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Ken Honeywell

Ken Honeywell
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
March 20
Well Done Marketing
I'm in love with my wife; a writer and producer living in Indianapolis; partner at Well Done Marketing; founder of Tonic Ball, a benefit concert that's become one of the city's favorite annual events; co-founder of Second Story, a creative writing program for kids; a vegetarian; lead singer of Yoko Moment; a life-long New York Mets fan; a sucker for waltz time; crazy about Pernice Brothers; etc.


APRIL 29, 2011 8:42AM

Time To Strut Your Mutt For A Great Cause

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This Sunday, May 1, is Mutt Strut out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s the biggest benefit of the year for the Humane Society of Indianapolis where My Beautiful Wife is the director of development. Which means, this year, anyway, she’s pretty much in charge of Mutt Strut. Which means that, over the last two months, I have seen her for about seven minutes.

Folks, the good people at the Humane Society are sometimes too nice to say it, but their organization is the last hope for thousands of great dogs and cats. It’s well and good to show pictures of cute animals and remind everyone they’re available for adoption. But the reality is, if not for the Humane Society, these animals would not be homeless. They would be dead.

That’s the problem, you know. Too much breeding means there are more dogs and cats than there are people who want pets. Every year, we kill thousands of animals in Indianapolis because we can’t find homes for them. It’s an awful thing to consider.

The animals at the Humane Society of Indianapolis are all safe. The Humane Society doesn’t euthanize animals unless they’re terribly injured or ill. All the dogs and cats at the Humane Society will be there until someone brings them home.

That gets expensive. On average, it costs $600 to $800 to care for an animal at the Humane Society.

So it’s great to adopt animals. But you can adopt only so many animals. (Counting the feral cat colony in our back yard, we have 10. We will not be adopting any more.)

So another way you can support the Humane Society is to load the fam in the van and come out to Mutt Strut. It’s a chance to stroll around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with your pooch–and see the awesome variety of dogs people bring, from teacup Chihuahuas to Marmaduke-size Great Danes and mutts of every color, shape, and size. The people-watching is pretty spectacular, too.

There will be all kinds of exhibitors there–lots of pet food samples, I imagine, and I know our pals at St.Vincent Health will be on hand tell the story of how dogs help people in health care. Butler’s Coach Brad Stevens and Blue II will be leading the parade. Local indie rock fans should be advised that the semi-legendary Yoko Moment will be making a rare non-Tonic appearance and promises to play a couple of pet-related songs.

And the party goes off rain or shine. Last year’s Mutt Strut was the worst weather day of the spring. It was cold and it poured rain. Still, more than 7,000 people and their dogs showed up to support the Humane Society. That’s pretty awesome.

Come be part of the canine awesomeness yourself. It’s going to be fun. And if you see My Beautiful Wife, tell her I’m looking for her. I sort of remember what she looks like.

My Beautiful Wife talking with a bobby. Perhaps at the Royal Wedding. I mean, I think she's been working on Mutt Strut, but I dunno. I haven't seen her.

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Love you, Baby. See you Sunday. Ish.
ahhhh that was nice Ken.
What a super idea.
rated with hugs
How cool! I'm sending this to some friends in Indy . . . they are pet owners and lovers, and would really enjoy the event, I think. Hell, I wish I could break away . . . our family is owned by 12 cats (I think, at last count) and a white german shepherd . . . all strays and/or rescues and/or begotten of strays/rescues.
What a great idea and a cause close to my heart.
rated with puppy love