APRIL 30, 2010 5:11PM

Sad news: Goodbye, Judy!

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Hanky time -- today is Judy Berman's last day as editor of Open Salon. Judy is leaving us to blog full time about arts and culture at Flavorpill.

Since she took over from Thomas Rogers last year, Judy's impressed us with her consistently high standards and excellent judgment. She's really led a charge to find better ways to display and promote great Open content on Salon. She's also been simply a lovely person to work with -- if you had any interaction with her at all, I know you'll agree. Bye, Judy! We'll miss you! 


Her replacement is already on deck, extricating herself from her current employment, and limbering up for her chance at the plate. In the meantime, you're getting a throwback: Thomas Rogers, the last Open editor, is freeing himself up for a few weeks from Books and Food duty at Salon to step back into Open. He's his usual bubbly, Canadian self: 




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I knew she'd get sacked for giving me an EP.
Judy - I regret not having been familiar with your tenure here. But if Kerry wishes you well, that's good enough for me.

Bon chance!
dang, we do chew through them :/
Good luck in your new position Judy! You did a great job on the cover here.
damn. double damn. (tell her not to warn the newbie)

@harry: you got an EP? -- just kidding, don't get riled!
I knew it! I bugged her too much about all the pm's going to our spam boxes. Still are! Who's in charge of that?!

Best of luck to you, Judy! Sounds like you'll be stepping into your element. You go, girl!

Nice to see Thomas back for a spell...as long as reverses it before he goes back over to the other side of the island with "the others."
Congratulations Judy on the new job!

I did have the chance to correspond with her only recently and I was amazed at such a class act!

Sorry to see you go, Godspeed.
Harry said: I knew she'd get sacked for giving me an EP.

It didn't seem to hurt Thomas when he put Freaky on the cover...just saying, Harry.

best wishes to Judy.
Awww -- Stacey! I was at the gym and had my ipod on random, and "Aspberger's with Cheese" came on! It's awfully good -- though not easy to run to.
Wow Judy, time sure flies when we're having fun! Good Luck!
Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! :-( Her replacement had better be at least HALF as awesome as Judy.

Good luck, Judy!!!!
Freaky is going to need a whole new subliminal banner now...
It has been great to have Judy as part of the Salon family for these many months! In my opinion she did a wonderful job while editor. I will miss her here and will look for her at Flavorpill.com/NewYork in the future. Welcome back to the helm, Thomas! I am just weeks away from two years on OS and you have been a familiar presence and voice, along with Kerry and Joan for 23 months and now moving towards 24 months.
It was a pleasure working with Judy; I hope she finds great joy and satisfaction in her new job. She'll be missed.

I wish you the best. Thank you so much for your encouragement and EP validation since you came on board. I feel you did a wonderful job puting things together on the headlines. You brought a wide range of voices to the front and broadened the character of Open Salon considerably. All the best to you at Flavorpill!
If you guys run out of ideas now that Judy is leaving I have great ones you guys can always hit me up on a email
I wanted to add:
Thanks to Kerry and the staff for bringing Judy to everyone.
Best wishes always...
Point taken, Kerry. Mea maxima culpa.
Best wishes Judy. I appreciated your help. Rated. oh and welcome back to the old guy Thomas and then the new person when they start.....yeah, I'm kinda new to OS, but I think you are all wonderful. I think you do a tough job.
Thanks for a job well done -- and good luck, Judy.

And you did it without a flounce.
Good Bye Judy.. I hate good-byes.
You will be missed.. And I wish you all the luck at your new job.
Very sorry to see you go, Judy. You did a bang-up job here. Best of luck in the new job!
Thanks so much, everyone, for the well wishes! I have really enjoyed my time here with so many fantastic writers. Open is a wonderful and unique place, and as excited as I am for the new gig, I will also miss it here.

Meanwhile, I have spent some time with your new editor, and I can tell you that she is awesome. Look forward to her arrival, and treat her well!
Judy, we wish you the very best. I look forward to reading you at Flavorflav. Thomas--Tom--that's crazy, I am practically Canadian, too! BTW, note that Stellaa plotzed your name (Roger...as if.)
I am wishing Judy good luck and continued success! :) Here's looking forward to the new editor's arrival.

bummer but welcome to whomever...
Goof Luck, Judy. You will be better off. Editors always promise new members who read @ OS cheaper kale greens, no sucker punches in the nose, a cheap flop-house when panhandling in New York City on 5th Avenue, and a ten-cent wedding ring. I recommend new Canadians award a straight jacket for Harry's Ghost.
Canadians speak English and love Canadian bacon.
Good to Judy. Judy can feed pigeons at Flavorpill.
Pigeons in the city gobble like Wild Turkey sipper.
Put a Canadian Geese on thee Board of Directors.
The Geese are being born here like wild bunnies.
Canadians consistently run Wall Street at a loss.
OSers can breath and all debt shouldered by JW.
Oh, H. G.'s?
Some humans seem no so nice, and court no favorite bunny pets. Good Luck!
H.G.'s bribe?
Ya got a EP?
Yippee Yea!
H.G's sack!
smug? no!
Be nice too.
Judy, I thought you did a great job balancing the material on the cover. I know there are some chronic complaints about the cover, but truly I think most of the work featured there is top notch. Thanks for putting up with the crazies. Good luck wherever you go.
Best of luck to you in your new place, Judy. Thanks for reading my stuff - I really appreciate it. I think you did a bang-up job here.

Welcome back for a little while, Thomas!
Good luck, Judy! xox
Good luck, Judy! Thanks for the work you did for Open Salon. I think Lainey and Gary are spot on.
I agree that Judy did a great job. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Thanks to everyone at OS for working so hard. R
Best of luck, Judy, and thanks for all the good work you did at OS.
Judy, this is for you my friend. You took on a job that was impossible to do and please anyone, yet you did it with class. The times we had interaction, you were a very professional and class act. I wish you luck. To the next girl, a little advice. Get the hell out of there while you can, theres not enough money in the world to get involved with these people on OS, except for me and Tink. We offer you advice 24/7, being the gentlemen we are. Good luck, you're going to need it!
Farewell and Good Luck, Judy. (Even if you didn't give me any EPs...)
Judy did a great job and was always wonderful to deal with. I will miss her, but look forward to "meeting" the new editor!
It's a thankless job, and Judy did it with class and grace. She'll be missed.

Live long and prosper, Judy. All the best.
I wish you well, Judy. You will be missed around here. Class act, indeed.
Sorry to see you go, Judy! You took a lot of crap when you arrived, and I'm sorry that happened. Can you give me your new blog's URL? I'd like to follow it if I may.
I thought Judy did a good job in a very, very difficult spot. Best to you in your future ventures, Judy!
Dang, now I have to change my masthead.

I guess someone will now be feeding the cat.
Best of luck in your new endeavor.
Thanks, Judy, and best of luck!
Don't be a stranger!
Best of luck Judy!!! Sounds like a great gig!

You were absolutely fab in this role and you will be missed. Thanks for making this amateur photographer feel like a pro.
I even rhymed something for you.

best of luck!
and have fun!
Good luck Judy.


On the "bright side" at least we'll have Dr. Amy back on the cover every day! Whoo Hoo!

So long, Judy. Welcome back, Thomas. BTW, is that a photo of Tink on Thomas's wall? R
Good luck at Flavorpill, Judy! You'll be missed.
Judy, as one of ten thousand passengers on this ship of fools, thanks for your effort. Welcome back , jolly Rogers.
Oh no. Was it all of those meta posts that finally drove Judy away? Judy, you did a great job while you were here and I'm sorry to see you go. Thank you so much for your support; I truly appreciate it. Wishing you the best of luck in your new (hopefully meta-free) position.
Bye Judy, gee we hardly knew ya.

Lots of luck with the new gig.
Judy, you outdid yourself in a demanding role, navigating with style, intelligence and grace. Here's to another step along the way to what is sure to be a brilliant career. I'll miss you. Seriously. Good luck!

And now, to quote Zerry, "THOMAS!" :)
Dear Judy,
I want to thank you for all you accomplished while serving as the editor of Open salon.

You stepped into an unenviable situation, filled with pressure which few could understand, and made outstanding changes. You gave hope to members and began to feature talent which had not been recognized before.

Your efforts reflected thoughtfulness and open mindedness which are rare commodities anywhere but especially in the world of journalism editing.

I wish you the best of success in all of your future endeavors. I am grateful to have been part of Open Salon during your tenure.
All the very best to you my dear Judy. Your thoughtful - though too short - contribution made a difference.
You'll always be my first----OS editor! Thanks for the EPs. I'm sure you'll have a great time on the new job.
Well the plaid shirt gave it away. Welcome aboard, fellow Canadian.
Good luck, Judy!

Welcom back, Thomas!
I go offline for a mere 24 hours and this happens!

Judy, I'm very sorry to hear you're leaving but your new gig sounds great! I wish you the best there, and thanks for all your help and support here at OS. I know it's a tough job but you did it with grace.
For you Kerry : Goodbye Judy. Best of luck !
Bye-bye Judy. Thank you for your work here and good luck with your new position. Sounds interesting. Hello and welcome, Thomas. :-)
you should keep running thru em until you find one that picks a post of mine.
Im only half joking here, wink
Judy! Have a great time with the new opportunity! Thank you for the OS leadership. I think you did a great job.
Good luck to all and happy World Laughter Day!
Goodbye, Judy!!! (sniff) Thanks for everything and have a great start at your new job! You'll be fantastic at it - our loss, their gain!
Judy, I hope your new job has a nicer office and your employer
provides you with a larger laptop that isn't made by Fisher-Price.
Judy, may you keep the crowds as happy and the standards as unique as they are here. You will be missed.

Thanks to Kerry for the heads up too!
Oh no, that was so brief! I really enjoyed my exchanges with Judy...a very responsive and intelligent woman. All the best to you Judy, and thanks for all the hard work you did here.
Best of luck to you, Judy. Enjoy your new gig!
Best of luck to you, Judy. I will follow you to the new site just to see what interesting things you are doing. You did so much here in such a short time, and I appreciate that hard work.
So, now you can start blogging and commenting here, right? That would be awesome!
BUMMER!!!! But, good luck, Judy!
That is sad. But I'm happy for Judy that she'll have more time to blog. Goodluck!
Best wishes for a bright future, Judy.
What does the editor do? See I wrote vox about something and they never did respond. I never knew these kind of sites had editors?
Guess we won't be having a telethon for the guy with cancer now.
Judy, hope I'm not too late to say goodbye and thank you. It's true - you've been a real, natural pleasure. I'll miss you. Stay in touch, one way or the other.
As they say, welcome aboard to the new editor.
Really, really, really have got to do something about the spam. I don't know who these parasites are who think it's worth destroying somebody else's work for an infinitesmal chance of selling some Amoxocillin, but they have got to be stopped.
Yes We Can..."I believe"... in "We The People"! So please, Post your needs, for all good deeds and make your presence known! For the thoughts we need, must precede for the bad to be undone. MANY helpful comments made in these posts. I'm glad to see people Unite and work together to aid in fixing this Country! It's in serious need, but it's too late to get started at this moment, tonight. But I can take on the world soon enough, as long as the people stand strong and believe in supporting (me) as well as each other. I probably sound like a complete lunatic to all of you huh? Lol...Hey ya gotta be a "little" crazy to take on the world!
Farewell, Judy! You will be missed!

Good luck in the interim, Thomas!