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JANUARY 9, 2010 3:07PM

Freezing in Ft. Lauderdale REALLY (Update)

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OK, so I know it's not literally freezing but observe the wind chill temperature below too.  We actually have a "wind chill warning" in effect for heaven's sake.  That high of 58 was last night just after midnight.

I also know most of you  (except our US West Coasters, the  Aussies, and our occassional South American blogger)  are having it much worse.  For the record, I was in Massachusetts for two weeks last month so I am recently reminded of  what "freezing" , "cold",  and  "wind chill"  really mean.

But for once, we can't gloat over our sunny tropical clime whilst you freeze your butts off everywhere north of here.  You can also be glad your Florida vacation was not scheduled for this week.  Oy, our poor tourists!  I do feel badly for them.

Prior to my trip North last month, I cleaned my closet of the sweaters and jackets that never get worn here.  It feels somewhat futile to drop that stuff at Goodwill in South Florida, but this time it might actually have done some good.  Which reminds me, I keep seeing news video of the zoo animals being heat-lamped and the iguanas falling out of the trees but I have yet to see a story about how the multitudes of homeless here in the Sunshine State are handling this truly wintry weather.  Go figure.

No worries though,  we are forecast to be back in the 70s by Thursday, so come on down!

Freezing in Florida 2

Here it is, officially freezing - and then some - in Ft. Lauderdale (or so sayeth the Weatherbug)



Freezng 31







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I am out the door to Tampa now wearing my warmest sweater.
Well, we know a little sleet and cold don't stop you Ms. Fox, have a great time!
i'm in orlando. no central heat. at this moment i'd love it if it went UP to 58. it's freaking 34 in downtown. 26 last night. i am wearing a coat inside my house.

ugh. and the worst is our next "heat wave" will be wednesday when the expected high for the day is, sit down for this one, 60! i'll be throwing open the windows for that! :)

am i complaining...YES!!! :)
I believe this weather is the whole country is experiencing is the share the wealth kind of experience. The 70's you say?
38 degrees in southwest Florida currently. I believe that's close to our high for the day. We had sleet last night, and are expecting a hard freeze overnight. We went out this afternoon and bought the last fireplace they had at Lowe's and got it for half-price after some dickering, which was a steal of a deal. The stores are having a run on coffee and hot chocolate. Before anyone decides to comment that us Floridians don't know cold, I take exception to that. I definitely know cold. The problem is in Florida, the houses aren't built for it, the plants aren't expecting it, and neither are the animals or the homeless. There are lots of sudden problems that come completely unanticipated because people aren't used to it. I hear there's snow 40 miles north of Tampa.
Those fucking greenhouses gasses are at it again.
songweasel – No central heat? Brrrrrrrrrr, I didn’t know they made Florida houses like that. I hate turning it on but I am very glad I have it this week. Hang tough!

Hi Chuck – it’s actually OK by me to suffer in kind with the rest of the country once in a while, NOT that I really consider this suffering. Yep, 70’s by Thursday, our more typical January weather (and the reason a trillion of us moved from the Northeast).

Hi Kathy – I can smell some lovely fireplace scents around the neighborhood. It’s funny, we’ve started looking for a house and I tend to discount those with a fireplace because when we would we ever use it? Enjoy yours this week.

So far Janie they’ve been able to protect the groves. Something about watering them and letting the ice form conserves energy? I know, I don’t quite get it either and I am a chemist.
Sitting on the verandah of my small studio in the garden in my shorts and nothing else - wondering whether I'll go for a paddle on the river or pop down to Manly for a surf. Can't decide.
Decisions, Kelly, decisions !
Yes, also in Broward County and finding out that little space heaters just aren't up to this kind of cold. I also feel sorry for the tourists; a woman visiting from Canada in the grocery store today complained that she was freezing down here!
And here we go again, planning to come down in a couple weeks. You guys better not all have colds by then! Seriously, I get it. Mom and Dad found out the hard way their heating system was kaput.. fortunately have a new one now. Stay warm, toots!
Snowing at Disney World, I hear. I found this video of snow in northern Florida.
Ah Gunther, there’s one in every crowd!

Hello Kim, I have been to Manly and I’ve experienced your paddlin’ post so whichever one you choose I’ll be there with you in spirit.

Sophie I have learned today that not all of the houses here have central heat! Mine does yet I still need a space heater for the bathroom or else I’d be a week without a shower by now, ewwww.

Sally, it will warm up before then and let’s hope it doesn’t get cold again for you. Shall we try again on this trip?

Kathy I was at Disney for News Year’s 2000-2001 and was scrambling to buy a hat and gloves although it didn’t snow that time. We had flurries here in Ft Lauderdale one Christmas in the late 80s (’89 I think), which I remember vividly because I had guests who insisted in hitting the patio bars in parkas! The woman with the video is funny with her “Holy Christmas” statements of disbelief hehehe. Thanks for the link.
luluandphoebe I know exactly what you mean. I am in jeans and long sleeves at 70F while most visitors think that is perfect weather.
50 in San Francisco? I'll be right there. We are currently at 30 here in southwest Florida, hard freeze expected overnight, and the wind is blowing right through our apparently very poorly prepared for cold weather home.
The Weatherbug says we're at 33 (wind chill 21) now and I am tempted to stay up just to capture the 32 if it appears, for posterity.
Fort Myers is expected to hit a record all-time low of 28 tomorrow.
It's so cold here in NC that every time we speak we have to put our words in a frying pan and thaw them out in order to hear them. ::ducks and runs::
As a former S. Floridian I have had the curious pleasure of inviting my friends to visit Seattle if they need to warm up!
Kathy, this will become the Big Chill of 0’10.

Grif, that’s quite an image. You folks aren't quite as spoiled as we are in Florida, but snow really thows a wrench in things there doesn’t it?

Ablonde, no kidding! Curious indeed. But give us a call in February (as you know, a simply perfect time here most years!)
I was impressed... and then I realised you're using Fahrenheit! We had - 12 Celsius last weekend so yesterday's 9 degrees felt positively balmy. Maybe we should exchange photographs to prove we survived the Winter of 2010 - the worst weather in Ireland in 50 years!