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MARCH 11, 2012 2:07PM

Cigar Review- PIO Resurrection Robusto

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Wrapper: USA Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Nicaraguan, Mexican

Made In: Miami PIO Cigar Factory

Size: Robusto 5 x 50

Price: $8-$10 depending on size.


pio box ad



pio box


Thanks to Prime Cigar of Brookfield, Wisconsin for the samples. Good folks.

The PIO Resurrection line from PIO cigars based in Miami, FL. Alberto Medina is its father.


pio unlit family photo



pio unlit bus card


PIO Cigar Brands has manufactured its own cigars for more than 16 years, producing no more than 4000 boxes per year, for very exclusive cigar stores.


pio unlit cutter


Right off the bat, you can’t help but notice the construction. The cigar looks like a milk chocolate bar. The box press is well done and very few veins. The cigar feels firm to the touch. I have smoked several in preparation for this review.

The wrapper has a floral scent to it, while the foot had a very distinct cocoa aroma.

I clip the cap and light up. Quickly, it starts a run which has not happened to me on the previous cigars. Hopefully, it will correct itself.(It does)


pio ash 1 burn


l basically taste cinnamon toast….nutmeg, cinnamon, and roasted nuts. There is a dash of pepper in the background. Dominating the cigar at this point it the sweet, earthy flavor and aroma. The body is building quickly. This is a power house of a cigar. It reminds me of the Padron 1964 Anniversary.

The spiciness is mounting an attack. Citrus notes come through. Second third is powerful and my palate tastes espresso beans, very dark, baking chocolate, with leather and nuts.


pio ash 2


The cigars are not shipped or sold in cellos. I like this although it must make the B & M crazy with fear. It allows the sticks to continue to really mature by the time it drops in your hands. And, fortuitously, making it ready to smoke in a very short time. For maximum effect, I’d let it sit for a couple weeks or so. During that time, the power is charging.

Again, this stick mimics the 1964. For a lot less money.


pio ash 4


Just past the halfway point, it gets very creamy. I was waiting on that as it seems to happen at different times depending on the cigar size. The other sizes are torpedo, Churchill, and toro.

This cigar is definitely a treat. Like most boutique cigars, they aren’t cheap. It’s the price one pays for experiencing something not made in mass production. I get my cigars at Prime Cigar in Brookfield Wisconsin. Spending 35 years as a gypsy due to being in construction management, I’ve dragged my family here and there and I’ve had the good luck to enjoy B & M’s all over the country.


pio ash 5


Prime is different. The place is huge. But cozy. During the winter months, they have football on the TV and lots and lots of big leather chairs….as well as bar tables and stools. They sell liquor. That’s nice. And their huge walk in humidor is right on the money by stocking the latest cutting edge smokes. The crew working there are magnanimous in making you feel at home. I love this place.


prime lounge





The cigar goes to the nub. It never gets harsh or bitter from too much nicotine or tar. While I am not a rich man, it is a necessity to have at least a few in my humidor for when the moment arises.


pio band


And now for the absolutely superfluos story that took place a long time ago in a place far, far away...and has nothing to do with the review


Dr. O. L. Jaggers (Universal World Church)

(The first church on the planet CERES)

The story of an insane preacher


ol piano
  Dr. O.L. Jaggers
Miss Velma 


We were the triumvirate. The Musketeers. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It was just me, Skip, and Travis. And we were room mates during our school days. We lived in a nice, 3 bedroom house in Santa Ana. On Summer nights, we regularly went up to the hip and valley roof and watched the stars and passed the doobie. Marvelous times even though we were as poor as church mice.

We had a few indulgences on TV. Star Trek, of course. Saturday Night Live, absolutely. (Which is where I got my nickname of Kohnhead). And Dr. O.L. Jaggers.

Jaggers was an odd creature and his wife, Miss Velma were a pair of evangelical preachers that scared the bejeezus out of us.


velma on moon



Jaggers was based out of South Central L.A. He had a huge church cluttered with massive photos/paintings of himself and his wife…they seemed god like in their poses. But the stage was the show.

Jaggers had built an 80’-0 long golden altar on that stage. The altar had to have been over 10’-0 high.

It was painted white with gold trim. It had gargoyles and angels and weird outcroppings of artistic impressions of Jesus and Mary. Above the altar were disco balls that were lit and spinning so that the golden altar sparkled like something that had dropped from heaven.

This thing was so big, it could fit 15 black Gospel singers on it. Directly in front of the altar, was  a dazzling white grand piano with gold trim. Jaggers would play it by playing arpeggios and sang his songs of “I’m nuts, how are you?”

Back to the essentials of the Jaggers: They were insane. While Jaggers preached, there would be 8th grade science and biology movie clips shown behind him. They had the scratches and stutter of old films. And had nothing to do with what he preached. Of course, no one had any idea what he preached because he was nuts. We would smoke a doob hoping we would understand. That didn’t help. He also wore a white garb that looked like it was made for The Commodores.

Our favorite part was near the end of the show when he grabbed his all white Fender Stratocaster and began playing Pete Townshend style, with windmill strokes. Mind you, this man was in his 60’s at the time and was very conservative. He told us TV viewers the only way our prayers could be heard by God was to send him money…and in return, he would send us a golden prayer cloth with the outline of his hand on it. So being the suckers we were, we sent the money and got a ratty, thread torn, golden cloth about 6” x 6” with a stamped hand print on it.

We decided to visit on a Sunday. Because of the location, we were the only white boys in his church. But we were welcomed with warmth and generosity.

We marveled at the golden altar in person.

The crowd loved him and Miss Velma. They cheered and repeated words he prompted them to repeat like lemmings.

And then the anointing of the oil. We got in line while the gospel singers tore the place up. I had a huge, monster afro. Skip had hair past his shoulders. And Travis looked like the Gorton Fisherman.

Women were flailing on the floors upon anointing. Convulsions. They got dragged away and out of the view of the TV camera. I wish I had a camera at the moment he looked at this hippie. I almost gave him a heart attack. But he still took the ketchup bottle with vegetable oil and squeezed it just a little extra for me on my forehead. There was pure hatred in his eyes.

He announced that Sunday morning that Jesus Christ would appear at his church for the Easter services in a few weeks. Travis went by himself only to report that Jesus was a no show.

Jaggers is such a nut, that there are several of his sermons on youtube. Here are some links to give you an idea of what we were dealing with.


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