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November 03
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JUNE 11, 2009 5:52PM

My Ducklings

Just for a smile -

We've been watching these ducklings since they were itty bitty babies.  There were 17 to start and 15 remain. Our driveway and front of the yard become a mini-lake during heavy rains (every day lately), and they play here frequently.  They are at a gawky stage now.&n… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 2, 2009 10:33AM

Stop Dissin Bruce!

 This was originally a reply to Joan's post, but I decided to put it here too. This also covers comments in a couple of reviews of the show I read.

I don't understand the criticism of Bruce's halftime show that I am reading this morning.  Bruce had 12 minutes to play… Read full post »

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NOVEMBER 2, 2008 12:01PM

1000s Waiting Patiently to Vote in Florida

Shown below are the current waiting times to cast a vote in S. Florida on the last day of early voting. The wait times have been growing all week.  Most of these people are now waiting longer than I did to get into the Obama rally!

I present it as a very encouraging… Read full post »

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OCTOBER 30, 2008 3:05PM

I Voted AND Rallied in S Florida Yesterday! (Update - Links)

Yesterday, my sweetheart and I spent a total of five hours on our feet and waiting in line to first, cast our ballots, and second, to attend the Obama/Biden rally at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, FL, which you may have seen if you watched the last 3 minutes of… Read full post »

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OCTOBER 21, 2008 2:30PM

My "Undecideds" Break for Obama

As a scientist, I don't hold much regard for anecdotal evidence, but my small, unscientific sampling of the undecided voters in my life has made me very happy so I'll go with it this time!

Over the past 3 days, I have had conversations with four previously undecided friends and familyRead full post »

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 11:15AM

UPDATE Review of the The View and Bill Clinton

UPDATE - Letterman


I just watched Bill Clinton repeat the same type of performance as described below for The View on the David Letterman show and something clicked:


These appearances are not intended to be overt "Vote for Obama" ocassions.  Instead, we see Bill Clinton laying out… Read full post »

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2008 1:18PM

Good Time, Charlie - Updated Part 3

Update and Conclusions

The 20/20 version of the second interview held a lot more detail.  Much more of Charlie in follow-up questions trying to wrangle a substantive answer to the actual question asked. 

Since my original intention was to critique Charlie, I'll end by saying I think he did… Read full post »

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AUGUST 30, 2008 12:51AM

How Sarah Palin Moved Me to Activism

I am, and always will be,  an ardent and unapologetic supporter of Hillary Clinton.  And of Bill Clinton.  When Bill spoke the other night at the convention, my spousal equivalent writhed in pain on the couch and moaned "Why can't I just vote for him? Why couldn't we change the la… Read full post »