
I congratulate State of Salon on the results and wish better indicators. custom writing service
Thank, Kerry for this. Do you track linkbacks, and thus viral/meme/extended life aspects ? I just learned last night that Jonah Goldberg wrote an entire column slamming my Right vs. Left OS post of some weeks ago, and a handful of other far right bloggers did the same.
Best. Comment. Thread. EVER!
again and again and again it is verified....sex sells and gets the most hits... I'm going back to bed to think of something really, really sexy....but not gratuitous....promise...How about "Writers who had too much sex"? Or "Writers who need more sex: come a get me" oh well....panties up
"The truth is, Salon as a brand is broader than many dedicated readers, who come for their specific addiction, fully realize. Creating sites devoted purely to our key brand areas, we think, will make readers who come to Salon for that one thing, much happier."

Why do this? Why contribute to the further splintering of the media? Why make it easier for people to ensconce themselves in a cocoon of self-reinforcing ideas and never confront any opinions that diverge from theirs?

Content providers have an ethical responsibility to do more than just tell people what they want to hear. And anyway, your current set-up seems to be growing steadily. If it ain't broke, why fix it?
Thanks, Kerry. You're a Mensch.
Greg: Wow, that's fascinating -- I missed that, too. We do follow referral traffic closely. In fact, we subscribe to a service that let's us follow it in real time, so I know that we have a big surge of traffic to a Life essay because of a link from Fark that just happened. We don't have a way of installing that into Open yet. But one quick workaround? Set up a Google Alert in your name. Yes, it feels vain. But everyone does it. And the minute someone writes about you, Google does a pretty good job alerting you to that fact.

Elvis: We're lucky because Salon readers want to be challenged, they want to think broadly and deeply about issues. But what we're doing is breaking up our key areas of content into separate sites -- not diminishing discourse or creating echo chambers. People seek out the content they're most interested in -- it's how the Web works. This will make it easier (at least on Salon).

Lorraine: No, you are!
well, hm. i come usually to os to get fulla
some good hard bullshit nonsense:
art james.

he to me is our
biggest damn muv,
and a miracle of a man....
(though i tease him re. his vegetarian utopian teleology at times)

I don't know him. I never will.

But os gives us the courage to reach out to fellow future
wordworths or will o the wisps
or wallowing self pitiers
or walled off suicidebitches
or screaming suicide masters
without any damn punity.
with impunity...

good! ya got a tv writer in the stable. i luv tv.
tis where my best ideas come from.
thank you for os's echocardiogram, up there...
also the hints at good stories. My next five shall be:\
1.Mormon men are far more masculine than Methodist males
2The immodesty of the GeeZus Generations\
3.To all the envious Women: Green is Good! Aintcha heard?

um,, 4 and 5 i shall roll together into an extemporaneous mess
that shall garner 14 comments...
i have no
desire for success.
blatant lie..
but it sounds so good....
thank you for the tips and the tip of the hat,
I'm not going to sit here and praise a beat up and balky editing platform and a hostile set of editors.
Lots of helpful and up-front information in here, Kerry. Still trying to see how OS fits into the scheme of things. Maybe y'all could promise us that when you make your deal with some large Internet conglomerate, you'll share the booty with some of the OS writers who occasionally migrate to Big Salon. :-)
If you want a bigger readership you should study Huffpo. Your writers are more dry and serious. By taking anirreverant almost tabloid approach to news, people enjoy the fun of it. There is alreayd a lot of dry commentary out there. Huffpo suceeeds specifiacally because it gives the Times a NY Post treatment. Humor, exageration, silliness. Its readable. Huffpo almost comes off like the Onion at times. What Im saying is, make your main site more fun.
Nikki: We're going to be posting again, on Monday, about Open's crucial role. Stay tuned!

SR: Hmmm. Not sure "fun" is how most people would describe HP -- that's a pretty subjective description. I think HP's biggest success has been it's technology, and ability to perfect SEO. (NYT piece today goes far in explaining: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/11/business/media/11search.html?ref=thehuffingtonpost)
I really appreciate this post. As a novice Open Salon addict, it is very helpful to learn ways to heighten the experience. Thanks.
Kerry, I'm glad to hear the pressure for separated content is being taken seriously. (Your post alludes to something like that in the last line, it's just a bit cryptic. I couldn't figure out if the use of ‘site” was supposed to make me think www.news.open.salon.com vs www.arts.open.salon.com or what. I'll be interested to see details when they finally become available. Keeping me/us up-to-date in between is less important, though, than getting to the final goal.) And thanks for the attention to detail on spelling of my name. :)
Art, you bring the whiskey, and I'll write about the time I was with four prostitutes, we talked about French art and how it compares to French cooking, it was the best five days of my life.

I don't know, I just can't work up a poetry serial blog about any of those top 5 stories. Wait a minute... I'm doing fairy tales...
Tink. Great!
I bring cow milk.
Raw - of course.
Milk chases it.
Whiskey scare me. We can buy some new-product aerosol spray cans. It was a gift.
German Chocolate Whipped Lightening Cream with a Twist. It's alcohol infused.
It looks like a can of normal whipped cream that you spray right from the Spray Can.
You can squirt a mouthful of natural grain `Spirits that also does contains artificial flavors.

It might act as a truth rum.
Maybe editors will be nice.
I may get a big squirt Asap!
Maybe you gets kind reply?
Maybe Tink wear a bikini.
Makes perfect sense, like sections of a newspaper. We remember those, right? Paper? Folded? Multiple sections we could pull out to get to that ONE thing we liked.

Makes perfect sense and seems long over due.
I think more than which country as this is a bit territorial, it would be nice to search the stats on what star signs the people belong to, less personal, but if you want to pigeon hole us, do it with the stars, dont do it by culture, religion, politics or gender - thats very OLD fashioned. - Wake up and BE Different - Why Not?
I know the world does tend to work on numbers.

Its a shame though, numbers should be the last thing on your mind.

Truth, and Love, and Happiness, now thats another thing, could you not make us all have a chance to vote on those three things that Salon beings to us, would they not be better ratings than meaningless numbers that can be interpreted differently or confused?

Just my honest opinion - worth a thought.

Well done for letting people have their say, without the gag of this world being put upon us - I think you are wonderful. x
"I miss blogging on Open -- it's a good excuse to start again." I'm looking forward to what you will be posting here.
Art, I'll wear the bikini!! WOOOO!! ;D
Hmmmmm.....I have been thinking about getting my own harem ...maybe those blogs will up your male MUV segment.
Thanks for sharing this info Kerry. It's nice to have things laid out so clearly for us, the humble bloggers. :)

One thing I can honestly say about OS is that there's a LOT of real talent and intelligence here. Moreso than many other platforms. The folks can WRITE. Me, I just share pretty pictures from space.

Thanks again!
Hello There !
Thanks for sharing those vital bits of information to us here at Open. It was fun seeing what the big articles were and it is nice to be smiled upon by our BIG Brother\Sister , depending on your POV, and share in the good statistics.
Seems like you have hit a vein of gold and that might lead to who knows what? Best regards from the Asian front. AK
ok I come back almost after a year - and find some welcome changes here - good to know u wd be posting sometimes and this post wd mean a lot to some of friends here who care abt circulation and feed and stuff - this is a good decision :) feels good to be back ty Kerry. OS is a good place - by far the best blogging platform I have sen so far and I did try out all the popular ones from WP to Vox (wh is now gone).
am not a writer and I dont care abt writing as such, I love people and I like to live and to vicariously travel thru space and time - I love the people on OS, and there indeed is a community here thats vibrant and decent and alive and genuinely aware and tolerant of differences - and I also love the variety of 'voics' and the typicality - and the cosy feel of a Salon. its open without being chaotic, like its open on all sides but with a comfortable roof overhead.
Might there be a further update??????
Just thinking....
Just noticing....
: ) ??
may your wish be realized.
best regards
many thanks for the update and more
This is great! When next my friends ask "what is Open Salon?" I'll be sure to pass this on.
Uh, Kerry...

about that Wall Street Journal article?????
Thank you! Just the stats I needed.
How many Open Salon bloggers do you have? If most of us subscribed, would that be a significant contribution to Salon's financial health? Say yes and I'll do it on the spot.
Knowing the inner workings of OS is fascinating.
Please keep us posted as much a's possible.
I can't believe people complain about WHAT you publish! I mean, it's the internet. Click and read something else. :/