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MARCH 18, 2012 12:17PM

Cigar Review- Don Quijote by Cuban Crafters

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Wrapper: Cuban-seed Habano

Binder: Connecticut shade-grown

Filler: Cuban-seed Habano

Size: 7 x 50 Churchill

Price: $4 by the box of 20


dq 1


This is a blend that apparently only Cuban Crafters sells. I found virtually no information on the web about these sticks. Part of the problem is that Google keeps correcting the Spanish spelling of Don Quijote into the English spelling of Don Quixote.

Narry a single review gives me reason to pause. Their web site  provides one review from a customer. A box currently costs $80 and I bought them on sale a few months ago for $55 or so. Can’t really remember the exact amount of shekels.

So I believe that after a few months, I’m getting its flavors at a fair time and place.

It is billed as a medium bodied cigar with complex flavors.


dq 3


Construction is fairly rustic. I doubt a #9 roller had anything to do with these. The prelight aroma is barnyard and a bit of nuts.

I light up and get a little tinge of spice. The burn begins to go haywire immediately, but after half an inch goes the straight and narrow and seems to be staying there.

As far as flavors, I get a caramel sweetness. And a bit nutty, like the guy that does my colonoscopies.

The Cuban Crafters web site describes it as complex with a delicate spiciness, creamy, nutty, cedar, cocoa and caramel in flavor.


dq 2


I am ending the first third and find this cigar very mild. I get some of the advertised flavors but are very much in the background due to its mild strength. The ash is a charcoal gray. And doesn’t hang on too long which must be due to the construction of this delicate cigar.

I would describe it as a nice breakfast cigar. Something you’d like to start the day off with that doesn’t make your head swim. It would also be a great beginner’s cigar.

The caramel sweetness is nice but not prominent. It is also advertised to have a Cuban style triple cap.


dq 5


Halfway through, I’m getting bored with this cigar. The medium body it began with is gone and now it’s very mild. They lied when they said it was complex.  Maybe their definition is different than mine.

But I move forward, hoping that something breaks through to change this one trick pony into something special.

Just past the halfway point, the creaminess creeps in slowly. A welcome change.

The rest of this cigar is more of the same.

It’s not bad but I fall back on it being a beginner’s cigar…someone looking for something mild and with enough flavor to tickle their fantasies.

Would I buy this stick again? No. Cuban Crafters should amend their description and remove the word, “complex.” And call it like it is: Mild, not Medium in body.

I have bought several blends from Cuban Crafters and for the most part, been very pleased at my purchase. This one gets the “DOINK!”



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