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AUGUST 30, 2008 12:51AM

How Sarah Palin Moved Me to Activism

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I am, and always will be,  an ardent and unapologetic supporter of Hillary Clinton.  And of Bill Clinton.  When Bill spoke the other night at the convention, my spousal equivalent writhed in pain on the couch and moaned "Why can't I just vote for him? Why couldn't we change the law and vote the President  into three terms?"  This was a sentment echoed by several friends in almost exactly the same words.  I, on the other hand, was still in tears after watching Hillary earlier, calling for the vote by acclamation for Obama.

 So be it. 

At the end of the primaries, I was not thinking of voting for McCain, but I was thinking about not voting at all.  Then some things happened.

Obama chose Joe Biden for his VP, and (knowing wishing couldn't make it true and the rules had changed since 1960, I knew it wasn't going to be Hillary), I was relieved, if not maybe impressed, at the apparent wisdom of the choice.  A little worried about Joe's big mouth, but hopeful nonetheless.

Hillary called out to me in her convention speech, and I said OK.  I will go vote for Obama.  Bill seconded the motion and I knew what I had to do.  Still sad, and still hurt, but no longer as angry.  Obama gave his speech on Thursday night and I  felt somewhat better about the whole deal.

 But then, on Friday morning McCain announced his selection and I stood flabbergasted.  Emotions flooding through me, some of which included:  relief at his idiocy; disbelief at his idiocy; and then, anger, and more anger, and then explosive anger as the full realization of what he'd done sunk in.

John McCain had chosen to potentially put the safety and security of our country into the hands of a person with absolutely no experience; no credentials; and no qualifications for the job!  And he did it for political expediency!  He told the American people that he would recklessy do whatever it takes to win an election - the country be damned if he dies -on his 72nd bithday!  And he believed Hillary's supporters would be stupid enough to fall for it!

 THAT was when I went to Obama's website, signed up, donated, and signed on.

THAT was the moment I realized that my sadness and hurt was small compared to my fear of letting John McCain and Sarah Palin get elected.

THAT was the driving force to move me beyoned "OK, I'll go vote for Obama" to "Holy crap, I have to make sure Obama gets elected!"

And THAT is how Sarah Palin moved me to activism for Barack Obama.




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Amen, Kellylark. Nicely said.
It's such a bizarrely provocative choice, one almost has to wonder if it's some kind of absurdist joke.
I know exactly what you mean, Kelly. I have supported Obama since the beginning and had nearly maxed out my primary contributions to him. But after he voted for FISA, I was pissed off and decided he didn't need my money or my time anymore.

But this Sarah Palin thing makes me so angry -- how dare he think women are so easily manipulated and too stoooopid to vote against their own interest. (Unfortunately, I'm afraid the 'low-information' voters will be :-( )

While I never fully agreed with Hillary and always felt that Obama was a better candidate, she is infinitely more qualified than this nitwit from Alaska. She reminds me of Dick Cheney with tits. I'm sure she'll be right at home on a hunting trip with Scalia. Hopefully she is a better shot than Dick (or at least is a good enough "Christian" not to drink too much while she is hunting).

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go back to the Obama site and make a contribution.
Same thing for me Kelly. I was an ardent Hillary fan. I hoped that something would ignite my fire for Obama, but until the nomination of Palin, I was also considering sitting out the election.

Fortunately, the Republicans helped me to see the error of my ways. It doesn't bother me that Palin has limited experience (she has governed a state - did she have less experience than Bill Clinton?) but it is her political stance that frightens me.

Anti-abortion, questionable environmental choices and an NRA member to boot!
I couldn't have said it better, Kellylark. We were just watching CNN and she was parroting that same speech as yesterday and I was cringing. I just wanted to hear about the hurricane and this woman-of-annoying-voice wouldn't shut the fuck up. My husband was so mad, he had to go make two margaritas to deaden the disgust.

If I'm shitty drunk at days'e end, it will all be Sarah Palin's fault. I wonder if moose stew is good for hangovers.
I thank John McCain for his choice, which has made you and probably many others see exactly what's at stake.
Ditto - donated yesterday.

Barbara Boxer called McCain out on this one and said what we are all thinking - McCain's choice to add Palin to the ticket is "dangerous".
I agree wholeheartedly with you Kellylark. I contributed today as well. I'll also be on the phone from now until November urging others to vote Obama/Biden.

In the words of two great patriots:

"No way, no how, no McCain." H. Clinton
"Enough!" B. Obama
Thanks everyone - the sentiment seems to be the same for everyone I know.

I have donated, and I have emailed friends and family, and I am thinking about the best way to participate.

I am hoping Hillary gets involved- I am still more comfortable following her lead.

PF- I noticed the same thing about her voice, it IS irritating (is that considered female-bashing?)

Nan- Yep, this choice IS what finally made me see what is at stake.

Grandma- I agree that the focus should remain on McCain. Use this VP choice to illustrate his dangerousness.

BTW, I guess I should also credit Mrs. Palin with motivating me to finally make my first OS post too.
So what are you saying, a mayor with two years of experience as a governor would be worse than the president we have now? If the country survived a complete moron, it can survive anything.
RE: "John McCain had chosen to potentially put the safety and security of our country into the hands of a person with absolutely no experience; no credentials; and no qualifications for the job!"

She has all the qualifications for the position -- she's a citizen, she's over 35, and she's lived in the U.S. for 14 years.

What was Bill Clinton's big qualification? He was governor.
What was George Bush's big qualification? He was governor.

I say it's an error to dismiss this woman before we know more about her. And -- at this point -- few seem to know much about her at all.

Fame is not a qualification, else Will Smith should be in Barack Obama's place.
Well Mr. Thorne, I suppose it depends on the definition of "qualifications" you choose to use. One definition is "a quality or skill that makes a person suitable for a jon or activity", and another is "a condition that must be fulfilled....". So, using the second, you get to be right about her age and US citizenship. Since I intended the first, I get to be right too.

Although I believe this to be a ridicualously unnecessary exercise, let's compare Bill Clinton's experience, credentials, and qualifications to Mrs. Palin's. Note: I am going to paraphrase Palin's quotes because by now we have all heard them or read them and I am not going to go look them all up again.

Georgetown: International Affairs; Oxford: Rhodes scholar and Yale law


BS in Communications / Journalism from Idaho. No contest.

Law professor, State Attorney General for 2 years, 6 term Governor over a population of 2.7 million for a total of 12 years. A person who decided on a life of public service while still in high school, and set out to accomplish that goal, inspired by meeting then President Kennedy


Beauty queen, sportscaster, hockey mom, PTA mom, mayor, and governor of 670,000 people for 18 months. A person who's stated publicly that she never intended a life in politics, and needed someone to explain to her what the VP does before she could consider the job.

Since Cindy McCain is considered suitable to rep her husband on the toughest Sunday political talk shows, apparently spousal partners are considered part of a candidates qualifications. Hillary Clinton vs Bill (?) Palin. Enough said.

To your main point, Clinton and Palin were both governors. 12 years vs 18 months. Any attempted comparison is uninformed. As for Bush, no he was never qualified either, so you can win that one.

And who mentioned "fame" other than you?

There is plenty to know about Palin if you sit here and search and read what you find. A lot has been published in 3 days. Most interesting and telling to me are the articles coming out of Alaska, where she IS known. And they are not complimentary in many cases.

I don't need to wait to know what I need to know to have made my original post.
Yeah "fame" is just part of the right wing talking points about Obama. They keep hoping it will stick. Sad, really.
Great letter Kelly, and great response to Mister Whatsis on the Clinton vs Palin experience question.
Being an Obama supporter since his race speech coupled with Hillary's support of the gas tax moratorium I've been donating all along.
I hadn't realized that Palin's nomination would inspire Dems to donate.
It would be curious to compare how much Dem dough came in compared to Republican dough. The republicans are bragging about the 4.5 million they took in.
I'd also like to second your concern about the absolute danger of this pick. Not only is a totally unqualified person a tick away from the most powerful job in the world, but this says so very much about the shoot from the hip, political decisions McCain will make.
McCain scared me before, but now it's beyond scared.
Last comment, I truly believe he handed us this election on a silver platter with this move.
Olesage: The donation numbers for August should come out next week. Some of that will be from people like me who were suddenly terrified by the thought of McCain getting elected with this ticket.

I was speaking to a male friend who today generally "leans Republican" and even he told me that McCain's VP choice just helped him to decide to vote for Obama. Now, I couldn't get him to donate .... yet ... lol
OK, sorry Red.

Now, me thinks you over-reached that every female politician gets pinged for her voice! Hillary has a beautiful speaking voice.

I REALLY don't like Palin's sound, inflection, or accent!

Now, when I say "I don't like", I mean "It makes me cringe to see, hear, smell, feel, etc. it.

For example, I don't like looking at Obama's ears.

I can't STAND George Bushe's smirky face! Or his voice. I haven't listened to or looked at him for more than one minute at a time in eight years.

I can't listen to Nancy Grace's voice (accent, loudness, inflection).

I listened to Palin's entire speech on Friday and came away not liking that voice on several counts. It's just a personal thing.
I was an Obama supporter from the start, but if my guy had lost, I would have been as angry and disappointed as any HC supporter might be. The good thing is that Obama and HC had the same vision. We know that with either at the helm, the country will move forward. To assume that by putting a woman on the ticket, McCain now shares that vision is beyond ludicrous. It's insulting to any thinking American. McCain has had a reputation for being reckless and his choice for VP only confirms it. Let's hope and pray that this pandering to identity politics does not succeed and let's work to ensure it doesn't. Well done Kellylark.
RE: I don't need to wait to know what I need to know to have made my original post.

That's what's known as a rush to judgement. Decide now and learn later.
Mr Thorne, I am curious. Just what is it you are waiting to find out?

Do you think Palin has some hidden value, credentials, experience, that qualify her as the best person for the VP slot that we haven't discovered yet?

I made this post Friday (seems like an eternity ago) based on her documented experience and her documented stated policies. It's all so thin that I doubt anything has been left out. I can't imagine what has yet to come out that could possibly change my mind about her sum total qualifiactions for this job.

So seriously, tell me what it is you think that might be?
I also read this, and then moved on, but was very appreciative of it. In the spirit of getting with the program of haow it works here, UPZ!