JUNE 2, 2010 10:09AM

Big welcome to the new Open Salon editor

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. . . Emily Holleman. She's been quietly learning the ropes for a few weeks now, and doing a terrific job. Welcome, Emily! Go learn more about her.

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Judy, we hardly knew ye...
Glad to make your acquaintance, Emily. Welcome.
Thanks, Kerry!! It looks like Emily is an excellent choice for editor and let's do lunch, I'll have my people call your people!
Welcome to the monkey house Emily.
Is Emily a space alien like Judy was? I hope not. Space aliens make lousy editors!!!!!!!!

Welcome Emily, I hope they weren't too rough on you with the ropes!!!!!

**wanders off**
welcome, emily!

just don't read any of those horrible things we said about thomas, ok?
So much work, so little time ... may you find the energy you need in the work you (I hope) love.
Hi Emily,
I know you will love it here, theres lots of people to write about, never mind people who talk about cake, trolls and other phenomena. I think it's a pretty interesting sight in all actuality and I am happy to welcome you.
Run! Run while you can!
Hello Emily, a pleasure to have you here in the Land of Odd.

Kerry, thank you for everything, I really enjoy OS.
I felt the stirrings ...
Thanks Kerry ...
Hey, Emily, welcome abouard! Hope we all don't drive you crazy. :)
Hi Emily...The truth is that behind each of these "welcomes" is a hope you'll remember the name when you're looking for Editor Picks. (This is called pimping for self-promotion.)

So welcome to Open Salon, and it's SORRENTINO with 2 r's.
From every corner of our land
writers with many colored eyes
sing one world with rainbow words
that form one diamond in open salon.
Welcome Emily. Here's some chocolate!
Warm hug... and a grand welcome, Emily - happy blogging! - Godi
I thought my status at OS changed. Welcome aboard Emily !
Welcome! I'm new around here myself.
Hey, Emily looks just like the last one. And how come she spells her name Kerry?

OH, never mind.
Welcome aboard, Emily!
Do you guys wanna come over for dinner tonite? Making chop suey.
Well den now, emily holeman, some daggone high-fallutin edit-or we's al supposed to bow down on our fraggin knees an kiss da grass dat yous walk-ed on. Heh ha! wel-coms indeed everybody here seems ta tink wes all good ole buddies comin over fer chop suey--well dats jus groovis. woo-hoo you da big shee-ite now da edit-or of de open salon---wees down on our kneees salameing to your royal ass edit-orial ass. you frikkin hineness.
Happy Birthday, Kerry!

M. Dunn
You're right. If her own blogs are any evidence, she'll do a terrific job.
Welcome, Emily! I am new to open Salon myself, so I look forward to "learning the ropes" with you! Cheers.
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Thank you and welcome Emily!
Hotel Roma
Welcome! Open Salon is indeed the best choice !
Emily is an excellent choice!! Welcome to the house Emily, i hope they weren't too rough on you with the ropes!!!!!
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Emily meet Jake ! This is SO cool !
God, I miss the old days!! KERRY, WHERE ARE YOU??????
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