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NOVEMBER 15, 2010 7:28AM

Honesty in our Spending Priorities

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Following on some remarks I made yesterday, here is my proposal:

The “Yet Another
Criminally Horrendous Tax”
Act of 2010

Respectfully submitted for your consideration
by Kent Pitman

Whereas, the middle class of America is just pretty much doomed to pay for the excesses of the rich, and

Whereas, the news media of America has melted down to little more than an echo chamber for partisan talking points, and

Whereas, the Democratic Party often is too clueless, inept, or lazy to generate talking points of its own, resulting in ubiquitous Republican spin about these things, and

Whereas, the allegedly Liberal-controlled news media therefore spews little more than Republican talking points 24 hours a day,

Be it therefore resolved, that no change in budget shall be accepted as “payment” for any extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy without a firm commitment to send a letter to each each and every affected citizen explaining that the resulting denial of service was made in order to pay for these tax cuts, as illustrated in the following sample:

white washing

Dear Citizen,

It is with all due regret that we must deny your request for

  [ X ] extended unemployment benefits.
  [   ] health insurance.
  [   ] a tuition loan.

The money you requested was needed under the provisions of the YACHT Act of 2010 to support an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. I'm sure you'll agree that at tricky financial times like these, we mustn't risk perturbing the wealthy, whose potential financial losses from a change in policy would make your present woes look trivially small by comparison.

You can rest assured that the tax savings created by this policy are already hard at work benefiting the only people capable of creating jobs in the US—wealthy private citizens. We're confident that the benefits of that policy will trickle down to you at some point.

Thank you for your support of the Tea Party and the new Republican Party in the mid-term election of 2010. We just wanted you to know we heard you loud and clear in the recent election. As you can see, our mission to cut unnecessary spending and increase self-reliance is well under way.

We look forward to your continued support in the 2012 elections.

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Author’s Note

This is a continuation of my post yesterday:
Paying for Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

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The really insidious thing about your (partially) tongue in cheek YACHT Act is that I'm sure more than one person in that big white building with the Rotunda inside has considered introducing legislation of that type, draped in different language of course.
Coyote, I assume you mean legislation to do those cuts, not legislation to say why...
A perfect continuation of yesterday's excellent post!
I haven't had the chance to read your post yesterday, but this post is self-explanatory. Well done!
Kanuk, yeah, yesterday's post was what led me to here, and is written in the more standard way, without appeal to jokes. This covers a lot of the same material, so it depends on your need, but for many this is all they'll care about. It's why I broke a long post in half, so that the people who just like this style could refer it to friends without all that messy prose. Still, the other part could have its uses so I didn't see deleting it. I just ran it out on a weekend thinking no one was reading. But even then a lot of people rallied. I was surprised by the good turnout.
Wait, what's that song I hear? Ah, yes: "That'll Be the Day."
Fay, thanks for the reassurance. I worried people who'd read both might be bored by this one. But I was hoping not. The other reading order is probably not as good.

Pilgrim, yeah, if I believed in background music on a web page, that'd be a good choice. Thanks. :)
this should be sent to very elected official in the US, plus citizens in their IRS notifications....but wait until next year. You are great!!
soory I deleted you then added you back....are you dizzy yet?
Love it. Love it. Love it.
Cheering here and saluting a job very well done here Kent.

But you must understand it is the dishonable members of the Yacht club will vote for their best self interests....
I need to go back to yesterday's piece and see if I read it and couldn't think of anything to say that was worth sharing. So much of this is all hitting so close to home that instead of finding words for it as you always seem to do, I find myself shutting down. I don't do anger well. Anger with all of this, by the way. Relief that someone like you is speaking so much of what I feel. Relief that somewhere I can find words that address what so worries and frightens me. I am almost always here even when I am quiet. Thanks for your near Boston voice.
Elijah, I'd be really curious to see what the Republican leaders responded to this. I think they'd rather dodge this kind of visibility. They know how well it worked to have Bush send a message saying he was sending them a check. Sending people a cut would probably have the reverse effect.

Dissed, I'm glad you came by and that it hit the mark.

Mission, if you're saying this has no hope of getting passed. Yeah.

Anna, glad to be your voice by proxy now and again. I appreciate your continued support.
This is excellent. Yes there is anger and a feeling of powerlessness. In this day of the internet, social networking, I think we have much more power than we realize. But instead allow ourselves to be a bit comatose and just stay angry. I'd love this post Kent, very clever and pointed, gets some visibility.
I usually preface the words "Democratic Party" with the words "spineless rotting corpse of the." Certainly I'm not expecting much milk and honey from the lame duck session of Congress. And as HuffPo Hill has stated, the future Senate leadership of Harry Reid and Sen. Bennett of Colorado promises to be a Nyquil/Ambien cocktail.

But if Obama delivers on his promise to get Joe Biden to end Senate Rule 22 allowing the filibuster to die, and the POTUS finds those cojones somewhere next year, I will reserve my judgement. If the Obama administration continues the direction in the next year that it's followed so far in its snipe hunt of a search for bipartisan cooperation, I shall begin to refer to Mr. Obama as That Little Man on the Wedding Cake.
O man o man. This is funny, but deadly serious. You have a great idea here.

There are no "frames" or "perspectives" for what's being done to us. It's theft. If we don't fight back, we enter a byzantine decline of rich and corrupt pashas, luxuriating while shopkeepers starve.
Please, please don't send me that letter. I need to be on the dole long enough to perfect my tan and catch up on some sleep. Then I'll get back to working for the wealthy, I promise.
Great post - by the way, I mentioned you in my last post - go check it out.
Hi, Mary. Thanks for stopping in. Yes, it's true that the Internet is a kind of neutral technology waiting to be shaped, and we've voluntarily shaped it into a more-passive-than-necessary form. It's true that we “interact” but we show a strong preference for just clicking rather than typing, which means we take the multiple choice that's offered rather than the myriad other options we could access if we were willing to type.

Lefty, do you follow the Capitol Steps... They do political parodies. One of my favorites is The Tsounds of Tsongas (hyperlink is to an excerpt). That's the imagery you're conjuring for me. Yes, they have to do better. By the way, not that it's that relevant here, but that CD, Fools on the Hill also has another favoite: Ground Control to Jedi Brown (again hyperlink just to an excerpt).
Greg, yeah, I almost feel guilty poking fun, but humor can go a long way toward driving a message home, as John Stewart shows every night. It is serious business underneath, though, and we need to find a way to respond. One way is to make clear to those who just voted out of spite this time that they must not do that next time around.

Roy, thanks for the praise. In fact, I've noticed several flaws in the presentation that make me cringe, but it is, as my dad used to say “close enough for government work.”

Abby, you've come to the right place. They listen to everything I say and I have them basically eating out of the palm of my hand. I'll see if I can pull some strings. Tan on.

Trish, glad you liked it, and thanks for the mention over on your post. Always good to see people empowered to try their own CSS formatting using my tutorial.
Bwahaha! This is hilarious Kent, but some how it ticks me off to no end. What goes through the mind of the American voter once they step into the booth is harder to explain than dark matter. I just hope that the old saying that "you deserve what you vote for" isn't true. I read recently that there are 54 millionaires in the Senate. That doesn't bode well for Bush's tax cuts for the rich to get rolled back. I think most Americans would rather give back their tax cuts, than see the wealthy walk away with the amount of money the rich will get. I know I would, but I don't see anyone out there polling about that. The poor would have to pay an extra $45, while the middle class (what's left of it) would have to pay $880. As poor as I am, I can swing the $45. I say let them expire, but I don't think Obama has the stuff it takes to stand up to anyone, anymore. I've lost a lot of faith and if he caves on this, well.......
Thanks, Michael. That's useful perspective.

Tom, thanks for the support. :)