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JANUARY 24, 2010 3:07AM

Not Exactly Good News Sunday

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For 3 weeks, I have been wracking my brain for Good News on Sunday.


Personally, it is all good for me, but I need to translate that to good for all.


I have a glimmer of hope ……


Some of my clients lost  LOT of business in the early 2000’s to Chinese manufacturers.  In the late 2000’s, we have seen that business coming back home.


One of my clients has added 6 new full-time positions in this last year of economic woe.  Their customers chose to no longer trust the Chinese with the health and safety of American consumers.


The Chinese have killed dogs with tainted dog food, and children with tainted toothpaste, and American families with formaldehyde-cured drywall.  Now, cheap leather pocketbooks bought by millions of consumers at median-or low-priced outlets are lead-bearing health hazards.  Recalls abound for cheap shit imported by the biggest offenders of cheap American shit in the world – Wal-Mart for one.


Do you folks know that over 80% of your pharmaceuticals are now manufactured in China?  Where adding toxic ingredients to extend the supply and profitability of the drugs you and your parents and your kids take daily is an approved formula for success? 


Everyone bitches that FDA will not allow imports of drugs.  Well guess what?  They allow the entire universe of active ingredients to be imported, and they have almost no control over them.  Ask Baxter, who tested the Chinese heparin for all kinds of shit but missed the deadly toxic chemical that they were not looking for that killed several 100 Americans.


Damn, I guess this was not all good news.  My good news is, the manufacturers of your over-the-counter creams and lotions are coming back to the good old USA.  That is creating jobs. 


You really ought to be agitating for bringing pharmaceuticals back home too. It’s a matter of llife and death.  If China shut us off tomorrow, we’d have no drugs to manufacture. 


But the good news is, some jobs have come home and my client is busy and profitable and hiring despite the downturn.

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Mother-effer - you have no idea how precarious your drug supply is.
I can personally gaurantee the safety of most of the sunscreens you might use this summer ;-)
This is very enlightening. My oldest daughter recently had a minor surgery and three times a day I change her dressings. I just noticed a few days ago that the "non-woven sponge pads" that we use we made in China. Of course, my reaction was WTF!
I do not shop at Walmart for many reasons including the "made in China" issue but am also finding it harder and harder to find anything actually "made in America".
If China cut us off we'd be hard pressed to find electronics either.
I'm glad to hear there's a glimmer of hope with your client. That is good news!!!
And I'm glad there are people like you looking out for us!
I've been paying attention to where things are made even more lately as I do not trust China's quality at all (you distress me about the medications - did NOT know that!) I just wish it was easier to find products made here. Have we as a nation sold our entire collective soul to China?

I'm glad to hear that at least some manufacturing is coming back. Hopefully, the more we vote with our wallets against cheap Chinese goods, even more will return.
The more you know - the more scared you become.

Glad for the sunscreen guarantee ;)
I was trying to assimilate the dry-wall reference and then you mentioned the pocket-books... I don't know about the 'made in China' prescription pharmaceuticals but we have had an influx of Chinese 'natural health' and 'Chinese medicine' shops here in the last few years. We've discovered that some of these products had dangerous levels of steroids, among other controlled substances, in them. I don't know what sparked the investigation of that steroid-containing cream, but I appreciated it! So I'm glad your company is recouping some of that business lost to imports and I hope we all continue to put health and safety principles above false economies! Thanks Kellylark, Rated!
This is fascinating, and scary and hopeful all at the same time. Does anybody remember the big Made In America ad campaign, I don't even know what decade, but it included 'average working Americans' singing Look For The Union Label? More and more, I look for things made in America or Israel.
Hi Sharon and Lisa - Almost impossible to avoid buying "Made in China" these days. I've listed a few of the unsafe products we know about (and forget the lead paint in toys) and can only imagine how many more are as yet undetected :-)

Oh marie, the "herbal supplements" and their ilk are truly scary. With internet sales, it's almost impossible to control even our drugs, never mind the unregulated things people ingest.

Hey fernsy, it is sadly scary. But we can all be vigilant consumers, right?

Sally, I remember that promotion, it had to be back in the 70's or 80's. It would be uselss today because so littel is "Made in the U.S.A". Like you, I read the labels and try to do my little bit bu buying from responsible countries, but sometimes it just can't be avoided :-(
Oh and, thanks all for stopping by!