JUNE 1, 2010 3:50PM

Salon Reading Club. . .

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UPDATED (6/2): We've chosen and notified the Open members who will get the books in the mail. We had a lot of emails, so we pulled randomly from list of those of you who sent in requests. If you didn't get it this time, I hope you'll try again on our next pick. And I hope you'll consider getting the book and joining along, if you're interested.

As Thomas teased a while back, we're about ready to launch our very first Salon Reading Club. This Monday, Laura Miller, our esteemed book critic, will announce the first pick in her What To Read column -- and she'll be discussing the book in follow-up Saturday columns throughout the month of June.

We're also giving out some free copies of the book. If you're interested in getting one, send us your name, the URL to your Open blog, and your mailing address to: readingclub@salon.com  

We hope you'll read along, blog along, and contribute to the discussion by sending in your own thoughts and questions to readingclub@salon.com, because at the end of the month, the book's author will come in and answer a selection of the best ones.

Get ready -- it's a big book. But I think it's a tremendous one -- I read the galleys on vacation recently, and can't wait to talk to other people about it!

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"big"... ohh.. I had wanted to play. But I only have time for something like Sneeches at the moment.
This is a fantastic idea - will enjoy taking part!
Stellaa -- most assuredly.
Do we get a free copy if we guess it? Big. Available on iPad, I'm going with the new David Mitchell. Everyone loves those Big British Beach books.
Sounds like fun. Looking forward to it.
Juliet: You can guess, but I won't tell before the great reveal! (Except: It's not Mitchell.)
Maybe after I get this pesky women's baseball manuscript done ... and read the pile of books I have on my coffee table. (So much so it's getting difficult to watch the Phillies games when I have a few moments!)
Thank God. I liked Black Swan Green, but I'm happy to stick with Guardian digest on this one. I'll stop guessing now, unless there's a free iPad involved.
Stellaa: Lord you're demanding. No! Not this time! (But it's a great idea, and maybe down the road.)
Another vote for getting it on the iPad. Well, of course, and for the iPad, if Stellaa gets her way.
yeah! what a clever idea to promote new books and who dosn't like free ones? Give 'em a book and this group will blog their brains out about it! I'm all for OS expanding revenue sources, you are getting compensated for this right?
I can't wait! Not that I don't have enough books to review still on my plate, but it's been a while since I read just for enjoyment--and since I actually got to talk to other people about it.
Are the author's initials JC?
Ruff: If by "compensated" you mean we're being paid to do a reading club, no, we're not. We picked a book we think is great and a good fit, and the publisher is offering us some free books to help prime the pump.
Thanks. I might not get around to it this summer. Might be making home in a better location. I'll look forward with interests to others' posts on it, and wait for a chance in the fall.
Kerry: I didn't mean like cash under the table but hopefully some consideration for the built in hoards you can unleash on a given topic or in this case book. I guess the publishers have confidence 'we' won't flame it at least! Great idea, I'm sure it will popular and successful. Are you going to out those you send a book to who don't review it? ;-)
Can't wait! I need a new book!
Oh this sounds like fun
May I not humbly suggest checking out my son's blockbuster-to-be --out June 29-- excerpted in the Vanity Fair June 8 issue:

thanks. Sign me up!
thanks. Sign me up!
Fingerlakeswanderer: You may be on to something.
Lea: That's great about your son! I've never met him, but had friends back in the day who worked with him at POV. I think we may have actually worked at Forbes at the same time, though I worked out of SF.
please,PLEASE DON'T SEND ME ANY BOOKS. i'm deep into Ulysses (Joyce) & somehow finished Middlemarch, so i'm plum wore out.
Thanks and awesome! I am reading the secret book right now, and look forward to blogging about it next week.
I really like this Salon Reading Club idea. Reading The Passage now on my Kindle. looking forward to reading the discussions.
That really is a great idea! I hope to be able to join you guys!
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