NOVEMBER 30, 2010 5:41PM

Merger talk -- and Open

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I posted this over on Catherine's blog, but thought I'd pull out a separate post, in case anyone had any questions:


Emily mentioned that the WSJ article had rattled some Open folk, so I came over to take a look. Yikes!

Look, any media company today that's not really, really huge would be nuts not to consider merger or acquisition options right now. But there's no reason for the nightmare scenarios -- I can't imagine any potential owner or partner not valuing Open enormously. There's nothing else like it -- a blog network filled with exceedingly smart people who can write. I have no reason to think Open Salon is going anywhere.

As for issues with the site -- I know all about them, and we're doing all we can. I know Emily has been keeping you updated on spam issues -- and I'm really thrilled we've finally put the controls in the hands of our trusted and diligent members. Many a night have I sat at home knocking off spammers one by one as they start popping up on Open, "clogging the feed" as some of you put it. I know Emily (and Thomas) have done the same thing. It's great to have help. But if progress has slowed, it's because the Salon mothership has required more of our Tech department's help, as part of a reasonably big overhaul. Once that's finished, we're hoping we can follow that up with some bigger changes to Open that will help -- a lot -- in the coming months.

Yes, that's maddeningly vague, but I promise to report progress some time soon, when we have a firmer time line in place. We should know a lot more in the coming month.

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This site better stay here Kerry.
Or you will hear me screaming, where ever you are.
Thanks for this update dear.
Thanks, Kerry. Your update (and assurance) is much appreciated.
Changes... hate changes :(
Thanks anyway mr Lauerman!
It's good of you to step up with a comment from the inside.
Thank you.
THANKS for finally allowing OS members to police the spam!
Soooooo.... about that raise for Emily?????

You wanna see "Yikes!"? You lose the best and most communicative editor you've ever had here and THEN you'll get to see "nightmare scenarios"!

Know what I mean, Jellybean????
1_Irritated_Mother wrote: I miss Thomas.

That's because he used to smile as he called you a skank ho.
Kerry, I didn't recognize you without your glasses - or glass, as it were.
Thanks, Kerry. Please give us forewarning before Tina Brown moves into your house. Still recovering from the Daily Beast/Newsweek marriage, and of course, the awful New Yorker years.
I know, I know. Pfizer is buying you to strengthen their portfolio, right?
Ah, the voice of reason. Thank you. (Though if a bunch of us have each other's email addresses in the real world, what can it hurt.) And it has been noticeably less spammy around here lately - thanks for that!
I'm glad to read your affirmation that OS is valuable to "the mother ship."
Kerry - first of all, thanks.

I will send you a note, through the Open Salon mail system, regarding the spam. I will have it to you before your 9 AM, if you are on the right hand coast.
Goodness, I had no idea I should be worried. Or not worried. At least now I know I'm confused.
Thank you for your reassurance. OS matters not only to me but to many others as well.
"exceedingly smart people who can write"

I knew you hadn't forgotten me Kerry!

So what's all this about our blogs disappearing?
Thanks Kerry. I agree. It seems to me it would be a mistake for anyone new buying/merging coming onto the scene to not consider something similar to the Open Salon format. There are other blogging sites and publishing platforms out there but the dynamic interactive nature of this site sets it apart from the others.
That's good to know Kerry, if you are Kerry. (Please lean into the camera, first with one eye and then the other, so we'll know it's really you.)
What Scarlett and Bellwether said. And Thank you very much for the update. ~R
We just want to be able to communicate with each other if the switch goes off, and you may not have any control over that.

I'll be content to post here as long as the doors are open!

Thanks for the reassurance.
p.s., why hasn't emily put my last two posts on the cover? :-|
Thanks for the update. Please keep us in the loop as best you can.
Kerry, I am really counting on wining the lotto this week.
I shall buy this site and give Emily a raise or three hahaha
rated with "ya better not be lyin to us" hugs..:)
Thanks for the paws up!
Appreciate your update.
P.S. I don't think that anyone's planning a hostile take-over just a plan B.
Blue in Tx wrote: "And it has been noticeably less spammy around here lately - thanks for that!"

All credit to the Open volunteers. I'm glad we finally did that. Mishima alone has been responsible for thousands of flags through the years -- when I got an alert from him I'd always take action. He's indefatigable!

1_Irritated_Mother: "I miss Thomas."

I wish I could bottle some of his Canadian wry and ship it off to you. But he's tearing it up running the Arts section on Salon -- and he's got big things in store. . .

Safe_Bet's Amy: Soooooo.... about that raise for Emily?????

We can't afford to pay Emily what she's really worth, but trying our best. She's terrific.

trig palin: I knew you hadn't forgotten me Kerry!

I've tried, Trig. Lord knows I've tried.
Thank you for founding Open Salon, it's great here.
Appreciate your calming down our, wait.
Whatever goes down Kerry I'm not exposing my other eye to you!
Thanks for the to speak. ;-)
Oh Kerry! I will be forever in your debt. I doubt you remember that time I PM'd you because my kitten was stuck in the tree. Back then you did so many good deeds that I doubt you recall flying here on your OS special issue Unicorn.. less than five minutes from the time I mailed you! Just so you know, the kitten is all grown up now, 39 years old, and we call him Tink. God bless you sir!
Thank you Kerry, for the heads up and also for the lessening of the spam, however you did it, much better.
Thanks for the reassuring update.
BTW, is your new Av like kind of a Little Mermaid thing???? You gave up all your hair to the Sea Witch in exchange for a second eye???

Is that why Leepin Larry, Trig Palin and Nantehay have two eyes as well?
Well, that's nice to hear. Thanks for all the spam-killing, too.
Uh, Amy. I have like four pounds of hair.. yes, on my head (not much at all on my back). My stylist shapes it into a helmet of sorts..

Hey Kerry.. do ya think you could have Joan post something? Or at least ask her to comment at my blog, every time I post?
I wasn't worried, I just knew that no one could leave Tink and Leepin Larry withnot someone to look after them!
Thanks for the update. I have another blog on another site and this one is by far the BEST! R
Thanks. I hope it all works out.
Thanks. You (that's the collective "you") have given us so much and it seems greedy to want to hang on to it, but...a girl can dream.
Thanks for the update, Kerry, I think I speak for most of us when I say it isn't just the spam that's been a problem -- many of us have interpreted the lack of communication as indicative of a glaring lack of interest in this site on the part of management. Your post certainly helps alleviate that problem.
Well, it's nice to meet you, Kerry. If there should be a marriage in the future, please use us as a bargaining chip; i.e., you'll say "I Do" if OS is adopted.

I hate to rain on this little parade but bonnie russells "litany" is still "point well taken". this reminds me of when I was at a dotcom in 2000 and the ceo had just finished giving a rousing speech about what we were gonna do with the $14 VC money that they were just about to nail down. within about 2 wks the company laid of 2/3 of the near-60 person staff. me included.
so kerry, its great you guys have been insulated from the cruel world of making money for so long, but the axe can still fall. I dont really find much reassuring in your post, it seems at best, very optimistic and at worst, vapid. in fact I can add reasons to bonnies post
(a) doubt open salon is self-sustaining. the tech is expensive. manpower and computers are not cheap. probably only a relatively tiny dribble of revenue from google ads.
(b) it challenges the MSM.
(c) copyright infringement. ouch.
(d) maintenance headache.. as you mention, spam, troublesome users uploading stuff, etcetera.
so yeah, I certainly *hope* the wheels dont fall off. hope the site continues to have some major plucky "audacity" in the future. although thats a deja vu feeling too. wasnt the last US election all about Hope and Audacity? wink .. and as a blog title went, hows that Hope and Audacity workin out for you now?
typo. it was a $14M deal they had lined up.
Huge sigh of relief. Thanks.
I really love the community of OS. Not only do people write here, they READ and COMMENT. One of the best places on the Web, hope it lasts for a long long time.
Thanks for the update, appreciated!
i see only positive things happening here. thank you for the update.
thanks, kerry.

i don't miss thomas. he never talked to us. [sniff]

kerry (and larry) and so much more fun - they even play pirate with us sometimes. @kerry: put that on the sheet!! would be a huge selling point for the M&A people!! pirates!! yar.
...I can no other answer make...but thanks and thanks and ever thanks. I have come to LOVE OS, my fellow writers, the synergy and the comraderie. Thanks beyond words...and you know how dearly we love them! xo
...oh yes...Sebastian...Twelfth Night...
If Open Salon closed, I'd actually be forced to do something constructive.
Yes thank you Kerry.
My politics are different than a lot of people here, but there are lots of cool people that I have come to like, and I sure, sure hope we find a way to keep this going,
People were scared, because it becomes a place to go, like the neighborhood pub, and they don't want to lose that.
A lot.
Does this mean the Playboy deal is a non-starter?
WE can survive.
Read UT's G.G.
Glenn Greenwald always has inspirational thinkers (stinkers too?) I was just enjoying` //
totallybaze @ 8:27.
It's a easy 'hit' sigs.
Glenn Greenwald.
I am only sharing.
It's not fornicating.
Thanks, Kerry. That sounds like good news for everyone at OS.
Thanks for the update, I nearly had a cocktail this morning. So glad you changed the avatar, the other one had me thinking you were a mad scientist and were assembling Frankenblogger when you suddenly appeared at the top of my Faves. I don't want to wind up Bride of Frankenblogger with my tutu on Tinks body, bad stuff happens. What were we talking about?
I've loved OS since I jumped on 2 nearly 3 years ago. Can hardly believe it's been that long! I love the whole concept of OS and in execution you said it best: smart people who can write. Thanks.
This talk has made me think of a business idea! Perhaps Salon could make joint alliance with self publisher to make blog books from OS. ...just in case
What Art James said. :)
Psssst... Lea.... What DID Art James say???? I don't get it!
You are about to go to the market place with its "invisible hand." Assume the position, Kerry! //=o)
I'd try a 3o million email campaign.
So YOU'RE the man!
Thank you just thank you no matter what.
Just be darn sure to let people know that my feeble attempts to calm things and put people at ease, were NOT inspired by any connection to OS or Salon management.

Especially because the last words of the captain of the Titanic were, "nothing to worry about folks, it's just a bit of ice.........!"
Thank you! Much love and luck to all at Salon and OS in the coming times. Company acquisitions and mergers are trying on everyone (having been there a couple times myself). Good ju ju coming your way.
Thanks for the update. Keep us updated.
Best Wishes,
You know, Kerry, we've had our differences. I'm none too happy about Joan stepping down and handing you the reigns. After all, women in this country got the vote, learned to read, went to Harvard, Duke, and Radcliffe.

Here on Open Salon, we speak in an original voice. For all my criticism at times, I must, say, we are not copycats.

We do not talk like Jon Stewart nor Bill Maher.

We are struggling to be free. Sometimes we are funny, sometimes, we present the face of extreme poverty with nothing but an internet hookup.

Open Salon is worth saving. Even when people like me are like the old SNL Schiller's Reels. Just little old hits.

We are New Media. We are that. Trying to be born through expression. xox
Kerry, seriously, before Lorne Michaels decides to die or retire from bringing an immense conversation together, I think you have reached the point, with all the Salon Media bleeh bleeh, where you might go ahead and ring him up.

Ask him. How did he bring over 35 years of that humour, pathos, tragedy, up to an including the Schiller's Reel about John Belushi's death before it happened, with such a subtle, keen, and loving hand. Television is fading, the net is burgeoning. I loved television, and as you can see, I am a part of the net. But, how did Lorne do it? How has he kept that together all these years? xox
BTW, Joan Walsh is way funny! Interviews with J Gordon Liddy? Laugh out loud funny. Give her a spot. xox
Thank you for addressing the distressing. We're all big boys and girls, so with whatever comes down, we'll all have our time in Open Salon to cherish. I never knew Dakini Dancer, but I did know Placebostudman. Some have lived, lived hard and died here, and for their spirits, however "moony and off-kilter" they may be, I feel blessed today and in the future. There's a reason for everything...I hope any newcomers on the horizon will see fit to keep this pirate vessel seaworthy. Again, thank you for your words.
OS is a great forum--I see it as an ongoing writer's community and supportive workshop. For me, it is infinitely more valuable than Facebook; in fact, I turned off my Facebook account. OS has facilitated my creativity enormously, helping me to move to the point where I could write and publish one book, and now I am working on a second one. But the comardarie is perhaps the most important feature of OS.

Also, on OS, I have learned how to be personal in my writing without violating peoples' confidentiality. After all, everything we write goes out into cyberspace. I have also (re) learned the value of brevity. And, of course, I have gained tremendously from reading others' work on a daily basis.

On OS, I have avoided getting into nasty political arguments--more difficult to avoid on Facebook. Nasty political arguments are bad for my soul, though I am moderately active on the political scene.

I have also learned some lessons on OS about the importance of avoiding the "poor me" attitude, the "I am a victim" mode of writing and thinking.

As far as the comments I receive are concerned, I don't receive a large quantity, but the ones I do receive are invariably quality comments--except for the spam, of course, which has diminished lately. The internet can seem like a very unsafe place (and partly because of spam), but I do feel safe on OS. If it were to suddenly disappear, it would be a great loss--and not only for the OS community. Thanks to Kerry for creating this.
So this is why Joan bailed....
Praise the lord....... spammers on the run!
Thanks, good to know.
So does that mean I didn't get the job as editor? Oh wait, that was last year. ;) Looking good in that new avatar, Kerry!
If you merge, don't change the name. Open Salon has a little Moulin Rouge ring to it ...
I won't fret just yet. Thanks for keeping us apprized of OS' status.
Ah, Kerry. There you go, throwing a bucket of ice-water all over the flames of hysterics.

Next thing you're gonna tell me is that the Food Safety Act wasn't a maniacal power-grab by shadowy gub'mint forces who are out to throw Stellaa in jail for growing her own tomatoes.

So now what am I supposed to do with all these extra cans of dogfood I bought after reading Con's post?
Technically, it's always good to set the record straight. But it would have been far more entertaining had you fanned the flames. We're trying to get traffic here, remember? (Later you could blog about it as your "best con"!)
"exceedingly smart people who can write" + Tink. You forgot that par...what do you mean, you didn't forget and you're planning to knock me off?

**Boohoohoo** And after I defended you against those Chinese spammers who called you, well, I can't repeat what they called you, something about Imperial bald headed dog....wait, I did repeat what they called you!!

**Runs off stage in tears**
Second try. try try again
The last got scooped ups.
I agree with What Safe-Bet's Amy said.
Especially, what Bonnie Russel dare convey.
Who said?
What HarleyGirl ETC., said ` China Cat Food.
It has $ & % 40 % more chaff`Filler Cat Hairs.
But, more money $ for your `Hungry Tummy.
I have Harley photos fom Digby N.C. Canada.
The helmets, bikes, and boots were often pink.
I lost a chord that hooks to commuter gadget.
My son says he might be able to fix the junks.
P.S. after I've bought Salon out, don't worry Kerry, I won't fire ya, sell ya to the Chinese? OH my yes, but never fire ya!!!

Loves and kisses,

Your soon to be new Overlord and God,

Bob the Biggest Arse you ever had as a boss.....
Hey Tink, what are you trying to say here?
For the record I have only one or two attractive assets left and one is my firm round bottom. It is not "the biggest arse" ever.
bobbot, I've decided to take my Spam Funds I built up over the year and buy me a media outlet and then turn it into a porn site, wait till everyone gets a load of Kerry's new icon then!! Oooolaaaaalaaaaa!!!!

I have another blog if any of you are interested
(I like this one better)
One more thing, I am married and have been for a long long time so I am NOBODY'S boss in any way.
I'm just shocked --shocked!--that you don't look like Brad Pitt. I can't get my mind around it.
After reading Harry's Ghost's comment, I have to ask: Is this post your best con ever???
Oh, I'm kidding, but....???
Thanks, Zerry!

I guess you know now, if you didn't already, how much we all love this place.
Who is Zerry?

Another brother?
If OS fades into the ether, how do I collect the $2.75 Google Adsense owes me?
Should We Start a Virtual Rally here in OS? Harangues people... please help me with a catchy one...
I´m here with my piece of lightgreen card and my marker...
Kerry, Considering all the great things that are happening here how about adding something personal for those that make OS what it is.
Thank you in advance.
OS remains one of the great resources on the Web and, all things considered, the best blogging site around. Thanks for addressing the issues... I wish we heard from you more often.
Kerry, since you confess that you birthed this baby, I'm glad you are committed to at least parenting it until it's ready to go away to college. Thanks for the update.
When I was on Blogger ( most of the time I felt as though I was only being read by myself and some shady purveyors of discount prescription drugs whose advertisements clogged up my comment spaces. There is no community there as there is here. I know that everything has a lifespan, but I'd still hate to see OS either killed outright or gradually neutered, that is, turned into a safe space for safe, inoffensive, non-controversial stories meant to appeal to advertisers rather than readers and writers.

That being said:

1) If keeping OS the way it is now means I'd have to pay a reasonable yearly subscription fee, as one would with say, a Flickr pro account, I'm perfectly OK with that.

2) Stay the hell away from that Rupert Murdoch character. He is definitely bad news.
They wouldnt want it to breakk it up. They want an established web precense like Huffpo. As for OS, maybe they know how to make it profitable. Just bigger advertisers alone could do it. Ive never heard of the people advertising here.
"Cindy Lou Who: Santie Claus, why? Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?
Narrator: But do you know, that old Grinch was so smart and so slick, that he thought up a lie and he thought it up quick.
Grinch: Why my sweet little tot...
Narrator: The fake Santie Claus lied...
Grinch: ...there's a light on this tree that won't light on one side. So I'm taking it home to my workshop, my dear. I'll fix it up there, then I'll bring it back here.
Narrator: And his fib fooled the child. Then he patted her head, he got her a drink and he sent her to bed. And when Cindy Lou Who was in bed with her cup, he crupt to the chimney and stuffed the tree up. Then he went up the chimney himself, the old liar, and the last thing he took was the log for their fire. On their walls he left nothing but hooks and some wire. And the one speck of food that he left in the house was a crumb that was even too small for a mouse."
Are we done with the friends and family thing yet?

I'm just not going to drink the kool-aid. cannot continue as a losing proposition for much longer. You have shareholders. They must be getting restless.

There's nothing in the formula that suggests that it is reasonable to expect sudden infusions of cash.

No, it doesn't cost all that much to host Open Salon, but in any merger or acquisition Open Salon is simply dead weight that some bean counter will want to jettison.

I don't expect Salon to fold up any time soon, but that's not the point. The question is why are you a for-profit venture in the first place? The expectations of future rewards in compensation for past efforts is simply another form of magical is not going to happen.

The only thing that will save Salon and, thus, Open Salon, is controversy loud enough to attract the attention of the big media and, even then, this requires an advertising system that you don't where do you expect fresh infusions of cash to come from?

Without a well integrated advertising carriage program, advertisers have no means of quickly jumping on the bandwagon to take advantage of ground swells of popularity.

Take Glenn Greenwald's poorly written but very important article about Joe Lieberman's dictatorial tendencies...and reflect upon the fact that we almost elected this moron Vice President of the United States.

You've missed the boat here. the Wikileaks controversy is brewing up to becoming a major free speech confrontation....but your reporter failed to mention the most important fact: the majority of the material that Lieberman is trying to suppress isn't classified at all. It's just regular diplomatic traffic that anyone could gain access to...if you knew it existed.

And that's the key to this whole matter. If we don't know that certain items of information exist, we can't seek it out. That's the other half of the big lie in operation. Not only must our adversaries constantly reiterate their blatant falsehoods, but they must also suppress truthful statements that contradict their falsehoods.

No one really knows what's in this batch of released documents...even those who have read them all...because they are being read out of order and out of context....but there are probably some real nuggets in mixture that contradict major policy statements by either the Bush administration or the Obama administration, or both....and that's why people like Lieberman want them suppressed.

They can't attempt to restrict access only to those documents that actually contradict public policy statements without calling attention to those documents and, therefore, their only possible course of action is to attempt to suppress them all.

The fact that people around the world are reading documents to which we suddenly don't have access because Amazon pulled the plug on wiki-leaks in response to a crooked politician's application of inappropriate pressure.

That's the story you missed and as long as you continue to miss the meat of the matter, you can't expect those angels to drop by bearing sacks of cash to bolster your local economy.

Now, if you wanted to do something really innovative, you might want to pick up those orphaned wiki-leaks feeds and host them here.

Sure, that will get you into some real hot water, but that's exactly where you should want to be.
Now THAT’s a great Avatar pic. (I’ve been gone awhile…)
Thanks for the update.

I think this place- both OS and Salon at large- has a lot of latent potential.
"Loving the new avatar."


To love is a stative verb and should not be expressed in the continuous/progressive tense. McDonalds, which I don't think you much admire, started the sloppiness with its slogan, "Loving it!" I didn't think you'd fall into line with the epitome of all that's evil in your little world.

Hugs as always.

Sorry for the digression, but whether OS stays, goes, explodes, or whatever doesn't exactly strike me as of historical importance.
I'll just add my two cents worth, if it's OK.

This site has had me in its thrall since I joined in December 2008. It has been the vehicle for the development of myriad voices crossing all literary/life boundaries; I never thought, when I first posted, that I'd have the number of favourites (I still think of them as "friends) that I do.

The success of this site is due in no small measure to you, Emily and the others at Salon Media. I hope, for all our sakes, that a way is found to keep both Big and Little Salon running.

This place is unique on the 'Net, so far as I know.
Thank you Larry for all the good work that you do in making this site a worthwhile venture for folks such as myself.

I found out about Open Salon through a fellow activist friend by the name of Phil Ferrugio who has a blog here.

I'm only sorry that I do not seem to have the time to really get to know more of the folks here.

However, I plan on making an effort in that direction starting now.

Salon really is a big, corporate, for profit, capitalist, operation that will do what it takes to make a profit and put money into the pockets of those involved.

And I thought everybody here hated big business. Maybe we learned something.
Thanks Kerry for the update.

It's very hard work maintaining a site and community like OS.
What else can Salon get for free besides content? Oh, yeah, help from OSers with spamming issues. Somehow, I'm not reassured.
I don't blog, but I read Open Salon almost daily! I love the stories, and photos, and even the comments. Please don't go away, and thanks for providing the public with such great reading!
I like Open Salon because it provides a community platform for creative writers and voracious readers.
that's a very entertaining thread even if the site is losing money. and the 69 rating--please--don't add or subtract and more. Yeah, Kerry I'm still here--like cancer and strawberries.
If your going to merge with anyone please merge with me.
Thanks, Kerry, Keep your resume up to date. //=o)
Hey, if it wasn't for spam I would never have known I won the Nigerian Sweepstakes. more Yikes?
oh goodie.

I do not like facebook. but for love of OS I was willing to endure that ridiculous site just to stay in touch with the heart of this place.

do not let them take us down for if they do, they will be creating yet another sad empty corporate hole in the universe.

Merry Christmas Kerry!
"Yes, that's maddeningly vague, but I promise to report progress some time soon, when we have a firmer time line in place. We should know a lot more in the coming month."

A month has just about gone. The promise is about to be kept? Any further update?
I am getting itchy in buggy bed,
and so I followed ole' jonmagee.
Heavin's knows who fornicates?
Let's go to the Salon Beauty Parlor.
We cam milk cows and shear sheep.
'll visit the friendly mortician Parlor.
If we were rich sheiks we'd fly Coops.
WE's stop in NYC for bagel with jam.

Poppy seed with cream cheese. Yea!
WE'll view Bronko, NSA, NASCAR!
LaGuardia is Open Saloon @ stool!
Pop a few No-Doze. Talk poodles.
No pee @ bar. No make big puddle.
Stellaa @ Halloween get big EP. no.
I hope She no slip on ice cream cone.
Kerry can rub Folks sore sacral cranial.
Front Lobes in skull need gentle massage.
If agreeable? I'll barter arugula for touches.
My brain get weary as a rabid chihuahua huh.
I do
view soccer
but love poke
no kick behind
if @ can spams
happy barroom
if @ happy hour
no spat or argue
yea share arugula
Our "Yikes" cancelled or at least neutered! Appreciate the update
yes . your idea is good . i had a presentation of my MBA on why bank merge or acquisition.
Hi Kerry,
It is imanginable that a merger could be a good thing, especially if it created a better space. One where agents could meet or be inclined to have new writers get paid for thier brain stroms and carefully construed stories. I am usually entertained by the many talented individuals who write anything from the newest fad, to stories of families with certain issues, problems or just happy stuff to report. Thanks for sharing.
thanks so much for all you do! this place is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
As one of the followers (I am a leader elsewhere), I appreciate your keeping track of OS and helping it stay cool.
Above and beyond the call of duty....THX and HNY x 1,000,500
must be about that many posts there now...
Thanks for your work! I'm new here, but have been reporting spammers. Is there any way to delete them from comments without deleting ALL comments?
I'm new to OS and I'm loving it here, Kerry. Thank you for everything you do.
Wow everybody kiss up!
Shit Evolves........only the good (or arbitraged) young.
Shit Evolves........only the good (or arbitraged) die young.
Well said, and thanks for the diligent effort!
very vague indeed..but oh well