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APRIL 25, 2012 2:09PM

Cigar Review- Avo Limited Edition 2012 La Trompeta

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Wrapper: Ecuadorian Special Sun Grown "Seleccion 702" (Ecuadorian Sumatra)

Binder: Dominican Piloto

Filler: Dominican Criollo Ligero, Piloto, Cubano Viso, San Vicente Ligero, Domincan Olor Ligero, Peruvian Seco

Size: 6-1/2 x 54 Torpedo

Price: $15.00 when purchased in a box of 10

Thanks to Rocky’s Cigars for the sample.




This will be a rare cigar very quickly. Only 5,000 boxes of 10 cigars each will be produced for the United States, and only 10,000 boxes for the rest of the world..

La Trompeta translates (from Spanish) to trumpet. As you all know Avo Uvezian is a world class musician. And this tribute to his 86th birthday is in the form of a cigar that has the whimsy decoration of trumpet with 3 dots in the shaft to represent the valve buttons.




Like all the Limited Editions, the Avo Limited Edition 2012 was blended by Davidoff blender, Hendrik Kelner.

As far as construction, the wrapper is listed by Avo as a Colorado Maduro in color.  I don’t think so. It is a cross between a caramel and Bambi. The stick is very solid in the hand. No hard or soft spots. There are a few veins but nothing obtrusive. The torpedo cap is well done.




The prelight sniff is barnyard and open field….hay and grass. At the foot, I got a surprising sniff of ammonia. I wasn’t sure if I should put the cigar back in the humidor or not. But I am not a patient fella and I will work around that issue.

I clip and light. I get a blast of sweet grass. No not Sinsemilla. The sweetness is a real surprise as I don’t believe I’ve smoked a cigar that hits your right in the puss like this.

The char line is behaving itself. Not exactly a perfect line, but more than acceptable. No canoe is a good canoe.




It becomes complex quickly as notes of coffee mix with the natural sweetness. I’m also getting just a little bit of black pepper. The cigar is listed as medium in body and at this point, I would say it is just shy of medium. But as I get close to ending the first third, the flavor profile is expanding to include a nice creaminess that accents the coffee in a compatible manner. The sweetness continues making it taste a little like something at Starbucks.




As I start the second third, the pepper gets a bit stronger and the sweetness ramps up a bit. And the burn begins to get uneven. I was hoping the char would meet the first valve spot evenly for a good photo but it looks dicey at this point.

The black spice seems to be joined by a red spice at this point. I know this might seem silly…but the black pepper always seems to hit me in the inside of my cheeks while red pepper attacks the tongue.

Approaching the halfway point, the creaminess and sweetness find themselves ensconced in a caramel piece of hard candy. It begins to have a long finish at this point.




I can still taste green. I’m sure these cigars will do well with some solid rest. And I would advise that as these will gone soon and irreplaceable so it might be wise to turn them into a piece of art a year from now.

The flavor and strength profile make it a perfect morning cigar but it is really going to be a special occasion cigar.

The last third finishes out with pretty much the same profile. It stays a medium body and there is a nice lack of nicotine so you can smoke the whole stick without walking in circles looking for a bucket. The spice increases and it continues to have that nice sweet caramel taste.




I enjoyed this cigar. I’m sure it would be fantastic after some serious aging but nonetheless, it was an excellent smoke. If you can, get yourself a box.

I want to thank Mark “Buddah” Cowlin Jr at Rocky’s Cigars for the generous sample.


avo ash



And now for something completely different:

As always, I fall back to the part of my life where music was every bit of me. I had a recording and rehearsal studio back in the 1980’s in Long Beach, CA.




The great James Harman Band rehearsed there. If you don’t know who James Harman is, go to youtube or his web site…or just google him. He is a great purveyor of traditional blues with a modern touch. James is an incredible harp player and always surrounds himself with the finest blues cats in the business.




His drummer, Stephen Hodges, is a good friend of mine from high school. We played briefly in a couple bands.He went on to play with just about every famous musician in the country.

Steve was extremely fit, as most drummers are. And this is where my story gets interesting. The late, great guitar player Hollywood Fats was part of the band. Fats was just that. He was huge! And a young man.




James did not approve of imbibing any substance. So Steve and Fats would get to my studio early and go into my private office and light up.

One day, James showed up early and surprised everyone. Steve made a beeline for my back door with Fats right behind him.

They ran around the block as to look like they were just arriving. Steve came in the door first and not an iota of sweat but his breathing was a little labored. James asked him why he was out of breath and Steve replied he liked to run before rehearsing. Loosened things up.

5 minutes later, Fats came in looking like he was going to have a heart attack. James took one look at him and said, “You are not going to tell me that YOU ran around the block too?”

Didn’t matter. Fats couldn’t talk and plotzed on the lobby couch and then lay back with his feet up.

I tried not to laugh, but I broke into just a hysterical guffaw that I busted Fats. James knew exactly what happened and decided that if he wanted to keep Fats breathing, the band would fold posters for mailing before they rehearsed. So the band and I sat in the lobby, quietly, folding. I would look at Fats and he was too pooped to even fold mailers.

Hollywood Fats died of a heroin overdose in 1986 in Los Angeles at the age of 32. At the time of his death, he was playing with the James Harman Band, the Blasters and Dino's Revenge.


harman poster


If you’ve never seen The James Harman Band, do it. He tours the country. Check out his web site at http://www.jamesharman.com/fr_home.cfm.

Or visit him on Face Book at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001941409477

See Stephen Hodges at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522502032&sk=wall


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Pleasingly honest cigar review and a nice heads-up on The James Harman Band! Now THAT's what I call a good blend!